How to choose and apply on face cream powder?

In recent time there appeared a lot of combination cosmetic products, combining the properties of several means to care for themselves. Among these versatile products include cream powder – the creation of cosmetic brands, successfully combining the advantages of Foundation and powder.

Mattifying compact cream powder with sun filter

This product allows to solve several problems: hide skin imperfections, eliminate Shine and make the complexion perfectly even and beautiful. But in order to remain satisfied with the result obtained after using a cream Foundation, you need to know about how to choose it correctly.

What do consider when buying a cream powder?

Buying a cream powder, a woman must take into account the individual characteristics of their appearance. Owners of oily skin is not suitable Foundation intended for dry skin and pale beauties should not purchase the product, which is used by darkie. When choosing a cream Foundation, you need to remember that it should:

  • ideally suited to skin type;
  • match the tone of the face;
  • easily distributed on the skin surface;
  • to keep all day long;
  • to create the desired effect.

How to choose Foundation for your face? Choose cream powder is the perfect shade will help a little test: on the area of the cheeks or neck you need to apply a few different shades of cream Foundation as they should be and shade in natural lighting to see which of them is closest to the native complexion.

For pink skin tones, beauticians recommend to choose a powder beige shades and dark-skinned ladies it is best to give preference to the product with the addition of a pink pigment. If during testing there was a dilemma about what shade of powder to buy, then it is best to purchase the product, which is a tone lighter than the skin, as it will make a woman look younger. But the dark shades, on the contrary, will add a few extra years.

A cream foundation, designed for different skin types

The application of a cream powder for dry skin

Before you choose a powder, it is necessary to pay attention to what skin type it is intended. So, girls and women with dry skin are advised to give preference to liquid types this tone product. This cream-powder will create on the surface of the skin protective barrier, preventing moisture loss.

Most modern liquid concealer for dry skin contains components that promote extra hydration and elimination of various stimuli. Thanks to a rare consistency that powder falls evenly and creates a perfect complexion.

Women with oily skin ideal compact powder cream. How to choose it, so she gave the female face freshness and radiance? You need to buy cosmetics that have a degreasing and matting effect. They will hide all skin imperfections and gives a pleasant shade.

The application of cream face powder on oily skin

Microfibre silicone contained in virtually all cream-powder is designed for oily skin type, form on the face of the thin film that protects it from adverse environmental factors. Using quality powder, no need to worry about what the person will begin to Shine at the most inopportune moment. Applying Foundation in the morning, throughout the day to be confident in the integrity of its appearance.

However, when excess sebum to come to use a cream Foundation to be careful: when large pimples that are often encountered by owners of oily skin, use a cream Foundation can aggravate the situation even more. Beauticians advise you to first get rid of the rash, and then to use tone tool.

The application of cream face powder for combination skin

For women with combination skin the cosmetic industry has released a compact cream-powder to clean the excess fat from the mid face and actively hydrate dry areas. Such toners usually have a light texture, easy to use and not noticeable on the face.

How to choose a cream powder Mature ladies? Women whose skin have lost elasticity and started to be covered with fine wrinkles, you should purchase fat tone means resembling the consistency of thick cream. The appearance of wrinkles is a consequence of the lack of moisture in the skin. Components contained in the rich cream-to powder, stops the loss of skin moisture and hide shallow wrinkles.

To prepare the skin for application of cream powder

Some women do not leave the best reviews on combined tonal means, claiming that after they use the face like a mask. This is due to the fact that they do not know how to apply a cream powder on the surface of the skin.

Applying a cream Foundation on the face using a brush

  1. Before dispensing a cosmetic product, the face should be thoroughly cleaned with a lotion or tonic excess sebum, dust and dirt.
  2. In order not to stain your bangs or too voluminous hair cosmetic product, they must first be remove from the face using the wrap, barrettes or headbands.
  3. On cleansed skin in a thin layer at first, a day cream, which the woman regularly uses. The cream necessarily need to soak, for this, after application you should wait at least a quarter of an hour.
  4. Apply a cream powder on face and neck should be only after the cream absorbed. The result is best evaluated in natural light. The electric light will not allow you to see how evenly distributed the cream powder on the surface of the skin.

How to apply cream blush? This question is asked by many women who have decided to take advantage of this universal creation of the cosmetic companies. To apply this tool in several ways.

It’s convenient to distribute a cream powder on the surface of the skin using a sponge, brush or fingers.

To use the powder puff undesirable, as it will absorb a lot of makeup and will not be able to distribute it on the face evenly.

The distribution of tonal resources in different ways

Applying a cream Foundation with a sponge

How to work with a sponge when applying a cream Foundation? If the purpose of women to hide imperfections, then it is necessary to distribute the agent across the face with a wet sponge.

To create a perfectly even skin tone beauticians recommend the use of a dry sponge. The success of the makeover depends on the amount of cream powder is sprayed onto the face. Many women make the huge mistake of covering themselves with several layers of Foundation product. As a result of such manipulations on their face will resemble a mask. The total amount of powder for a single application should occupy a fourth part of the surface of the sponge.

Tone with a sponge, apply to face in smooth, stroking movements, trying not to pull the skin. Cream powder is distributed alternately from the nose to the cheeks, from the forehead to the temples, from the chin to the ears. Such raised areas like the nose and the skin around the eyes, apply the product with a sponge area. Do not forget the neck and chest area, the surface also needs to be “shaded” tone, otherwise beautiful complexion will look unnatural compared to the other more pale, parts of the body.

Professional cosmetic brush can also be used for applying cream Foundation onto the skin. For this purpose you will need 2 brushes: large (for the distribution of funds on the cheeks, neck, chin, forehead) and small (to cover hard to reach areas of the face and masking of various deficiencies). Cover the skin cream powder need short and sure strokes, making sure that it spread evenly across the surface.

Now consider how to use cream powder, sold in bottles. All liquid types of dermatitis it’s convenient to apply with your fingers. To get the amount of product needed for a single application to the face, press the dispenser bottle 3-4 times.

The contents of the squeeze bottle on the tips of warm fingers and gradually spread over the surface of the skin. Cream first, cover the middle of the face (nose, forehead, chin), then a gentle and flowing movements smear it in the direction of the periphery, not forgetting to carefully consider the outer contours. Finger method of applying a cream Foundation is considered the most optimal, as it allows you to evenly distribute the selected tone over the entire surface of the face.

Cream powder are in great demand among women in all countries of the world. This versatile beauty tool allows the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to look great, while spending the least time and effort.

The young lady who knows how to choose and use a cream powder, the complexion is always perfectly smooth and without the slightest hint of any imperfections. Going to the cosmetics store, remember that a really high-quality cream powder can not be cheap, so choose the best product among the products of world famous cosmetic brands.