Correct plucking eyebrows at home

It just so happened that very few people beautiful shape of the eyebrows is given by nature and no changes are necessary. But most people are unhappy with this part of your face. If the girl is not sure what eyebrow shape suits her, should turn to professionals who not only advise how to pluck eyebrows, but will make the process of plucking the hair, thereby facilitating the life of the girl. However, not all women have the opportunity to visit the nearest beauty shop and use the services of the master. There are those that just don’t trust stranger hands and prefer to do everything yourself. In this case, it is important to remember that before you pluck eyebrows at home, you need to find their correct form.

Plucking eyebrows independently

The determination of the most suitable shape of eyebrows

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, well brows their beautiful framing. Whatever beautiful eyes, groomed eyebrows can ruin everything. So you need to be able to pick up their form at his face. Distinguish only five basic types: oval, round, square, rectangular and triangular.

For each of these types of persons can choose the perfect eyebrow shape, which will be in harmony with the whole face and hide some imperfections.

Face types

So. The owners of oval face suit eyebrows with no apparent fracture. They should be slightly pointed, with a soft bend. For round-faced ladies suit pointed, with a pronounced kink. The same shape of eyebrows can brighten your face and girls with a square type. But those whom nature has endowed oblong, rectangular type of person should adhere to the straight shape of the eyebrows. This decision will help to smooth lines and give a peculiar softness. Slightly rounded eyebrows suit girls, face which fit under the category of triangular type.

Correction technique in simple ways

When the face shape identified, you can talk about the simple techniques of correction of eyebrows. One of these methods is considered to be the easiest that you can only imagine. To use it, you need a pencil. So, first of all, you need to visually divide the face into three lines. To do this, first attach the aforementioned pencil in a vertical position to the wing of the nose and perpendicular to the lips. Where the pencil intersects with the brow, starts on first line where you want to remove all the excess hairs. To define the second line need without lifting one end of the pencil from the wing of the nose, move the other end so that the line passed near the outer corner of the eye. In the place where the eyebrow and the pencil will intersect the line of the eyebrow should end. The third line will help to determine the curvature of the eyebrow. To do this, the starting point of the line does not change. This time the tape should pass around the edge of the iris. You need to be sure to look right. When these simple manipulations with the pencil will be performed, there is only such a trifle as tweeze unwanted hairs in the right places.

Useful tips then plucking

A few simple tips will help you to understand how to properly tweeze eyebrows and simplifying, this is not a particularly pleasant process:

The right eyebrow

  1. Eyebrows it is best to pluck in daylight, in a well lit area. This is necessary in order to not miss a single extra thread.
  2. You need to prepare everything necessary for this procedure: medium size mirror, tweezers, cleansing lotion, cotton pads.
  3. Not to bring any infection, it is necessary to wipe the tweezers in the alcohol solution.
  4. Using a special brush for eyebrows you need to comb the hairs in the direction of their growth.
  5. Hairs to capture as close as possible to the base and in the direction of growth. So they won’t break off and leave a nasty black dots under the skin.
  6. The upper part of the eyebrow tweeze is not recommended.

How to spend plucking eyebrows with string at home?

At a time when the forceps have not heard, and a beautiful eyebrow shape to be like an excellent method of plucking eyebrows at home became ordinary cotton thread. This technique use modern girl, pushing the tweezers into second place. Of course, this procedure is more painful, because in the process of plucking the strings captured from a few hairs. But from pluses it is possible to allocate the quickness of the procedure, the hair then grows back slower, become thin and light. To pluck eyebrows with string, you need to fold it, so it does not slip from the fingers during the process of plucking. Then make it into a ring and tie the fingers to make eight. To pluck extra hairs need dramatically using crossed threads. If you are unsure how to do it, for the first time, you can hire the services of a professional to shape your eyebrows turned out beautiful.

How best to carry out the procedure of plucking?

Few people plucking eyebrows at home is fun. Most women react very sensitive to this process. In order to somehow ease the pain, there is some practical advice:

Plucking eyebrows thread

  1. For a couple of hours before the procedure can be frozen in cubes decoction of chamomile or sage. Just before tweeze eyebrows, you need to move the ice cube on the eyebrows, thereby freezing it for a while.
  2. Some girls, on the contrary, apply warm compresses to this area. Thus the skin and softens the hairs pulled out easier.
  3. If you pull the skin over my eyebrow up, pain is also significantly reduced.
  4. When none of these methods doesn’t help, either have to endure or resort to a special cream that reduces the pain while plucking eyebrows.

Now there are many methods and master classes how to improve on their own at home. Naturally, each person’s individual face shape, so you need to know how to choose the right shape of eyebrows, to continue not to look stupid, or worse, funny. Hurry when plucking eyebrows at home is not necessary. After all, only carefully executed work will help to achieve the desired result and not make it worse than it was. You only need to have patience, and then all will turn out!