How is to change the shape of the eyebrows

Beautiful and graceful eyebrows – a calling card of any girl or woman. But not many holders of the fair sex can boast this beauty. But both want to have their beautiful and attractive. Largely depends on them and itself.

Girl with perfectly smooth and symmetrical eyebrows

Girls with sleek and well-groomed eyebrows tend expressive and charming look. Yes, and men pay to female beauty not last. And what do beautiful ladies, if nature has not endowed them with such beauty?

If you are wondering how to change the shape of eyebrows, you can contact the beauty salon, and you can independently solve the problem at home. First you need to decide what shape of eyebrows will brighten your face. It may be the eyebrows in the form of thin threads and eyebrows medium in size and can be wide and thick.

Whatever form you choose, should pay attention on the shape of the face. So chubby ladies fit the raised, square face is decorated with long eyebrows and straight eyebrows are in need of a holder of oblong face shape.

Eyebrow shaping using permanent makeup

There are the following methods of correction at home:

  • removing hairs in a special thread;
  • the changing shape of a cosmetic pencil;
  • removing hairs with tweezers;
  • permanent tattoo;
  • waxing.

Of course, all of these change the shape of the eyebrows will help you to make experienced professionals, but you can try at home, especially if there is no time and desire to visit beauty salons.

Correction of eyebrows at home

If you want only to highlight the already beautiful eyebrows, use a cosmetic pencil or a special paint. When choosing colors, remember that dark-haired beauties would be appropriate eyebrows dark shades, and bright ladies should give preference to lighter tones.

Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

One of the popular methods in the fight against unwanted hair is a cosmetic thread. In particular, this method is suitable with a wide belt and thick eyebrows. It takes a special thread, which is connected at the ends of the knot and tightened. Then the thread is thrown a loop on the hairs and pulls them sharply. Of course, this method is one of the most painful, but effective. The effect can last up to 4 weeks.

If you would like to shape their eyebrows by means of usual tweezers, you will need:

  • cotton pads or swab;
  • brush;
  • tweezers;
  • cosmetic pencil.

To make the procedure less painful eyebrow should “anaesthetise”. To do this, take a cotton pad soaked in warm water and applied to the eyebrows for a few minutes. With a pencil draw the shape. Then stretched the skin towards the temple and tweezers pulled out the hairs. Remember that the hair need to capture at the base. During the procedure, periodically brush your hair brush.

It is not necessary to pluck a few hairs at once, so as not to increase pain sensations.

Plucking eyebrows with thread

Waxing is not the last place in the changing shape of the eyebrows. Are sold ready kits for this type of hair removal. Before the procedure you should wash your face and comb your hair. While melted wax to help melting wax faster, determined by the shape of the eyebrows. Special spatula, apply a thin layer of wax on the hairs. Then to the wax, put a piece of cloth, which should be tightly secured. Tear a strip horizontally with a sharp movement. Unwanted hairs will remain on the canvas.

Waxing is significantly different from the traditional method of plucking hairs with tweezers. Wax completely removes the hair that beyond the power of the tweezers. It should also be remembered that the wax can cause an allergic reaction, so women who are prone to allergic diseases, this method is undesirable.

Daily care of eyebrows

If you think that changing the shape of eyebrows, you don’t want to take care of them until the next correction, then you are mistaken. Like eyes, lips, hair, eyebrows require daily care. Make it a rule every morning to brush a special brush upwards and outwards. Unruly brows, you can brush with the gel. To do this, apply the gel on the brush, and the hairs are stacked in the desired direction.

Eyebrows, like hair, needs to get power. To feed them with castor oil. Before bedtime, apply the oil brush and combed them. Don’t be lazy, let this be your ritual. Also at least once a week to do massage. Massage should be performed in the direction of hair growth from the nose to the temples. Movement fingers can be shipovymi and point.

Also not to be redundant and nourishing mask. This mask is very simple. Taken in equal proportions of vegetable, castor and olive oil and heated in a water bath. Overlay this mask on the brow moistened cotton pad for 10 minutes. As a result of all these procedures, your eyebrows will get Shine and healthy look as the photo models.