Children makeup

At an early age, every child is beautiful without makeup. However, there are events in which makeup virtually essential: holidays, photo shoots, performances. In this case, you must know how to do children’s makeup.

Makeup for teenage girls

Makeup children differ from adults:

  • not required to put the tone in several layers;
  • using cosmetics on a natural, water-based;
  • is coal used mascara brown or transparent;
  • unacceptable use of eyeliner;
  • to highlight the eyebrows, use the gel or pencil light brown color.

The main principle of children’s make-up is natural. Should exclude vulgar and provocative tone. Because children’s skin itself is fresh and blusher, no need to apply layers of creams.

Fundamentals of children’s makeup

The makeup for kids makeup

There are several types of make-up for children. Each of them is makeup and choice of colors. If you plan a photo shoot, the makeup should be minimal.

Most importantly, the baby after her application has not lost its natural beauty. After all, this makeup should only accentuate the freshness of the face. For stage performances you need to make the face brighter so it stood out from the scene. This is best done by bright shades of lipstick or lip gloss. For children’s parties and masquerades all over face-art.

The choice of tones in the eye makeup and lips

1st stage makeup is the choice of colors. If the child is very small, it is better not to spoil the skin voice-frequency cream and powder. An exception may be problem skin. In this case, you must first wipe the face with toner, then apply translucent Foundation.

Baby face-art

If the skin is very rough, the layer may slightly increase. After drying, the face should be lightly powdered. Tone cream should be as natural colors. To make the cheeks more expressive, you can apply blush. A couple of strokes of the brush at the level of the cheekbones is enough.

With makeup can make the eyes more expressive. It is necessary to choose the right colors of shadows. To apply them is in 1 layer so they were semi-transparent. This helps to emphasize the eye color, but will not look defiantly. The shadow is applied only on the upper eyelid.

When choosing mascara, it is worth considering the age of the child. If a girl is too small, it is better to abandon painting eyelashes. Children can forget about makeup and RUB ink across the face. It can also get into the eyes, and the child will feel burning sensation.

For secondary school age you can use mascara, but not jet black. Better to give preference to gray and brown colors. 1 layer will be enough to highlight and fluff up the lashes. In any case, you should not use eyeliner. It will be inappropriate on the face of the child, and also visually reduced.

Makeup for prom

For girls graduating classes makeup can make it brighter. More saturated shadows and 2 coat of mascara will make the face brighter and more expressive. From eyeliner and in this case it is necessary to refuse, as her presence will add the girl for a few years.

If you do children’s makeup, the lips better highlight the gloss, not lipstick. The choice of color will depend on the shading and outfit. It is better to choose beige, peach, pink or colorless gloss. Not worth to put a few layers of this gloss can leak. 1 layer will be enough to give lips drama and volume.

Children with their pure leather there is no need to make frequent use of cosmetics. Only on the occasion of any celebration. It is necessary to explain to the child in early childhood. Choosing makeup for kids makeup, you need to observe the basic rule – only natural and high quality products.

Baby face-art

This kind of make-up is most often done for the kids ‘ party and masquerade. He performed with special paints for makeup. They not only help to create a bright image, but will not harm children’s skin.

Paint makeup hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

However, it is best to test for allergic reaction.

Using face paint, you can make the dream of a child. To start is to find out what he prefers to be: an animal, a Princess, a superhero or a fairy. Before the patterning on the face of the child, is better to train on any subject.

Children are not very assiduous, and it would be better if the picture is to strike quickly, without redoing. Paint for make-up dries very quickly and simple wash off with warm water. This is a great advantage because you do not have to use makeup remover. For the colors, you can add rhinestones, which will make the image even brighter.

From early childhood, little fashion girls imitate their mothers. Therefore, the time will come when the child will show interest in cosmetics. The main thing at this point explain to the child what daily makeup did not need. And on holidays delight your child with a light Macapa.