Can you fix the eyebrows?

Scientific progress and modern lifestyle has brought about changes in the field of cosmetology. So, the alternative to the daily makeup was a tattoo. This files most often as the object of such a procedure women choose eyebrow. This can be done in almost any beauty salon. The popularity of such procedures was the impetus to the emergence of low-skilled masters.

Question about the fix tattoo eyebrows

The result of their work often fails to meet expectations, and customers are forced to think about how to correct bad permanent makeup eyebrows. This happens due to the fact that some professionals work at home, using equipment of poor quality and cheap materials. Faced with this problem, many women the question arises: is it possible to fix a tattoo made by inept master? Thanks to a special technology issue of this kind is solved.

The causes of failed experiments

Bad permanent makeup

Experts identify several reasons for unsuccessful permanent makeup:

  • ugly or incorrect form of the eyebrows;
  • incorrectly selected color;
  • change of shade;
  • failure to comply with application procedures;
  • improper care.

Ugly or irregular shape of the eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows should choose carefully. If the specialist misjudged the advantages and disadvantages of behalf of the client, he will not be able to choose the shape of eyebrows, which would be ideal man. Another common mistake of inexperienced masters – just apply the contour to paint the middle. As a result, the contour is more clear and bright, and the middle – less color. Looks like this permanent makeup is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Iincorrectly selected color and change the hue

Incorrectly matched the color of the eyebrows

During the eyebrow tattoo in the skin are introducing a special coloring pigment and the reaction of each organism it is individual. So the same color can be completely different to appear on different skin types. And if the pigment selected is wrong, the eyebrows will become red. This can occur if your permanent makeup was selected the brown colour on the red base. Another reason for the appearance of red hue – fading pigment as a result of exposure to sunlight.

Eyebrows may turn blue or too dark, if the master chose the black pigment for tattooing. An experienced professional will not do that, because it will always prefer to work with a dark brown shade. The same result will be obtained if the pigment introduced into the skin too deep. And this error is impossible to correct, will only complete removal of eyebrow tattoo.

Failure to follow the application technique

Failure to follow the application technique

Techniques of permanent makeup depends the beauty of the eyebrows. A professional needs to accurately determine which type of application to choose from: feather; hair to hair or something else. If the wizard does not understand this issue, do not trust him and experiment over the exterior. Otherwise, this may result in different troubles.

Improper care after the procedure of permanent make-up can also have negative implications. They can affect the color and the shape of the eyebrows. The master should give clear recommendations, focusing on the individual characteristics of the client. They need to follow, then you won’t have to fix anything.

Methods of correcting the tattoo

Fixing tattoo – the process is quite complex and very responsible. This can be done in several ways. Here is their list:

  • color correction;
  • laser;
  • very disappointed (tatoo remover).

Color correction tattoo eyebrows

Each of the methods of correction of eyebrow tattooing has limitations and contraindications. A considerable role is played by the impact zone, the degree of neglect of the problem, time frame, characteristics of the organism, a way of life. But none of the methods can not be attributed to 100% guaranteed and quick solution to all problems.

Color correction involves the use of pigment for permanent makeup, which is able to neutralize unwanted shade. If eyebrows has minor errors like non-contiguous lines, the wizard will be enough to select the appropriate tone corrector and to correct the defects in the previous procedure.

To remove more severe consequences of a failed procedure with a laser. For a positive effect is sufficient for several procedures. The laser beam passing through the epidermis layer to a depth of about 5 mm, only destroys the pigment without disturbing the integrity of the skin. If eyebrows are red from sun exposure due to the individual characteristics of the skin, enough 1 procedure using laser to solve. During the session the red color changes to gray. It is a universal basis under the eyebrows any color. 2 sessions of laser treatments will save you from the blue or too dark shade. But hold them it is necessary with an interval of 1 month. The treatment unwanted shade will be Nude, but a perfect match with the skin is not guaranteed.

Machine Tatoo Remover used to fix permanent makeup eyebrows

As an alternative to laser treatments in the salon, you can choose a more innovative solution. One correction of unsuccessful permanent makeup is the use of the drug Tatoo Remover. The number of procedures and interval between them are determined by an expert individually for each case. Very disappointed is applied directly on the tattoo. Correction of permanent makeup is due to the leaching of pigment molecules in paint. This procedure is painless, but very long. At the end of cycle procedures are recommended to make a tattoo with the use of a color stabilizer.

Not every wizard will agree to fix bad makeup.

Proper correction should be made by highly skilled specialist with experience.

Only he is able to fix the problem.