Definition and characteristics of face shapes

For women the desire to be beautiful naturally. So ladies revamp a wardrobe, experimenting with color and length of hair, constantly correct figure.

Determining face shape

But there are settings that you cannot change: height, natural eye color, face shape. They have beat accessories, cosmetics and hairstyle. To create a harmonious and attractive image it is important to determine your type, because the shape of the face is the starting point for the choice of hairstyles, makeup, bending eyebrows, headgear or spectacles frame. Principal forms:

  • oval;
  • heart;
  • elongated (oblong);
  • round;
  • rhombus (diamond);
  • pear-shaped (trapezoidal);
  • square.

The shape of the face are not good or bad. Among the famous and very beautiful women are all types. It is important to use information on its face to make it more attractive.

How to determine your type

Method 1. Schematic. You need to get up in front of the mirror at arm’s length, the hair is combed back, bangs to stab. You should stand straight, do not slouch, shoulders pulled back, chin raised.

Dry soap, old lipstick, marker, chalk, or other means should be cut around the outline of your face in the mirror, starting from the lowest point of the chin, gradually moving up to the cheeks, noting the hairline, cheekbone and chin again. The ears are not taken into account. The contour of the face left in the mirror, will fit under one of these categories.

Method 2. Accurate measurements. You will need a soft measuring tape. First measured face width is the parameter A. that is Fixed by the distance between the outer corners of the eyes on the tops of cheekbones. Parameter In – line jaw. From the widest point of the jaw (usually at 2.5 cm below the ear lobe) it is necessary to stretch the tape to the tip of the chin. The resulting number is multiplied by 2. Also measure the parameter, the widest part of the forehead, and D, the length of the face (from the middle of the hairline through the nose, to the sharp point of the chin). Now you can compare values.

Round face shape

  1. If A is 55-90% of D, the shape of the face can be oval, diamond or heart.
  2. If A is approximately equal to D, the face refers to round or square type.
  3. If the face is elongated (oblong), And is 50% or less than D.
  4. If the values of A, b and C are approximately equal, the face shape may be square or elongated.
  5. If And more and is greater than or equal To, the face heart-shaped.
  6. If In more A and C, then face shape can be diamond, round or oval.

Brief description of the types

For round shape face width almost equal to the length, the jawline, the hair growth smooth, rounded. The widest part of the face – cheekbones. These forms can boast Kate Winslet, drew Barrymore, Christina Ricci. In the oval face, the forehead is only slightly wider than the chin slightly protruding. Of all the face shapes more reminiscent of an inverted egg. Famous ladies: Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox, Cindy Crawford.

Rectangular face shape

For oblong (rectangular) forms is characterized by almost equal width of forehead with the distance between the cheekbones, chin high, the length of the face exceeds the width by a third or more. The hairline straight or slightly rounded. To this type include Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra bullock, Andie MacDowell. Outstanding representative of the pear-shaped individuals are Kelly Osbourne, Minnie Driver, Raven Simone. The girls emit a broad chin, strong jaw. Forehead face tapers.

To form a rhombus (diamond) maximum width of face at cheekbones. The forehead is conical in shape, narrow, low, his chin is clearly pointed. To diamond type includes Sophia Loren, cher, Lisa Kudrow.

Square face has an almost equal lengths and widths. Cheekbones, jaw, and the extreme point of the forehead are located on the same vertical line, like Paris Hilton, demi Moore, MENA Suvari. In the forms of the countenance the heart the bottleneck is clearly the pointed chin, the wide forehead. Sometimes the line of the cheekbones is identical in width to the forehead. These forms can boast of Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Campbell.

Makeup options, and hair for soft group

For each face shape there are special secrets that enable you to create attractive image, and the particular taboos, the neglect of which this image can ruin. What are recommended by leading stylists and beauticians? The greatest freedom in the choice of hairstyles and makeup options for women with oval face shapes. Beautiful natural symmetry allows them to experiment with any haircuts and styles.

Face shape "heart"

Face shape heart goes well with hair up to her chin, gently curved strands. Parting is preferable to the side or straight, you can slick your hair back behind your ears, focusing on the eyes. Short fluffy haircuts, updo – banned. They are heavier upper part of the head, making it unnecessarily cumbersome.

But on the back of the head hair can be easily increased to balance a narrow chin and wide cheekbones. The brow is rounded, but not too long. Make-up should lighten the forehead, the area above the cheekbones and chin. To visually reduce the temples and cheeks, can be applied to their contour.

Women with a round face will fit all types of high-volume hairstyles. But the length of the cutting must not be above the chin. From excessive pomp in the ears, curved the caret should be abandoned.

For round shape will fit and styling with straight long hair. It is recommended that short, high lift an eyebrow. For the visual correction of the face should be applied to circuit 1-2 tone darker skin on cheeks, temples, jaw line. Forehead, middle of the chin, under the eyes above the cheekbones fills. Pear-shaped appearance combined with long eyebrows and hair with the base “cap” ending at the middle of the ears.

Hair and makeup for the sharp group

Square face shape

For the oblong shaped face fit graduated haircuts medium length, the caret to the shoulder hairstyles with volume at the sides. Visually shorten the face to help the bangs. Better not to wear loose her hair, not to focus on the length of the face. In the forehead the hair should be left dark, and strands on the sides to lighten.

A good solution would be a direct eyebrow. Makeup does not need to apply the contour or lighten areas, it is best to apply on the chin a little bronzer brush, and the roundness of the cheeks to intensify the blush.

For square shaped faces will suit the hair to his shoulders, softening the outlines of the chin, not a very short hairstyle, a volume covering the ears, wavy strands around the face, high line bangs, voluminous hair at the crown.

Looks good elongated caret laying inside, soft graduations for curly hair. If the hair is not wavy, not thin, you can make an easy long bangs to the side. Should avoid high hairstyles, long straight hair, thick straight bangs, parted in the center. If to lighten hair around the face, the image will be more soft and feminine. Eyebrow better short and with high instep.

In makeup you should apply blush on the rounded cheeks, darken the contour of the jaw at the corners and hair line at the corners of the temples. The skin better to light up from the middle of the forehead, on the tip of the chin, above cheekbones, under the eyes.

For diamond face shapes should visually extend the line of the forehead. This will help your eyebrows with short tip and rise, long bangs, big hair, twisting the ends of the curls to face. The widest part of the cutting should be level with the top of the ears.

All forms can and should work.

The secret for beautiful women in the care, the desire and ability to present themselves favorably. Create an attractive image will help simple tips.