Choose hypoallergenic mascara

In the pursuit of beauty women often forget about the safety of cosmetic products. And in vain, because it depends on the state of their health. When purchasing cosmetics, be sure to familiarize yourself with the structure, because sometimes the ingredients can cause an allergic reaction.

The choice of mascara

Special attention should be paid to the mascara, because it affects not only the beauty but also the health of the eye. The range is quite diverse mascara: waterproof, lengthening, healing, volumizing, etc. However, if you have allergies most suitable hypoallergenic mascara.

The advantages and disadvantages of hypoallergenic mascara

Undoubtedly, this mascara like any other hypoallergenic cosmetic has many advantages. Thanks to the natural and safe ingredients that are included in the product, the probability of allergies is minimized.

Redness, pain in eyes, lacrimation – all these reactions can be forgotten if the makeup used is hypoallergenic mascara.

Hypoallergenic mascara

Dignity in the fact that the eyelashes will look more well-groomed, healthy and, consequently, beautiful. Moreover, this effect will be achieved without harmful chemicals, because the manufacturers of quality cosmetics care about their reputation. In addition, the hypoallergenic mascara is ideal for women who wear contact lenses.

However, despite the compelling advantages, disadvantages of similar products are also available, and a lot. Lovers of rich black will be disappointed, as this mascara looks a little pale. Besides quite often it crumbles or falls ill, leaving the lashes ugly lumps. Of course, we should not forget that this mascara does not make eyelashes longer or thick, because it is not designed for this.

How to choose a hypoallergenic mascara

Choosing hypoallergenic mascara, you should follow some rules. First of all, be sure to study composition. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers of poor-quality cosmetics write that the ink does not cause allergies. However, after reviewing the composition, you can see that the above ingredients are not suitable for people with allergies. High quality hypoallergenic mascara in your composition must include: beeswax, water, vitamins, glycerin, and ferric oxide. Of course, different manufacturers the composition may be slightly different, but these components must be present.

Glycerin is composed of hypoallergenic mascara

Why these components? The answer is quite simple. Wax – a natural product that rarely causes allergic reactions, water is the essential substance for the human body, saturates with moisture the skin and eyelashes, the iron oxide – an inorganic compound, it is not dangerous for Allergy sufferers and are often used in cosmetics, the remaining vitamins and glycerin just care about the health of the eyelashes.

Choosing hypoallergenic mascara, special attention should be paid to the presence of fragrances, petroleum, parabens, propylene glycol. These components in cosmetics of this kind should not be, as they can cause irritation. Even healthy people should refrain from cosmetics that contains thimerisol, since the substance was created on the basis of mercury and can cause severe reactions.

By purchasing mascara should not rush to apply it. To avoid unwanted reactions, it must be tested. To do this, a small amount is applied behind the ear. If within 5 minutes there was no reaction, so the product is safe.

Women should remember that no beauty will not replace eye health, so despite the drawbacks of this kind of cosmetics, Allergy sufferers should only use it. The main thing that the cosmetics were of good quality, otherwise instead of the expected beauty you can get red watery eyes, swollen eyelids and irritated skin.