How to change the shape of the lips

Spectacular sponge is a powerful weapon in the female Arsenal, as they are able to attract gazes of many men. It is no secret that women are very self-critical and demanding of himself. Not being the owners of classic lip bow, they are ready for a very painful procedure: surgery, injections corrective drugs, tattoo.

Lipofilling of the lips

But the art of makeup has reached a level where they can radically change not only the shape of the lips and the eyes, nose and oval face.

Depends on whether the nature of the shape of the lips?

There is no direct connection between a woman’s lips, and personality. But there is a certain regularity: almost all girls, having, for example, lush lips, innate charisma. In General, we can distinguish five species of the lips, the possessor of each of the forms are peculiar to certain traits.

Types of lips shape

  1. Sponge-hearts. It is a cheerful, playful and positive personality. Sociable, outgoing, energetic, very kind and a little frivolous nature, which, if necessary, ready to move mountains.
  2. Chubby. Sensitive, sexy, confident girls that know how stylish and attractive dress, not leaving indifferent to many men. In addition, they are accustomed to live each day 100%, not saving anything for later. Often, creative people and lovers of aesthetics.
  3. Thin. Such people are violent, jealous, impulsive and irritable, love to gossip. However, willing to take risks and try something new. They will not admit to themselves first counter, pouring out to him all spiritual experiences. But if you are a friend of such a person, you can always be sure of his loyalty. In addition, people with thin lips and conscientiously perform any work.
  4. Lower lip more. Girls with this form are prone to frequent changes of mood. But they are easy going, I love risk and adventure. Because they need to always be in good shape, these people are typically lonely.
  5. Upper lip more. Volitional nature with a very strong character. They are able to survive in any unpredictable situation. But girls with such lips are a bit selfish and conceited.

After studying the shape of the lips, you can learn a lot about human nature. Before you decide on radical methods, it is understood that no change of the shape of the lips can change your character.

The makeup tips for lips

The makeup can give lips a plump shape or significantly reduce their size.

Contour lip augmentation

First and foremost, you must prepare the area of the lips: moisten them with cream, gel or Foundation. How to increase and reduce the volume there are several ways, each of which will examine in more detail.

The increase in volume.

  1. Method # 1. As a rule, the lower lip is not involved in the change, but if you decide to give it volume, in no case do not start increasing from the corners. With the two sides need to paint over the pencil outline of the lips 0.5 cm and only then make a small increase. In relation to the upper lip: a pencil is inserted into the corners of the closed mouth and gently scrolled further stained by 0.5 cm own circuit, then you can do easy addition.
  2. Method # 2. The corners need to paint over the pencil, then apply a shiny pink lipstick or coral color. You can also use a luster that will shimmer and sparkle on the lips, making them plump.
  3. Method # 3. Need to paint over the pencil line with a Nude or white color, retreating from its own circuit literally on 0,5 mm. depending on the proportions of the face this procedure can be performed with only the upper or only the lower lip. Barely noticeable trait, together with the lips, is covered with Foundation. The bright line drawn in colored pencil matching the lipstick. All the lines, it is desirable to draw rounded. Expanding the corners of the lips, you will visually increase, narrowing – reduce. To give a final volume of glitter or two shades of lipstick. The main hue stained the entire surface of the lips and bright the middle.

Permanent makeup lips

The decrease in the volume.

  1. Method # 1. Draw a line 1 mm below the outline and paint lips with your favorite lipstick.
  2. Method # 2. Not procrastinate corners of the contour with a pencil. Using the lip gloss, apply it only on the Central part. In the case of lipstick: a darker shade applied to the middle, light on the rest.
  3. Hide your own lip contour using Foundation. With a pencil slightly darker than your skin color, move the new circuit 0.5 mm below the natural. The line should be thin and slightly pointed corners is visually reduced. Paint lips matte lipstick dark or natural shade, a little powder and apply a second coat. It is advisable not to choose a shiny lipstick and gloss.

Although the natural beauty in all ages and were valued more, there is nothing wrong with that, women tend to look better. If you want to see yourself in a new light, the above tips will help you painlessly and effortlessly to give lips the desired shape.