How to choose the right eyebrow pencil

To help make the makeup at home, called a variety of means of decorative cosmetics. The eyebrow pencil is one of them. He’s not so popular as lipstick or eyeshadow that is likely undeserved. After all, clearly defined brows, bold colours and regular shapes capable of completely transforming the face and shape, to determine the style of makeup.

Eyebrows, drawn with a pencil

What eyebrow pencil to choose

To choose the right cosmetic product it is important to create a perfect makeup. Eyebrow pencil should be chosen according to core hardness, and color.

Pencils are of two types: conventional, which require periodic sharpening, and a retractable stylus. To use the last skill, they can not provide such accurate touches, as usual. But the many positive reviews are forced to look at this new product. On the hardness of the core model of the pencil is not affected.

Eyebrow pencil with brush

Many ladies prefer pencils for eyebrows mildly. However, when you create makeup with such funds should be taken not to overdo it and not to draw overly expressive eyebrows than pencil softer the more it stained. The most suitable is considered to be a medium hardness pencil for eyebrows.

It would seem that the set of colors for the cosmetic is very limited: black, grey and brown. But modern manufacturers pleasing variety of shades, eyebrow pencil can be of different intensity and brightness. To find the ideal tool, you need to focus on simple rules:

  1. Eyebrow pencil is selected taking into account the color of your hair. The General rule is that dark you need to choose the tool slightly darker and blondes, two shades lighter hair color.
  2. Eyebrow pencil should match with the skin tone. Warm skin tones suit warm shades of makeup, and Vice versa. To this rule there are exceptions. Brunette with soft milky shade of skin are extremely bright colors.
  3. Natural shade of eyebrow usually corresponds to the total color type appearance. In that case, if the hair coloring had been made, it is necessary to focus on natural color.

Drawing of pencil on the eyebrows

The following statement is a common recommended means:

  • black-haired beauties should choose black eyebrow pencil;
  • red, light brown, chestnut – intense brown, dark grey;
  • light blonde, blondes, gray, light brown, beige eyebrow pencil.

A well-known technique of makeup when using two tools, one for the base and lighter, used from the mid-eyebrow. Definitely well-drawn and indicated by a color transition in the middle. In this case, the color of both pencils must be the same, just a different shade.

Basic rules of use

As a means of makeup, apply only a special eyebrow pencil.

Some women prefer additionally to use to create the right shade of eye shadow. But what should not be used, so this eyeliner because it is used only to create smooth, clear lines.

If you use a normal eyebrow pencil, it needs to be undermined is that the lines were thin. If in the process of grinding there are problems, you need to put the eyebrow pencil for some time in the freezer, and after this procedure, regrind immediately.
Before you begin the makeup, in need of correction. This is required because any excess hair should not be, otherwise the makeup will look sloppy. Then you need to ensure the correct selection of tools. To do this, apply a few strokes and to evaluate the result in natural light from the large mirror.

If makeup is too bright, you can use a special brush that comes with the asset. Easy combing helps to reduce the intensity of the color.

To buy beauty products the best in specialized stores. Here, the selection of the tools the buyer can ask for help to the seller-the consultant who has special knowledge and can recommend the right tools, pick a color. A specific manufacturer is selected for the buyers themselves from the ratio of price and quality of the product. Well-known brands can increase the cost due to the popularity of its trademark.

Grooming eyebrows usually involves daily cleansing of makeup. The use of specific products for the face and soft tissues. Make-up should be carefully, but careful movements, not to injure the delicate skin around the eyes. Waterproof mascaras are designed appropriate products.

Professionals note that when creating makeup eyebrows it is particularly important to strive for naturalness, the overall harmony of the image. Makeup here is intended to give the brightness, clarity, to correct natural data.