Creating beautiful brows

No woman who would not want to have beautiful eyebrows. Well those who were endowed by nature, but what if the eyebrows are of this form, which hardly can be called perfect? Actually nothing wrong with that, as beautiful shape of the eyebrows can be done independently, and that’s easy.

Photo 1. Beautiful shape eyebrows

Many women prefer to go to stylists because they believe that specialists are able to give the shape of eyebrows, the kind that will make a woman beautiful. It is not, all you can do yourself, so the form is just perfect (photo 1). And for this you need to take into account the recommendations of specialists. And check in this regard is absolutely not interrupted, moreover, it often happens that in such conditions, the result is just excellent. And this is a proven practice that has been going on for decades.

What not to do when giving the eyebrows a beautiful shape

Photo 2. Proper eyebrow plucking

Before you begin creating the perfect image, you need to know what in any case should not do when there is a desire to make beautiful eyebrows.

  1. When eyebrows are plucked, in any case not to overdo it. The fact that near mirrors the shape of your eyebrows might seem great but at a great distance, your eyebrows may seem too thin thread. In order to shape the eyebrows at home, you need to periodically examine the result obtained for a considerable distance, only then can we expect that the eyebrow shape will not resemble a thin line (photo 2).
  2. For beautiful eyebrows at home you need to pay attention to such important factors as thickness and length. They must fit each other, only then we can expect that the appearance will attract attention with its beauty and not something else (photo 3).
  3. When there is such work at home, you should always pay attention to the fact that there are tools which are not suitable for this. For example, in any case, you cannot use razor as the view is this will only get worse. Undoubtedly, there are women who can work independently with a razor, but it is better to refuse it.

If, however, the result of some form of action was not such as we would like, then you just need to be patient, to wait until your eyebrows grow back to then, without mistakes, to get back to work. We need to treat this with the seriousness it depends largely on how to be a woman to perceive.

The shape of the eyebrows depending on face type

Photo 3. The line thickness and length of eyebrow

Much depends on face shape. Those ladies who have a round face shape, it may be advisable to focus on the pointed eyebrows, which differ in a raised form. You can also work and women who have oval face shape, but it should be noted that in this case, the bending should be slightly softer. Those ladies who have the face elongated, it is possible to recommend an adjustment to straight. Sharpened shape is perfect for women who have square face shape, but in this case, the angle should be directly above the pupil, maybe a little further. There is no doubt that the appearance of women will be the most attractive men always appreciate her style. This can be achieved even at home, no need to visit expensive beauty salon.

Some women are unable to determine the shape of the eyebrows. A just saw a photo of some star and decided that they want something similar. Nothing wrong with this desire-no, you just need to draw a contrast pencil (the color can be any, you can opt for white color). Then you need to evaluate the appearance. If you are satisfied, you can take action.

Useful tips

The forms of eyebrows

When adjusted, in any case do not neglect this important factor of personal hygiene. Depends on many things, so before taking action you need to use alcohol-containing solution. After the procedure these actions to repeat. When the shape of the eyebrows corrected, you need to use a soothing cream, this will avoid subsequent problems.
To attractive image was obtained without much difficulty, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Taken a small comb (you can use the eyebrow brush), after that goddamn eyebrow tidy up.
  2. Those hairs that go over the line, must be cut with scissors, but do so carefully, otherwise you can ruin the whole image that is often. If a woman has professional skills, you should not comb your eyebrows to one side, to anything good it will not.
  3. Hairs that are below or above the eyebrow, needs to be torn out (this would be best to use angled tweezers).
  4. To get rid of short hairs that often prevent the creation of an ideal image you need to use sharp tweezers. But keep in mind that this tool can be dangerous, therefore you should use them with caution.
  5. Adjustment is done with the help of shadows and brushes, you can give the exact color that you like.

Thus, there is nothing difficult about the eye area was perfect, with no need to apply this to the experts.

All you can do at home that will greatly save time and money.

Today available these cosmetic products with the help of which any woman would feel that she is the most beautiful.