Creating the right makeup: highlighter for face

Women, thoroughly skilled at applying makeup, can be compared to artists. Just as the Creator creates his work of art and the fairer sex transforms his appearance through the skillful use of cosmetics. Recently, very popular among fashionistas around the world began to use the highlighter is a relatively new product in the cosmetic industry to adjust the relief of the face by lightening of its individual parts. Highlighter, skillfully applied to female face, accentuate his strengths and hide fine lines. Due to the content in its composition reflective micro-particles it gives the skin a glowing healthy look.

Makeup using hiliterow

Military: why and how to choose?

Not all women understand how to use the highlighter. Ladies often confuse it with Foundation or powder and, after using it once, forever disappointed in him. Is the highlighter and concealer, which you can use to hide enlarged pores, pimples and irritation on the face. Moreover, when you try to use it to mask imperfections of the surface of the skin it is possible to obtain the opposite effect: dyed blonde skin problem areas will become more visible to others.

Correction of the face using the highlighter

Then why do you need a highlighter? Professional makeup artists use it for other purposes. It can be used to visually lengthen the face, highlight the eyes and cheekbones, make nose thinner, make the outline shape of the lips. Vysvetleni is a kind of a magic wand, allowing the woman the right to distribute the emphasis on your face.

In cosmetic shops you can buy military various types and shades. In structure they are crisp, compact, liquid, cream and balloons. Loose and compact tools useful for application to the entire face (a similar approach is often used when creating evening makeup). If a girl wants using a highlighter to highlight only certain areas of the skin, then she should opt for a cosmetic product in liquid or cream form.

The color palette of vysvetlilas wide enough. They occur in mother-of-pearl, silver, gold, baby blue, pink, lilac and other colours. Products for the relief of correction of the person is the assortment of any reputable cosmetic brand. Select highlighter from the variety of types and tones, the woman should take into account the individual characteristics of their appearance and their own preferences, only in this case she will be satisfied with their purchase.

Consisting of three colors palette shimmers / highlighters

The shade of the highlighter should be selected in accordance with the tone of the face. In order to understand whether the selected hue in the color of skin, women need a brush to apply a little cosmetics on hand and let it dry. If the tone of highlighter will give the skin a slight glow, so you can safely buy it. Girls who are unable to choose the right shade, you should listen to the advice of makeup artists:

  • tanned skin is the best stress and refresh highlighter Golden or bronze color;
  • for people with yellowish or olive tinge, you need to buy cosmetics in peach tones;
  • light skin, prone to redness, necessary vysvetleni with purple and pink pigments.
  • bliznaci ladies should choose silver tones;
  • young girls to create a glamorous make-up, you can use military in a trendy violet, pale pink, blue and lavender shades.

Features dry shimmers / highlighters

Dry compact highlighter

Dry highlighter, reminiscent of shimmering compact powder is the perfect complement to the basic makeup, if desired, it can be used to cover the entire face (but this is undesirable, otherwise you can ruin makeup). The mass cosmetic market in a large color scale.

Vysvetleni in a compact format it is best to apply on the skin with a brush designed for blush. The soft bristles of the brush will evenly distribute shimmering particles of highlighter to the face. To highlight the corners of his eyes and the space under the eyebrow tool it is recommended to apply small brushes for eye shadow. You should not use this kind of vysvetlilas women with oily skin, as shimmery mikrochastitsy might increase the Shine. An advantage of a compact highlighter is that it lasts for a long time.

Crumbly dry highlighter will appeal to ladies who prefer the universal makeup of the type “2 in 1”. It is sold in the form of shimmering powder, placed inside cosmetic brushes, and is convenient because it does not need to buy a separate brush.

The application of dry highlighter on the space beneath the eyebrows

Loose highlighter, as well as compact, can be used for applying on entire face. To cover the skin with a powdery filler should be very carefully, trying to distribute it a thin layer, otherwise it is captivating flicker it is possible to obtain excessive Shine. Ideal owners of greasy skin type. Due to the large volume means can be used for many months in a row.

Highlighter in solid balls – another version of the cosmetic product. Available in the form of small colorful balls with reflective particles. Apply on face with a brush. This highlighter is suitable for all skin types, however the ladies with oily or combination skin before using it is recommended to cover the face of a simple powder. Vysvetleni in the balls evens tone and gives the female face a beautiful radiant colour. Note, however, that it is impossible to outline the contours.

Vysvetleni with liquid and creamy texture

Apply to the face a creamy highlighter

Highlighter with liquid texture is popular among the female population due to simplicity in application. It spreads easily over the skin areas of any size. Experts recommend to use a liquid highlighter to the fairer sex with a dry and normal skin. The girls, wishing by such means to give a person relief and to highlight the cheekbones, you should also buy cosmetic brush specially designed for liquid highlighter. The tool is applied on the face with a brush, you will then need to blend with fingers or sponge.

A disadvantage of this type of highlighter you can call it that after its application the skin becomes glossy, and it is not appropriate in all situations.

Cream highlighter pen

A creamy highlighter differs delicate texture. It’s best used for women with dry skin type. After applying to the face it becomes like a layer of shimmering velvety powder. Distribute it more convenient to just fingers. This vysvetleni is perfect to accentuate individual facial contours and give the skin a natural radiance. Due to the small amount of creamy highlighter cannot be used for distribution over large skin areas.

Highlighter pen contains a filler creamy texture and is used to highlight separate areas of the face. Sold in the form of a pen, one side of which is located a soft brush. This highlighter is very convenient to emphasize the contours of the lips, to highlight eyes, cheekbones, forehead height or in the middle of the nose, however it is unsuitable for lightening large areas.

Rules for the distribution of highlighter

Before you start applying highlighter, a woman needs to look closely at my face in the mirror and highlight those areas that she would like to emphasize.

It will not hurt to remind you that to spread the product on the face should after that be apply makeup.

The highlighter should be the final touch in a makeover, giving it a completeness. Properly apply vysvetleni on the face will help the makeup artists advice:

  1. Make a low forehead visually above, you can use lightening of skin under the hairline. To expand narrow forehead helpful for the application of highlighter on whiskey. In order to remedy was not noticeable on the skin, it needs to be carefully shade.
  2. If a woman has the eyebrows placed too low over the eyes, they can be slightly raised, drawing over them the thin lines with a highlighter and rubbed their boundaries up.
  3. Causing quite a bit of funds in the corners of the upper eyelids can give the look of openness. To visually enlarge the eyes apply a thin layer vysvetleni all podrobnee space, but this method is not recommended for women who are too heavy upper eyelids.
  4. To give the nose the right shape experts advise to carry out a suitable highlighter shade him on the back of a thin strip and feather it to the side. But if a point to put a cosmetic on the nose, then it can be made more narrow (this technique is recommended to use owners too wide spout).
  5. In clearly defined circles under the eyes or in the presence of wrinkles you should apply a little highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbones. This will distract attention from flaws and make the face fresher and younger.
  6. To make thin lips volume, you need to carefully outline the entire contour of the upper lip with a highlighter and under the bottom in the center to put the end and grind its borders. To reduce the large mouth will help the points raised vysvetleni means in the corners of the mouth. They also need shade.

Highlighter was created in order to use it to put on the face accents. Spread the cleaner over the entire surface is undesirable, since this will be an unnaturally shiny appearance. You need to understand that vysvetleni designed for evening and festive makeup, so use it daily makeup artists are not advised. But if she still cannot resist the temptation to test the highlighter in the daytime makeup, then she should stick to highlighting one area, selecting the product with a small amount of reflective particles.