Creating makeup for Asian type face

Asian girls can be proud of their expressive facial features. Almond-shaped slit eyes, a warm color, clean skin, neat lips – all this should be emphasized with cosmetics. Makeup for Asian face type, performed correctly, can literally work miracles.


So, for the Asian makeup you will need:

  • foundation;
  • eyeliner or eye pencil;
  • ink;
  • the shade;
  • shade;
  • curling;
  • eyebrow pencil;
  • lipstick and lip pencil;
  • powder.

Foundation yellowish

Before you can start “cosmetic repairs,” of the estimated source data. The main color tone sets the tone of the skin. The Asian girls he’s usually the color of brown sugar or warm almond. The right choice for Asian makeup Foundation will be yellowish. Many girls with this type of person prefer pinkish tone, believing that it will soften and smooth your natural color is a misconception. Pink tone will turn face orange or bleached, and in both cases, it looks unnatural.

Often the problem of a person of this type becomes earthy hue to soften corrective powder, causing it to protruding parts. Better to use the vehicle from the sun and creams that contain SPF on the skin of Asian women from the sun may appear dark spots.

For eyes it is permissible to choose a bright, deep colors that will reveal and enhance the look. Dark circles under the eyes are fairly common on this type of persons: they will hide concealer peach shade or a yellowish concealer.

If makeup Asian to avoid cold tones, and shades more pale than the natural color of the skin. Be sure to use a base for shadow, as shadow and eyeliner can leak because of the peculiar structure of the age of Asian women.

Asian day makeup for an everyday look

Cleansing of the face before applying makeup

In the morning there is no need to paint vividly. But it is necessary to correct the deficiencies, and dignity – to emphasize.

The first step in the daily makeup Asian will be a cleansing of the face. You can use familiar tools. Then the skin is wiped with toner, day cream and the basis of the selected color. With the help of a concealer or masking tools “hide” under eye circles, blemishes, imperfections on the skin.

Go to the eyes. The shade for the narrow, slightly slanted eyes out bright colors. Beige, cream, sand, green, soft pink color is perfect. Apply the base, then straight fingers – shadows, shading to the edge.

Then the eyeliner. She applied a thin layer as close to the lash line.

In Asian makeup eyeliner is displayed in the corner of my eye a thin arrow.

Curling eyelashes

Eyelashes should curl. Usually Asian girls are not different thick lashes, but it can fix a lengthening mascara, applied in two layers.

Now eyebrows. Make them neat, so the hairs didn’t appear anywhere. Makeup Asian style mark them with a brown pencil or shadow of the same color.

Lips – lipstick matte natural tones.

Cover the face with powder and Asian makeup ready. It is allowed to do on work, business meetings, walking – it is universal.

Option for a festive evening

Smoky makeup

For the festive makeup Asian style can vengeance to experiment with shadows and eyeliners for your eyes. For example, the usual daily makeup in brown tones, with ease turns to evening purple eyeliner on the top edge and dark brown on the bottom.

Smoky makeup, smoky eyes ideal for Asian women – he reveals the look, making it more expressive. For easy evening option, you can use timername green shadows. Apply them on upper lid, starting with the dark shade on the movable century and approaching the light is stationary. The area under the eyebrow, scroll light shadows. Bring the top edge of eyes with dark eyeliner – black or brown. Tweezers curl the eyelashes, apply a number of invoices, paint mascara on black ink. To complete the festive makeup Asian, cover lips with a natural shade gloss and cheekbones, apply blush understated subtle tones.

Makeup for Asian women need to do, taking into account the characteristics of a person of this type. Given all the details and recommendations, you will be able to create a gorgeous everyday or festive look without a professional makeup artist.