How to choose eyebrow pencil by various parameters?

Eyebrow pencil is almost an essential tool when applying makeup modern women. With its help you can easily adjust the shape of the eyebrows, not to mention the color.

Eyebrow makeup

But for a successful result you need to know how to pick an eyebrow pencil to a few easy movements you can bring your image to perfection.

Pencils there are two types:

  • mechanical (the one that extends);
  • normal (that need sharpening).

Both have their advantages, which can be assessed prior to choose an eyebrow pencil. Mechanical are very easy to use slightly more comfortable but the regular is much more long-lasting lifespan. In addition, the advantages include not very high price, and the fact that the color palette is much more diverse.

How to choose the right color?

Color of eyebrow pencil

First you need to figure out what color stylus will go for you, you can always turn to the counselor for help with this if you don’t know how. Pick up the eyebrow pencil in the right color is extremely important in order for the character to be complete and harmonious. Based on recommendations of professionals in this area, there are several simple recommendations:

  • if you’re a brunette, the tint is better to choose a few shades lighter than the color of the hair;
  • if you are a blonde it is better to use a shade that is slightly darker than the hair;

In addition, a very efficient versatile combination, which will tell you how to choose the right tone: the tone must be selected so that it was slightly darker than the natural color of the eyelashes and slightly lighter hair. In addition, if the range before which pencil to choose, it is best to take two tones, but as close as possible to the natural color of eyebrows, plus such cases, there are double pencils with a pre-selected shades that complement each other.

How to choose eyebrow pencil the tone of hair?

Eyebrow pencil the tone of the hair

If you completely start from hair colors, brown recommended to look for the pencil of all possible shades of dark brown, another perfect deep dark gray color. If hair is bright red, perfect warm tones: Golden brown, terracotta, even reddish-brown. Not very bright, moderate shades of brown are ideal light-skinned girls with honey hair.

In addition to hair color, attention should also be paid to the combined with the skin tone and eyes. For example, owners of a blonde green and blue eyes are perfect warm beige and ash brown color, but in any case not dark because they will look unnatural. Such gamma including suitable light-brown hair. If the hair is ashy and similar shades, it is best to choose different variations of grey colour.
In the presence of dark hair and very light skin is better to choose dark shades of grey or various shades of brown reasonable. Purely black color for eyebrows will only fit the owners of dark skin and natural dark (even black) hair. Even after you dying your hair completely black, the same color for eyebrows is not recommended because it will make you somewhat older in appearance and give the face a permanently disgruntled expression.

How to choose the right eyebrow pencil?

Structure high quality cosmetics dry and dense. Therefore, it is a priori must be solid and well sharpened. Only in this case, it will be possible to apply the correct strokes to make the brows look good. If the lead is soft, heavy with garnotii, then, first, it is quite poor, and secondly, the trace of it will make a rough, unnatural and often vulgar. In addition, the heat drawn eyebrows, they can leak and smear.

When you choose a eyebrow pencil, you should be especially careful not to confuse it with the one that is designed to age. Before you buy a pencil, you should pay attention to what he pencil. A good pencil it is characterized by a flat color, no extra color points, almost no smell, and if there is a slight odor, not unpleasant, in addition, the stylus should be waterproof. Strokes from high-quality stylus can be cleaned with a special milk to remove makeup.

It is best to buy these cosmetic products in specialized stores cosmetics, you can always ask the advice of a consultant to choose the perfect color with it, and to practically eliminate the risk to buy a defective product.