How to conceal drooping eyelids using makeup

Not all women can boast of impeccable features and lack of wrinkles. A common problem in not only women, but young girls is overhanging eyelid. Looking at the reflection in the mirror or seeing himself in the photo, the women noted that this disadvantage gives the face a gloomy and tired expression. So ladies, faced with such a problem, are concerned about how to remove drooping eyelids or at least visually raise them.

Makeup for the impending century

Causes of

Most often such an unpleasant problem as overhanging eyelid, occurs in women with aging skin around the eyes, which decreases the amount of elastin and collagen, it loses its elasticity and droops. Apart from aging, weakened muscles around the eyes.

Schematic drawing shadows

In addition to the aging drooping eyelid can become a consequence of infringement of exchange of body fluids, leading to swelling, including eyelids.
Not last role in occurrence of this defect plays a genetic predisposition. If this problem was present in all the women in the family, then the probability of her of the girl increases, and even at a young age, you may notice the first signs of this phenomenon.

This skin defect can be corrected with the help of folk remedies, cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, or by a competent make – up of the available funds.

The right makeup against the impending century

All females with drooping eyelids, know how to get rid of this problem with makeup, which visually eliminate it. To create the correct make-up can hide any gaps, you will need a shade several tones and different saturation, eyeliner, mascara, makeup brush.

Women with the problem of the impending century are best suited the shade of light, pastel shades as these colors give a feeling of freshness to a look, open your eyes.

The right makeup against the impending century

Variants of such colors are beige, peach, gray, light brown. For daytime makeup is more appropriate matte shades, for evening you can use the pearl shade.

In the first place on all the upper eyelid need to apply Foundation – medium shade from those available. Further less saturated color superimposed on the inner corner of a century. As you approach the outer corner of eyes the color of shadows should become darker and denser. It is very important that it was not sharp boundaries and transitions from one shade to another. This will help avoid a special eyeshadow brush, which you want to shade color. The darkest shade should be applied on the area with the greatest overhang of the century, as a rule, in the middle of the upper eyelid.

After applying Foundation, you can draw the arrows in the outer corners of the eyes is a well-known technique that allows to visually lift the drooping eyelid. This method provides for a visual lifting the outer corners of the eyes, so the line of the arrow can be carried out just above the natural lash line. The arrow should not be carried out around the eye – maybe I should start to draw it around from the centre to the outer corner, making at the end of the sequel with a little care up to the end of the eyebrows. Let the line thickens a little closer to the outer upper eyelid. Line arrows are drawn with pencil or dark shadow or black shades. It is best to feather the arrows to make them look more natural.

Eyebrow in the looming century

After applying the shooter needs to apply a small amount of dark shadows to the outer corner of the lower eyelid. Instead of shadows you can use a pencil in dark colors.

The last step in the eye makeup with overhanging century is the application of mascara on the lashes. Before that is slightly to curl them, because this form of eyelashes will also help to hide the swelling of the upper eyelid. It is best to apply mascara on the upper lashes only.

In addition to eye makeup women with drooping eyelids, be sure to give the correct shape eyebrows. The correction of eyebrows need to ensure that their top line was raised as high as possible. The form must be elongated, graceful, making the look a bit surprised. The eyebrow should be straight, without sharp corner at its highest point, which should be slightly above and beyond the center. If eyebrows are too thin and short, you should use eyebrow pencil of the right color. The outer corner of the eyebrow should be slightly extended with a pencil. Under the eyebrows need to put shadows light shades – this will visually lift them.

Useful tips

Women need to know how to get drooping eyelids. To reduce the severity of this drawback, you need to follow some rules:

Step-by-step execution of makeup for the impending century

  • exchange of body fluids is to drink clean water, to reduce the amount of salt in the diet to a minimum, do not
  • drink a lot of water in the afternoon;
  • use special cosmetics for skin around the eyes;
  • sleeping on the back and in any case not on the stomach;
  • give up bad habits such as Smoking and alcohol consumption;
  • apply in the morning to the eyes ice cubes;
  • use of traditional medicine – compresses with chamomile, parsley, potato juice, etc.;
  • exercise and massage for the eye muscles.

Women who are concerned about the question of how to get rid of the impending century, it is not worth much to worry about this drawback. A correct and beautiful makeup can easily cope with this common problem. When using the tips for eye makeup visually transformed, reduced the swelling, the look will become more open. And if you combine competent makeup charming smile, no one will notice this lack of century.