How to choose red lipstick?

Red lipstick is a classic, and to find her “perfect tone” is the dream of many girls. Hardly something else can simply and effectively Express your confidence and add attractive unavailable. Furthermore, it is now considered appropriate to use a red lipstick not only for evening, but for casual and even office images. This freedom of use makes it even more fans.

Example of shades of red lipstick

On the market of decorative cosmetics for lips presents a wide palette of shades. How to choose a suitable one? You should think about how to choose red lipstick before settling on one of them. For starters, you can look at numerous photos on the Internet to see how the stylists choose a shade of lipstick for the stars. Further, it is possible to note a small number of tips that will help not only to avoid a disastrous purchase, but also to spend much less time and nerves to a confident choice your “perfect tone”.

Before proceeding to the recommendations, remember the color wheel to see it some highlights.

Classic red lipstick

  1. Tone. If the color red to move in the cold (blue) pole of the spectrum, you will get a purple tone, if we move in warm (yellow) pole – orange. That is “warm red” color lipstick will contain an orange undertone, and “cold red” purple.
  2. The intensity of the color. With regard to lipstick intensity can be considered as the density of pigment in the neutral (transparent) binder. The higher the density, the more saturated the color.
  3. Texture. From matte (no glare) to glossy (the greatest amount of glare).

The definition of the color type

The main thing you should focus, while choosing the tone of red lipstick – the color type of the skin. It can be warm, cool or neutral. Warm red undertone warm, cool, cold, neutral – both. Thus it is necessary to take into account is the skin tone that will have you in makeup. In other words, if the owner of the nature of a neutral color type will adjust its tonal means in the warm or cold side, and the choice of the shade of lipstick will have to go again.

Thus, the color type of the skin you can define three simple ways.

  1. “Precious metals”. Need to bring a person turns massive gold and silver ornaments (you can substitute foil these colors) and see which metal is more suitable.
  2. “White dress”. Need to wear (or bring-to-face) turns things two types of white: “true white” with a blue tint and “off white” – with yellow. The principle is the same as in the previous method, that is, for example, if more there is a cold option, and the type of skin cold.
  3. The “wrist”. Need to look at the transmission through the thin skin of the wrist veins. If they’re bluish hue, the color type is cold, green warm.

Bright red lipstick

How to choose the color type, if none of the methods did not give a clear answer?

Most likely, we are talking about neutral color type. And he, with rare exception, everything goes.

In this case, to determine whether it is possible to pay attention to other characteristics of appearance.

The definition of contrast and another trick

We are talking about the contrast between the skin tones, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes. It affects not on the choice of the color and the degree of its intensity. Girls with contrasting appearance (for example, type Snow white or bright blonde with dark eyes) can afford an intensive and dark colors. The delicate beauty of the other girls, in contrast, would emphasize soft, muted tones of red, and intense risk to drown “drown” her.

When the desired shade of red lipstick to pick and fails, you can pay attention to the color of tooth enamel. If it has a yellowish tint, it is necessary to adjust the tone of the lipstick so that it does not have emphasized this deficiency. In order to understand how to choose the right, let us remember again the color circle. Colors tend to emphasize each other in two cases: if they are located in very close range and if they are in diametrically opposite sectors of the color circle, that is, contrast. Thus, we see that the owners of yellowish enamel should not get involved nor excessive care in the orange undertone or a plum. The Board, however, so restricts the choice, as it might seem. You can find medium red tones and “play” with their intensity.

General guidelines

Whatever was the “perfect tone”, you need to remember that this bright accent does not tolerate no competitors, no flaws.

It is not recommended to wear red lipstick together with bright eye makeup, especially when it comes to office or casual manner. And even in the case of the gala evening should not choose red lipstick red dress. Otherwise, it is likely to be in a situation when a single tone seems just a cheap version of the other.

If you pick a shade of lipstick successfully, it will emphasize all the advantages. But this lipstick will reveal the shortcomings. So you need to give the appearance in order, especially the skin and lips. It is not difficult. Concealer and powder will conceal minor redness, and lip scrub (e.g., honey and sugar) will prepare their skin for the application of a chic red color. If makeup is used a lip pencil, you can accurately draw them not only the outline, but to shade the whole area – this will allow the lipstick to stick better, and its abrasion will make not so noticeable.

Even if so, how to choose red lipstick, all clear, to decide on it can still be difficult. Do not be afraid! After all, red lipstick (and other bright and dark) can be applied in many different ways! From neat toning finger to use with pencil and glitter. Bit of experimentation, and will need to find the best way for your “perfect tone” red for any occasion.