How to choose the right eyebrow shape?

Not all girls can boast from the nature of the ideal form of eyebrow. The majority have to be content with what we have. Periodically adjusting the shape, the hairs look natural. However, if you skip some procedures, then eventually they will spoil even the most flawless makeup.

To know how to choose the shape of eyebrows, you need to determine your face shape.

Eyebrow shape: how to pick by type of person?

Before you pick up the tweezers, it is advisable to pay attention to the facial features. It is important, because ridiculous look thin arc of hairs on a round face or straight – on rectangular. The facial features need to play, and the shape of the eyebrows will cope with this task perfectly.

Round face

If the person resembles a circle, it is not necessary to repeat the contours of the face, correcting the shape of eyebrows. In this case, suitable line break. It is desirable that they were wide with a narrow tip, moreover raised. However, too thin a tip, too bad. You need to choose a middle ground, and then the facial features are more expressive.

Oval face

Too high fit the girls with this type of person inappropriate. Form can be a little more rounded, but not making them too thin.

Square face

Curved arc raised up, the best option to choose eyebrow shapes for girls with this type of person. Thin eyebrows aren’t necessary.

Triangular face

If the contours of the face like a triangle, the slightly raised eyebrow with a smooth curve will be your best option. However, if you overdo it with the kink, then it will give a sad and dull expression.

If girls face shape is elongated, it is possible to model straight eyebrows. This will help to visually round off the contours.

How to choose the shape of eyebrows: the perfect formula

Despite the fact that beauticians and makeup artists recommend to choose the individual shape of the eyebrows, there is no universal formula that will correctly, from the point of view of symmetry, to simulate eyebrows. To make it possible for every girl without visiting the salon. Enough to stock an ordinary pencil.

In order to determine the place where you want to start your eyebrows, you need to make a pencil parallel to the wing of the nose. Thus, the imaginary line will pass through the inner corner of the eye. The place where it will intersect with the lines of growth can be considered the beginning.

Then the pencil should be rotated 45 degrees so that the line passes through the center of the eye. The second point of intersection is the location of the fracture.

If the eyebrows are too rounded or falling down, it will ruin the whole picture. To determine the place where they should end, you can still, turn the pencil so that it touched the outer corner of the eye. The crossing point of the hairs will be the end point. It is advisable to adhere to this schema modeling, so they looked perfect (see photo).

To correctly choose the shape of eyebrows, do not forget that:

  • too much omitted to the temples line ages;
  • thick and heavy eyebrows lend a bleakness;
  • overstatement in the form of a comma in danger of capture on the facial expression of constant surprise.

No less important is the distance between the eyebrows. Close-set capable of making gloomy and angry facial expression. Widely planted also not able to accentuate your features. Perfect distance – two fingers. If the eyes are close together, then a little less.

How to pick the right eyebrow shape: fixes

Plucking eyebrows at home

Not all girls can afford is to get her eyebrows done. Often, the problem lies in the desire to tweak even more. And, nasypav I can only dream about how to have correct form. However, do not worry. All problems can be solved. The main thing – time.

If you too have begun the correction process and the result is obvious, then hide the tweezers. Will need a long time to come the opportunity to pick up the brow to the desired shape. During the first weeks will be very difficult, as the hairs will grow unevenly. To select individual and plucking them is not recommended, if you want to grow a full eyebrow.

It may happen that the hairs were formed voids. This does not mean that with this you cannot go out. Use a pencil. However, do not be too zealous in this case. No need to make an arch of decorative cosmetics, it suffices to use small short strokes. This will make the adjustment cosmetics invisible.

In order to not make mistakes, it is important to remember that to make a broad and long eyebrows narrow a crime. The maximum adjustment is to make a slightly narrower tip. To choose the shape of the eyebrows in this case is not difficult.

It looks ugly and “house”. Tips specialists are as follows: to avoid sharp bending, it is necessary to use a scheme of three points.

How to fix errors of the form with a comma? The main thing – balance. Make a line of curvature less than the convex will help tip which you need to do wider.

Don’t forget to pluck the hairs above the eyebrow is not necessary.

This correction option may be resorted to only in cases when the line of growth from nature is too curved.