How to choose the right mascara

Mascara in the cosmetic bag every girl or women. But what do we know about her? Using the carcass of the fairer sex can make your eyes brighter and more expressive. According to statistics, more than half of women are dreaming to lengthen your lashes. After all, a fascinating and mysterious look is the most powerful weapon in the conquest of hearts. To make lashes thicker, our grandmothers and mothers put on a layer of powder. But by the end of the day it all crumbled and left dark marks under the eyes. Now, having learned about such issues, one can only smile.

The choice of mascara

Historical facts about mascara

So what mascara is presented now, it was not always the case. What we can see, the result of many scientific developments and beauty of evolution. The first mention of the remedy are to be found in ancient times it is believed that the first who started to use them was the Queen Cleopatra. Even the images on ancient frescoes can be seen that Egyptian eyeliner paint. For this they used a composition based on natural component of henna. The paint they painted not only the lashes but the eyelids. In addition, they decorated their eyes with precious stones, which were glued to the eyelids.

Great Lash mascara is the most famous mascara Maybelline

Many years later a young English student Terry Williams decided to experiment – soot mixed with vaseline and gave to try to put on eyelashes to her sister Mabel. The girl is a new invention like it. Since then, many devised a composition of the carcass. Some did it on the glue. It is not necessary to say that the effect of elegant lashes lasted only a day.

In 1914 a well-known makeup artist Max Factor unveils his invention – the makeup that creates the drops on the eyes. It was an ordinary black wax, which had to be applied to eyelashes with a special wand.

At the same time, Terry Williams had not ceased to conduct all the experiments on the creation of advanced tools to increase eyelashes. A few years later he established a company and named it in honor of his beloved sister – Meubelen. In 1932, Terry released a mascara in the box. In the seventies there is a new his brainchild, the Great Lash mascara, which subsequently receives the greatest in the history of popular.

Colored mascara

The revolution in creating the mascara did Helena Rubinstein, who invented a new formula of mascara that is not washed off with water. She created it specifically for girls from the ballet of water ballet. After two decades it is the world’s first mascara with applicator brush (until then, the mascara was produced exclusively in boxes and applied with a stick). The new brush was made of metal, but she made a big breakthrough in the world of cosmetics. In 1960 the giants of the market of cosmetics of Revlon and a good choice at the same time begin to produce a colored mascara – blue, green, lavender and gold.

Modern mascara

Currently invented many new technologies to increase the volume and length of eyelashes. Their frizz, build up, rubbed into the eyelids of the special funds for accelerated growth. But all these tools have their drawbacks and not all are suitable. So the mascara is still not lost its popularity.

This essential beauty tool requirements are strict.

The mascara should not cause allergic reactions and irritate the eyes, it must increase the length and volume, to curl, last long and not flake off.

Ink based on vegetable extracts

Almost every month the market appears a new tube with this tool. Some manufacturers add the vitamins and nourishing ingredients that nourish hair and stimulate hair growth. This variety is very easy to get lost. After all many manufacturers use advertising gimmick – showing a new mascara on the model, which fake eyelashes. Under an expensive cover from a well-known brand may be hiding the simple formula. Besides the decorative function mascara performs protective – it protects them from wind, hot sun, road dust. The ink can protect the eye from external influences.

How to choose the right mascara

Professional makeup artists claim that more than 80% of the effect of mascara on the eyes depends on the brush. The brush can be round, curved, with small and large bristles, spiral, beveled tip. Every woman should choose for themselves the form that it is most convenient to use.

Brush in the shape of an arc eyelash curler

For example, a mascara with a spiral brush cannot do a simple vertical movement. The spiral form specifically invented to make her rolling motion. Frequent brush with small bristles to pull eyelashes, and the larger to create a volume. Need a curved brush for ease of application and in order to make a beautiful curve.

When choosing mascara, you should pay attention to how it closes. If the cap is tightly latched, then this makeup will last much longer. After all, the main reason we decide to buy a new mascara, is that the old dried up (this often happens a month after purchase).

When choosing mascara you need to carefully consider the brush – whether it clumps or fatty lumps on the end. This sin usually counterfeit manufacturers. They don’t skimp on recreating the brushes and branded bottle, but the composition inside is of poor quality. In the best case, you’ll use it a few times, at worst it’ll ruin your makeup and cause an allergic reaction. About the wasted money and say no. It is better to purchase an inexpensive option, but the official manufacturer than to spend money on a nice fake. So you will be immune to the fact that the eyes are safe.

Dark blue mascara for everyday makeup

Mascara is subdivided into volume, lengthening, no. It can be water-resistant and moisture-resistant, for sensitive eyes and for those wearing contact lenses. Mascara can be classic black and color, vitamins and proteins. It varies in composition of incoming components, tassel, shelf life. Mascara can combine several unique properties, for example, to lengthen eyelashes and stimulate their growth.

It is considered that black mascara for brunettes and evening make-up, brown for daily use. However the black ink has not lost its popularity and still remains the best selling. Blue mascara recommend blue-eyed and gray-eyed women, brown – the owner of a red, Golden and Auburn hair. Purple, green mascara makeup artists recommend to apply on the tips of the lashes for a certain makeup.

What is included in the composition of the carcass

The composition of the carcasses most often comprises wax, water, natural and artificial fats, preservatives and various dyes. The conventional mascara includes water, a surfactant, wax of various origins, colorant, preservatives and polymers. Quality nedostatka mascara is resistant, even if you cry, but it is easy to wash off with cleanser and water.

Castor oil in mascara to strengthen eyelashes

In the waterproof mascara composition comprises a volatile solvent, a wax of animal origin (often beeswax), wax of plant origin, waxes of mineral origin, dyes and polymers. The waterproof mascara composition does not contain components that are sensitive to water, so mascara remains stable, even if you got caught in the rain or burst into tears. To remove eye it is possible only with the help of special tools for removing waterproof makeup. In any case it is impossible to “rip off” of eyelashes.

Castor oil in the composition of the carcass nourishes the roots of eyelashes, strengthens them, stimulates growth and has anti-inflammatory effect. Mixed paraffins are able to increase volume and length. Silk proteins and wheat germ stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Keratin protects every lash and strengthens. Melanin protects the eyes from the adverse effects. Lanolin can prevent the breakage and dryness. Vitamins B5 and E moisturize, nourish and strengthen, stimulate growth. Preservatives in the composition is added to prevent the appearance and propagation of pathogenic bacteria.

Reviews lovers mascara

Anna, 28 years: “Mascara L’oreal Telescopic Carbon Black – one of the most favorite for many years. Prior to this, tried a lot of novelties. I wanted to find something in one package – to be lengthened, gave a twist and shared. The ink is long dry on the eyes (this is a big plus, you can manage to give the eyelashes the desired shape), a good mascara and gives a curve. However, separates lashes very bad, and besides, a month after the start of use begins to crumble. No irritation does not cause. From time to time buy it and enjoy.

Second favorite mascara Essence Hypno Gloss 3 in 1. The mascara is very liquid, so it takes a lot of time to her cause. Use it when you need to create the natural effect on the lashes. A definite plus – you can use it for a few months, it does not dry up”.

Catherine, 23 years: “Love to experiment, so every two months I buy a new mascara. Catrice Extra Long Lash Volume Mascara bought by accident last month. Very good mascara, lengthens, holds a bend, parts. She can be very fast to put eyelashes, so it is perfect for the hardworking ladies. Washed off with plain water.

Seventeen “Way up” purchased on the recommendation of a consultant, what is very sorry. First impression – I bought expired goods. Advertising is just gorgeous, and actually the mascara dry quickly showered, absolutely does not lengthen lashes after it stick out in different directions. Givenchy Eye Fly is from the same series. The promised effect an air of lightness to create with it is impossible. The mascara is very dry, does not give any volume and length, quickly showered.

Of successful purchases can allocate Zigzag Bell with an exclusive brush, three-dimensional spiral. This mascara very much, it is twisted, making the eyes expressive. Volume practically does not give, and it was not. Lasts a long time, no flaking. Rich black color gives the eyes depth.”