How to choose and apply makeup?

Makeup is an essential beauty product for any woman. Because of its quality and the correct application will depend on the overall condition of the skin that plays a major role in the successful makeup. Now available many tones, and transparent bases, and each of them has its advantages.

Applying a makeup base

As a rule, the choice of a makeup base depends on its textures and types. It can be cream, spray, gel, etc But we need each of them to be able also to choose. There are a number of universal tips for choosing the basics for makeup that can be used in all situations.

7 universal tips for choosing a makeup base

Applying Foundation for oily skin

  1. For skin mixed or oily, it is advisable to choose treatment or loose powder, which contains a sufficient amount of talc or cream with matting effect. So the skin will look less shiny on oily areas. It is in this case, the best makeup base.
  2. For skin that is severely prone to acne and different kinds of rashes, it is better to choose the perfect special edition, which has an antiseptic effect. So you can kill three birds with one stone and make the skin beautiful and improve it gradually, and protect from reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.
  3. If the face has no pores, no pimples, and the color of it is fairly flat, then you absolutely no need to choose a tool of a certain tone. For such individuals there are special almost transparent basis, the texture which is very light and reminiscent of silk. This usually means transparent with the presence of barely noticeable fine glitter. It is well moisturize and revitalize your skin, making it more perfect.
  4. Special attention when choosing a base for makeup you need to pay those people who have quite sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. So here it is expedient to choose special hypoallergenic means. Moreover before applying in any case, it is desirable that the tool be further tested on the skin of the wrist. And if after half an hour the skin does not redden, you can safely use.
  5. For women in age it is very important rejuvenation of the skin. Best makeup base – means with effect of lifting. Of course, they will cost a bit more. But you will never face the problem of accumulation of cream in the folds of the wrinkles.
  6. For any skin type and age, you need to choose a makeup base, which contains a factor of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Best base for makeup should be a barrier of not less than SPF15. This is true not only in summer but in the cold season. So your skin will long remain young and beautiful.
  7. Especially for problematic skin with visible bright redness, it is better to buy a special concealer. Of course, the basics will not replace, but visually can completely hide redness. The proofreader is chosen green, which neutralizes the negative and evens skin tone in this area.

The choice of texture of foundation for a particular skin type

Makeup base for dry skin

So, it was considered common and simple tips on choosing a base for makeup. But the skin type should always be considered, so it is very important to be able also to correctly choose the basis for the face of a particular texture that will you a perfect fit.

  1. If your face has normal or dry skin, but it already has some small facial wrinkles, in this case, the ideal option would be to stay on the creams fluids that contain light-reflecting particles. This usually means a more liquid texture than creams. And special particles the skin will look smooth and beautiful in any light.
  2. If you have normal skin (it can be somewhat dry or mixed in some places), and it is not noticeable any flaws, it is best to buy a Foundation with a matte effect which gives the skin a velvety texture and more even tone on all areas of the face. If you have some deviations from the basic facial tone, it is advisable to complement such basis spot correctors. Top face could be even a little powder.
  3. For oily or combination young skin, which often emerges sebum, causing not very aesthetic gloss, makeup base with a matte effect. The specialists-beauticians strongly recommend to combine this Foundation with powder, because then the skin will look perfect much longer than usual. Very good reviews have the Foundation of the BB, which contain antiseptic, control Shine and absolutely not clog the pores, which makes it appear to pimples and acne.
  4. If your skin is normal, no visible flaws, you’d better buy a translucent or completely transparent gel Foundation makeup base. It will refresh the face and ensure a good hydration throughout the day. Perfectly for this skin fit and foundations for the face texture of a mousse.
  5. If your skin is very problematic in the sense that it has in some places uneven terrain (it is often due to scarring or dry acne, pimples), it is best to purchase the dense texture-based oil-based. It is optimal to smooth the surface of your face.
  6. But if the person you have very oily, the makeup is chosen based on water. Because oil in this case, no matter how good it may be, can only exacerbate the luster, and the skin will become even fatter and with great luster, respectively.
  7. If the skin is wrinkled and sickly color, it is best to choose as the basis of emulsion or cream a dense texture with a lifting effect and reflective particles-fluids. It will make you look years younger, and with continued use and skin is noticeably healthier and younger, respectively.

Tips for applying foundation

Makeup base for sensitive skin

Thus, the main auxiliary correcting means considered. You don’t need to feel embarrassed and fear that these tools have such non-natural shades of skin color. The brightness, on the contrary, intended to conceal flaws, so the risk to look colorful there is absolutely no no.

Now the last thing is to learn to apply Foundation makeup.

Today there are numerous ways for applying such a framework, while there is nothing complicated in this process, if you follow the simple and effective basic rules:

  1. First, face washes and it is applied to normal day cream (moisturizer for the summer and nourishing or protective for winter). Cream apply a thin layer and wait for 10 minutes until it is absorbed. After that dot a concealer work through the problem areas.
  2. Now squeeze the finger a little makeup, and apply small droplets over the entire face, giving first priority to the T-zone and area around the eyes. Then with gentle movements of the fingertips, the base thin and easily rubbed into the skin massaging gently until completely absorbed and alignment tones. A good makeup base absorbs perfectly.
  3. When that’s done, you can lightly powder the face. Additionally you can use special spray for fixing makeup. It is especially important in the summer: it’s good to moisturize the face and slow down the sebum.

Now the basic rules and tips for choosing and applying Foundation funds fully considered.

If correctly following these guidelines your skin will always look perfect and healthy, as well as significantly improve its overall condition. And well-chosen makeup will make you prettier.