How to choose a quality mascara

Mascara, invented in the mid 19th century, now serves as the go-to guy for any girl. If you are desperately late for work, important meeting or hot date and no time for full makeup – mascara easily save the situation. Thanks to its compactness it can be worn in a female handbag and at any time to refresh your make-up. But before the fair sex is a serious problem: how to choose mascara for eyelashes.

The choice of mascara

An essential component of the ideal image

In a wide variety of firms engaged in the production of mascara, this beauty product is different according to the type of brush, texture and desired effect. In women’s conversations very often POPs the question: how to choose the right mascara. To start is to decide what effect you expect from it. The most common are the following types of mascara:

  1. Lengthening – it is composed of certain components, such as nylon fiber, silk and viscose, which is eyelashes. Simple: the ink sticks to every lash balls that visually lengthens it.
  2. Volumizing – this type of cosmetics for eyes includes some synthetic fibers or waxy microgranules. Thanks to these ingredients, the mascara coats and thickens the eyelashes, making them visually thicker.
  3. Some mascara or frizz – it often happens that it is composed of keratin and resin, which when dry give your lashes an attractive curved shape. This allows you not to injure their different frizz forceps.
  4. Water resistant – thanks to the fact that there are no components sensitive to water, it can be used before going to the pool, on the beach or in rainy weather. You can be confident that the ink will not spread and do not turn your makeup into a solid rubbish.

Lengthening mascara

These are the basic types of mascara that you can find on the shelves of boutiques, but there is another kind – allergenic. Its main advantage is that it does not contain preservatives that may cause eye irritation. This ink suitable for women forced to wear contact lenses, as well as adolescent girls begin to use makeup. Mascara is available in a wide palette of classic black in addition, buyers are offered a green, brown, gray, blue and white, allowing you to make a highlight in one or the other eye makeup.

Do not think that the color mascara buy only extravagant and extraordinary personalities. How to choose the right color mascara to color the eyes? For example, blue mascara, ideal for the “karagatch”, you can hide tired eyes as she gives the squirrel eye pleasant shade of blue. And if you put white mascara on the tips of the cilia, you can create an unforgettable winter makeup. In turn, brown mascara, which suits all eye color, creates the effect of naturalness.

Of the brush will help you choose the ink for a specific type of eyelashes

So which mascara to choose, so it became the most favored and indispensable subject in the female beautician? This issue is easily solved by using of the brush. The most common types are:

Brush in an arc shape, curls lashes

  1. The curved arc – are designed to curl eyelashes, thereby fulfilling the role of the Nutcracker.
  2. Silicone – good parts, yet not create volume.
  3. Plastic with small bristles – is able to give lashes an impressive amount, but will have to separate the lashes with a special comb.
  4. Spiral – considered to be the best and most popular options. In the process of applying the brush lightly, you need to scroll. This option will fit almost all types of eyelashes.
  5. With dense and long bristles that give a stunning amount, thus perfectly separating lashes. As they will remain decent amount of mascara, this option is suitable only for evening makeup.
  6. Short bristles – designed for owners of short eyelashes that will thoroughly pokrasovatsya and smudge the eyelids.

You also need to know how to apply mascara particular mascara brush, in order to achieve the expected result.

General advice that every girl should know

In case you have decided on the type and color of ink, and a brush suitable to your type of lashes, you should pay attention to several factors. Carefully read the product composition and country of manufacturer. Pay attention to the expiration date. In any case mascara in the window. High probability that she repeatedly opened and possibly used. Considering that the ink can be used for only three months, otherwise there begin to develop various bacteria, purchased with Windows ink is already worthless. Better to buy a sealed copy.

The question is: how to choose mascara, do not forget about its composition. Often, it consists of pigments or soot, water, alcohol, soap, oil, and resin, depending on kind of mascara. In addition, it became popular to add various vitamins, allowing you to maintain a healthy appearance of the eyelashes. The important point is and smell of cosmetics. Good quality ink have weak smell if noticeable rich aroma, perhaps the manufacturer wants in this way to hide something.

After all of the above, we conclude the question of what to choose and how to choose mascara for eyelashes. It is necessary to determine the expected effect among the huge variety of mascaras, remember: mascara either lengthens or adds volume – two-in-one does not exist.

Feel free to test probes, the optional ink applied on your lashes, swipe the brush on the arm, in order to see its consistency.

Always buy the Packed product. Through the right choice of mascara you will be able to please yourself and others thick and expressive eyelashes. And the makeup will start to bring pleasure, since the problem of sticky cilia will disappear forever.