The creation of make-up arrow

Sometimes, to create a natural image requires a light makeup, in which makeup on the face will be invisible. In such cases, it is best to use make-up arrow, which will create not only a feminine allure, but also suitable for everyday use. Attractive and light the arrows on the eyes will never go out of fashion.

The arrows on the eyes

Means for drawing arrows

With the development of technology, a large number of different tools for drawing arrows, which are available to all fashionistas. Their choice varies from all kinds of pencils used by the beginners, to special introductions and gels used in their work professionals. Consider the tools that are in high demand among women. These include:

Liquid eyeliner to create arrows

  1. Eyeliner. It is lightweight and easy to use and suitable for those girls who are just beginning to explore drawing arrows. These pencils have a soft structure that allows them easily to apply and blend, but they do not spread and do not spread. There are also eyeliners on the powdery basis. Using them you can create a fuzzy contour with haze effect on the eyelid.
  2. Compact eyeliner. It is presented in the form of an extruded product similar to powder, and applied to the eyelids with a moistened brush. When applying eyeliner a compact shooter, the picture turns out to be light and inconspicuous. This cosmetic product often has water-resistant structure, which allows shooters not lubricated during the day.
  3. Liquid eyeliner. With this tool you can display the most delicate and smooth hands if you have sufficient experience. Inexperienced girl would be difficult to create a makeup arrow this cosmetic product but it is this tool most effectively will create a clear and bright path.
  4. Marker for the eyes. Available in a convenient form a felt tip pen, which is easy to make a clear and smooth line. Has one drawback – quickly dries up. Because of this, it has to be changed frequently. But if there’s no time for makeup, then this tool will allow you to quickly create easy make-up with bold arrows.
  5. Gel and cream eyeliner. This tool to create makeup with arrows are mostly professionals. Such eyeliner difficult to apply, but the arrows drawn in them to fall evenly and not freeze instantly. This allows you to adjust makeup if there are errors. Using gel or cream eyeliners is only possible with a special brush with a curved handle and a tapered brush.

Thus, to create make-up arrow need to choose the cosmetic that is suitable not only from experience in application, but the amount of time that will be spent on make-up.

Hands and the shape of the eye

Form shooter’s makeup may be different, it is possible not only to adjust the shape of the eye, but to the opposite effect. To avoid such unpleasant incidents, you need to select the arrow to the shape of their eyes.

Girls with small eyes are advised to visually enlarge them. Such eyes need a bright and wide line with raised and rounded outer ends. The choice of such makeup pointers will allow you to visually open the eye and give the image of sensuality.

The owners of almond eyes more suited classic thin arrows drawn along the growth of eyelashes. For everyday arrow option to do a short, slightly beyond eye line. And for evening make-up line should be slightly longer and slightly thicker than usual.

Carriers round the eyes should be made more elongated shape of the eye. For this you have to draw the arrow from the middle of the upper and lower eyelid to the outer side of the eye. The line should extend to the corner and rise to the top.

The eye pencil to create arrows

In close planting the eyes need to visually remove. This can be achieved by means of arrows drawn from the middle of the upper eyelid to its edge. Line to make thin, from the beginning raised and thickened to the end. For best effect should apply a light shade on the inner corner of the eye. Conversely, if the eyes are set widely, the arrow is drawn on the entire length of the upper eyelid. Starting from the inner corner of the eye line should be thick and gradually to the outer corner to decrease. Deep-set eyes, you should select the thick and shiny, not very long line, feathered up to the temples.

Thus, properly chosen shape and length of the arrows may be of good service. Is applied and the selected lines will help to correct the existing shortcomings and emphasize the dignity. When selecting arrows according to the form and fit the eyes of any fashionista will be able to create effective and natural way.

Creating makeup

To easier and faster to make a beautiful makeup with arrows, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and items for this. Get comfortable in front of a mirror and put your hair up in a bun, so they do not interfere.

To start with the headlight you have to remove all the imperfections on the face – pimples, redness, dark circles under the eyes. After that you need to apply tonal basis. To create a light makeup, concealer should be a shade lighter than the skin.

Applying corrector

With the help of a cosmetic brush Foundation distributed a circular motion in order to avoid the mask effect on the face. Then you need to apply the powder. The contour of the face, nose and neck to apply a dark powder, the main part of your face more bright. Apply powder with a soft brush, barely touching the skin.

When we have finished preparing the skin, you can do shaded eyes. To do this, use light pastel shades of shadows, which are applied on the upper and lower eyelids. Then a thin brush on the crease of the eye cause the cast shadow is darker than the previous shade and shadows first with a brush. The contour of the eyebrows need to set off bright shadows on the lower boundary to give a definition.

After the shadow of a feather, you can start drawing arrows. For this there are a few simple but important rules:

The technique of drawing arrows on the eyes

  1. Arrows draw with a steady hand, otherwise the line will be uneven. To the hand shaking should be positioned so that the mirror was at eye level, while the elbow rested against the hard surface.
  2. Regardless of the width of the arrow first, paint it thinly, and then optionally thicken.
  3. If makeup arrow suggests a line from the inner corner to the outer corner, then draw in the two approaches – first, from the inner part to the middle, then from middle to the end of eye contour.
  4. The edge arrows must be conducted on the lash line, otherwise the arrow will look sloppy, and eyelashes will visually rare.
  5. The arrows need to be the same. Even the smallest deviation can lead to visual asymmetry of the eye in the absence of such a defect at the girl.

After the arrow is dry, you can apply mascara on the lashes and a little blush on the cheekbones.

The qualitative performance of the arrow makeup any girl can look like a model on a photo on the cover of your favorite magazine.