Castor oil for eyelashes: how to apply?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, the opposite sex pays attention to your eyes. And without the beautiful, manicured, long lashes, the allure of the eye is reduced significantly. The most simple and effective means to care for eyelashes is castor oil. How to apply castor oil for eyelashes – interest to all who decided to use it.

Castor oil

It is an effective, affordable tool will make your eyelashes your property!

The action of castor oil on eyelashes

Every woman dreams of beautiful eyelashes. There are many ways to make them so. Castor oil intended for the care and treatment of the eyelashes, as this natural cosmetics.

Castor oil for eyelash growth

Castor oil is rich in palm, rezinovoj and linoleic acids. Thanks to this composition it is easily absorbed into the follicles of the eyelashes filling them with the right nutrients, which contributes to the lengthening of each thread. Due to the frequent use of cosmetics eyelashes lose their integrity, which contributes to the appearance of small flakes, castor oil glues them and gives smoothness. Every time you apply a cleanser to remove makeup, eyelashes lose their strength, as with the makeup washed away nutrients. This can also occur due to exposure to ink. Castor oil makes eyelashes strong and makes them grow.

The miracle-action of castor oil know long ago, our grandparents used it to maintain its beauty. Its use improves elasticity, prevents loss of moisture and dryness of the eyelashes. The value of castor oil today will not replace any cosmetic, with the regular effects it delivers to the follicles of the cilia oxygen and useful nutrients, gives healthy look. What else tool can brag of such result and compete with the castor oil?

Recipes masks for eyelashes

Mask for eyelashes

How to use castor oil for eyelashes? Can be used both in pure form or with other drugs to enhance the action. Here are the most famous recipes :

  1. In combination with vitamin A. vitamin a can be purchased at any pharmacy or you can use carrot juice (just be sure to homemade, fresh, in no case do not store).
  2. In combination with peach – excellent tool against the loss of eyelashes, to the same great and accelerates their growth.
  3. Vitamin cocktail. For its preparation you will need: castor, almond, linseed oil. All the ingredients are mixed 1:1, and the result is an excellent nutritional cocktail that is applied to the lashes for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  4. Hypoallergenic mask. This mask is good in case of inflammation of the eyelids and the deterioration of the structure of the cilia. You will need castor oil, chamomile and calendula. Good this mask is the fact that it affects the eyelashes and eyelids, strengthening the follicles and improving the structure of eyelashes.
  5. Mask for strengthening. The structure of this mask includes: castor, almond oil, fish oil, vitamin E. Or you can use this recipe: castor, burdock oil and aloe Vera juice. The rate of application of these masks should not exceed 1 month, you should repeat it in 1-1,5 months.
  6. Medical masks. This mask is recommended when treating damaged eyelashes, after their build-up. Many girls want thick and long lashes, for this result resort to building without thinking about the consequences. To restore lashes after extension, it is recommended to use mask of castor, burdock and sea buckthorn oils, to which is added crushed rose hips. In order for the mask was ready for use, it needs to be put in a dark place for 10-14 days. Then it was applied on the lashes every day for 1-1. 5 months, depending on their damage.
  7. Mask for prevention. For its preparation you will need castor oil and vitamins A, D, E. 3 drops of castor oil is 1 drop of these vitamins. Apply this mask 2-3 times a week.

How to use castor oil for eyelashes?

Small instructions:

  1. Never try to apply castor oil using your fingers! It’s not safe.
  2. To the result was not long in coming, the rule is to apply castor oil every night after I wash off the makeup from the face.
  3. Your face should be clean. If you use makeup, tonic or cream should be washed off with water.
  4. The best method of application is brush. Now castor oil you can buy in a convenient bottle with a brush or use an old, unwanted brush from the carcass (after thoroughly washing with shampoo and drying). Some people apply castor oil using cotton swabs, but this method is not very popular, because it can get into your eyes.
  5. Before applying oil on the lashes, wipe off excess with his brush, pressing it to the edges of the tank.
  6. Apply castor oil on the middle and tips of lashes in a thin layer.
  7. Apply very carefully, make sure not to fall into the eye.
  8. To wash off the oil after 2-3 hours with a cotton swab or leave until morning.

The effectiveness of castor oil stated in the Handbook of dermatology. To do this procedure for 1 month. Then take a break of not less than the duration of the course. To strengthen and accelerate the growth of the cilia RUB the neat, gently heat the oil in the eyelids, hairline no more than 3 times a week. After 2 weeks, you will notice how your lashes will become thicker, longer.

A very convenient way to store oil is to store it in a jar from under the carcass. It will not be exposed to sun, and you can always take it with you, if not stay home.

Whatever expensive cosmetics you may use, facial care requires the use of natural resources. Knowing how to apply castor oil, you will strengthen your eyelashes are not worse than in a beauty salon.

These very simple tips will help your eyelashes to always be strong, beautiful, thick and long. Your look will not go unnoticed. Good luck!