How to choose mascara for eyebrows

All great popularity among modern women gaining ink that is used for painting the eyebrows. This is a special gel that allows you to give the eyebrows the desired shape, that is, to make the desired styling, which will last a while. This becomes the perfect solution for those who have the hairs of the eyebrows hard and naughty.

Ink for dyeing the eyebrows

The eyebrow mascara as an element of decorative make-up can be both transparent and gives a certain color and shade.

Transparent exclusively captures hairs, giving them a beautiful shape, and the second, in addition, stain them in the color you want. In addition, there are also mascara with sparkles that shimmer in the dim lighting, which makes this gel very suitable for festive evening events.

To use a similar gel-mascara is very simple, they are produced in the same bottles with the same brush, and mascara. The brush is made in such a way that when applied, they simultaneously comb the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape. To apply mascara it is best to start from the side of the nose bridge in the direction of hair growth to the temples. In the case where the ink is transparent and it is a little muddy during storage, no need to worry, its properties are not affected in any way. This happens due to the ingress of air or particles of other cosmetics on the brush.

Colors ink for eyebrow

Mascara for eyes and eyebrows

Color mascara gel can be varied – from bright black to light brown. Color choice should be based primarily on your natural eyebrows. According to the rules of makeup the eyebrows should be a shade lighter than your eyelashes. Now in the trend of natural eyebrows, given in nice shape, not plucked to thin lines, so also should choose the color of ink based on the color of hair.

When you light the hair should avoid black and very dark colors, because the effect is far from natural. Blondes better dyeing brows light brown ink of various shades. If the hair ash color, it is best to choose gray, if the hair is gray, in addition to grey, you can use brown color. When applying mascara is not worth much to restore and to do the eyebrows too wide. Excessive width and the density of hair on the face creates an unpleasant effect of aging that is not welcome, for women at any age.

Brunettes with light skin are ideal dark shades of gray and brown. In addition, in this case it is necessary to work a bit with tweezers to make eyebrows a little narrower by removing superfluous hairs. But if the skin is tanned or dark by nature, dark rich color will only fit in certain cases will go perfectly even black color.

Ink activated carbon

For brown hair and those with hair color red, it is recommended to use shades of chocolate and Golden brown, they are perfectly emphasize the natural color of your eyebrows and make them more bright and saturated.

The basic items which should not be forgotten in any color of hair to eyebrows looked neat, well maintained and had a smoother tone, you should periodically thin them, removing the extra hairs as they grow. In addition, before buying one or the other of the carcass must be carefully check the ingredients and choose based on the type and characteristics of the skin structures of the hair. It is better to take the help of a consultant.

Features makeup ink for eyebrow

Any mascara, brow gel is based on the following elements:

  • water;
  • soap;
  • the coloring components;
  • the elements that nourish the eyebrows and improve its structure;
  • the sealing elements;
  • vitamins that give a healthy Shine and a pleasant silky;
  • substances which do not allow to get the microorganisms to the surface of the eyebrows.

Color eyebrows

Before you choose the right ink, it is necessary to check whether it meets certain quality standards. Mascara needs to be hypoallergenic, since in this format there is a special security elements, which prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions if you are allergic to certain components of the product. Including it is best that the ink was still fortified, it has no preservatives, so you will not feel any discomfort, if you have very sensitive eyes. In addition, winter is the best time to choose a mascara with nutrients.

When you purchase should pay attention:

  1. On top of the package must contain country and manufacturer, date of production, all composition and definitely the type of product.
  2. It is recommended to open the packaging just in case to verify the color of ink that is specified on the package.
  3. Original fresh ink has no bright smell, to catch only slightly sweet flavor. If the smell is felt clearly, most likely, the ink is either fake or expired.

Not to be mistaken as a product, it is best to turn to specialized shops, because the risk to buy illiquid goods much less.

How mascara can replace the tattoo

Unfortunately, many women suffer from the fact that the hairs on the eyebrows grow properly, uneven, sticking out in all directions. So they should be Packed daily with special care to achieve the desired effect.

Often it takes a long time. This can help daily tint eyebrows, but this procedure is best done at the salon that not everyone is comfortable. Often specialists in such cases, it is recommended to do the tattoo.

Despite the visible benefits, permanent makeup has flaws. The contour of the eyebrows will be smooth, clear and neat for a long time, but you will need to regularly contact the salon and make the correction. When you remove the tattoo your own eyebrows and along the contour of the artificial fill with the color that you chose.

But still to tidy unruly hairs it is possible and without resorting to such procedure. This will help well-chosen mascara. When you use the right, the hairs on the eyebrows perfectly fit and keep their shape exactly as you want. Moreover, thanks to its special brush, it is easy to use.

Most importantly, it is worth remembering that the eyebrow mascara and the mascara is completely different. Mascara not only much darker but are much fatter than the one that is for eyebrows. Therefore, when applied to eyebrows, it will quickly melt and can have an effect opposite of the desired effect. Mascara, brow gel should lighten, not darken, so the resulting color was not categorically different from natural. Thus, when properly applied, no one will even guess that you use some special care products.