How to choose Curling eyelashes

All girls want to look beautiful and to please others. They use many different tools, which include tongs for Curling eyelashes.

Curling folding eyelash

Why they are needed and how to make a choice

Twist lashes and make them more attractive will help Curling your lashes. To achieve the volume look can even those women, whom nature has not given long eyelashes. There are other ways in which opinion can be made more expressive.

Curling eyelashes

These include mascara twirled effect, perms special plates or capacity, but the use of Curling eyelashes with forceps is the most gentle of them. And still take short breaks, don’t use a daily eyelash curler, not to harm them.

So, a real salvation for girls is not only short, but long and straight eyelashes are Curling lashes. The use of this tool helps you to visually increase their length and make the eyes look more open.

Modern manufacturers offer girls a wide variety of tools. But how to choose tweezers eyelash curler?

The first thing to pay attention to the quality of the product, give your preference to trusted companies.

It is useful to read the reviews of other women. Experts advise to choose metal tongs, plastic items break down faster.

Between the brackets of these products is a rubber gasket, it is necessary to pay special attention. It should be sturdy, well fixed and undamaged. If the shim will fall out or be damaged, the hairs will be between two metal lip products that they just cut.

Try to choose tools with a thicker layer, this is especially important for owners of long and thick eyelashes. The large thickness of the strip contributes to a better fixation during Curling, so its effect lasts longer. Not the last criterion for selecting a tool for Curling are the prices, it is advisable to give preference to the average price category.

Rules for the use of

Use tongs for Curling eyelashes is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The procedure requires knowledge and skills. Most of the products attached the manual, which shows how to use them properly. Don’t forget to read it before you start to use the tool. The procedure requires precision and accuracy, therefore it is better even not to start, if you’re in a hurry. Before using the heat tool, it is enough to hold it a bit under running hot water or heating with a hair dryer.

Then move the tweezers to the eye, tighten at the base of the lashes and hold in that position for 10 seconds. The tweezers need to pinch slowly, if you do not have much experience in this business, so you will eliminate the likelihood of damage to the eyelid. Next, repeat the procedure 2 more times, moving towards the ends. If you are in a hurry and bought a quality crimper, then you’ll have beautiful curled eyelashes. After Curling lashes paint them if needed. This is by no means impossible to do before to use forceps since you can damage the lashes or they’ll just stick together.

Don’t forget to care for your tongs, to clean them from dust and accidentally fallen hairs. Before each use, check the condition of the gum, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Periodically let your cilia rest, take care of them, and anoint castor and other oils. Using the oils will help make them thicker, it promotes better growth.