How you can determine the type of entity to form?

The definition of the type of person needed before starting the selection of makeup and hairstyles. It is from the shape of the face depends on whether you go one or the other haircut. And makeup to do, without knowing the exact shape of the face is not quite right. After all, so you will not be able to correctly emphasize or correct the contour with blush or powder.

Figure 1. Face heart shaped

So many girls and guys ask the question: how to determine face type?

What you need to pay attention to?

Experienced beauticians allocate 7 basic types of face shape. These include oval, square, circle, rectangle, triangle and 2 such non-standard shapes like the heart and diamond. In order to accurately determine its shape, you must wash your face thoroughly and gather all the hair (with bangs) back in a bun. It is desirable to wear and even headband.

Now, sit comfortably in front of a mirror, look carefully at his face. Determining the type of person, we must first pay attention to such features as the chin, cheekbones and forehead. These options will be the key in how to determine its shape.

Then you need all the parameters of these zones to put together to figure out how to determine exactly the type of person. And that it was easy to do and just need to know the characteristics of each type of entity according to its form. Therefore, below we consider each of these 7 characteristics. And consider some simple tips on choosing hairstyles.

Oval and round facial options

Oval face

The ideal facial shape is oval. This face was characterized by a special proportionality of all parameters. So, the person oval the widest part is the cheeks. Everything above and below them, gradually narrowing. The result is a rounded straight forehead, the same chin.

To face type, the oval fits with any makeup and any hairstyle. In this case a distinct look to any hair length and any hair style. The presence of bangs gives a special attraction, if the forehead is very high. And it is not necessary that the bangs were straight. It is appropriate option with extended bangs to the side.

The following form of the face, which also tends to get closer to the ideal, is a circle. Such person with skillfully chosen hairstyle has a fairly soft, flowing lines and looks very noble. The type is characterized by wide chubby cheeks and roughly the same dimensions of the main parameters (length and face width).

Round face shape good hairstyles medium length with lush bangs. Too wide cheeks perfectly disguise for turned to face the strands of hair. It is not recommended to comb your hair, because in this case the cheeks will seem even more.

Rectangular and square types of person

The following 2 type of entity – a rectangle and a square. This is less perfect forms, which differ in the lack of smooth lines. Accordingly, in these forms of the face seem angular and not so noble, as in the first 2 cases.

Square face shape

Square face shape means equal to the width of the chin, cheekbones and forehead. Face width is approximately equal to its length. The hairline on the forehead also even. Chin on the edges angular. The forehead is too smooth is no different. Such person will be suitable long hairstyles with volume, which helps slightly to hide the rough angularity of these proportions.

A rectangular face is characterized by the same parameters as the square, only the width of the face already far more than equal to its length. Such a person always visually seems to be very elongated. If the forehead is high, then the elongation seems even greater. This type needs correction hair. Perfect lush straight bangs and medium length hair that have to keep the volume. In this case, it is not recommended to comb all the hair back and make a perfectly straight partings – this will only aggravate the situation, making the person even more rude.

Face shape “the heart” and “triangle”

The following 2 face type – triangle and heart. As you can tell from the names, the triangle will have a clear sharp features, while the heart slightly soften the expression. In fact, these forms differ from each other only in that type of “triangle” hairline perfectly horizontal on his forehead. And type “heart” it resembles the upper part of the heart (Fig.1).

A triangle, and heart, are characterized by a gradual narrowing of the face from forehead to chin. In the end, it turns out the wide forehead, narrower – cheekbones, and the chin is very narrow. Often the chin is pointed in this case. Such types of persons suitable hairstyle that will visually slightly reduce the top and bottom to expand, in this way compensating for the disproportionate sizes. So welcome amount of it on the tips of the hair. Moreover, well in this case, suitable large curls at the ends.

Face shape “diamond”

And finally, the last type of person is a diamond. How to define this form? It is characterized by wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead and chin. If the width of the cheekbones not too different from the sizes of the forehead and chin, the face will be closest to oval. But still it requires easy correction.

In this case, it is very good to choose these hairstyles in which the cheekbones are slightly hidden by strands of hair. The length of the hairstyle can be both short and long. The volume is welcome. As for the makeup, the cheekbones it is useful to apply the blush slightly darker. So the face will look almost oval.

So the main types of entity for its geometry are considered. Now you know for yourself how to define your own type for the selection of a good hairstyle and a good makeup. In addition to such a simple way to be sure you can now use computer programs that will also help you in this matter.