Beauty secrets: make it a bright evening make-up

Bright evening make-up think through in advance, picked up by evening gown and accessories, it is more difficult to implement than a day. When creating a makeup count personal tastes of the fair sex, the trends of modern fashion. Bright makeup create for special evening events.

Bright and contrasting evening makeup

What is the makeup?

This decoration of the face with makeup. Widely used pearlescent and matte eyeshadow, face powder with a velvety texture, high-quality lipsticks of various hues and fragrant odours, creamy, liquid and dry mascara, dry and oily blush, pencils for lips and eyelids, creams, lip gloss, etc.

All the ladies very eager to be attractive internally and externally, and wish to create your own image of a successful woman. Internal attractiveness is optimism, vivacity of spirit, confidence, the ability to see around joy.

External beauty is neatness, adherence to fashion trends, healthy skin, a beautiful body, well-groomed hair and nails. With the right use of cosmetics to create the image of women and girls to create a attractive bright makeup to accentuate one’s natural beauty.

A variety of decorative cosmetics for makeup

All the beauties of the world, Hollywood stars including, use decorative cosmetics, which helps to produce others a good impression.

Skillful makeup application revitalizes the skin, refreshes the face, corrects small flaws of the face (thin or wide lips, wide forehead, high eyebrows, etc.). Cosmetics used for special occasions, business meetings, create with it creative, romantic, daytime, evening and other images. Appropriate coloration of the face is very emphasizes the natural beauty of women.

Skin cleansing, choice of shades for blondes and brunettes

There are many types of evening make-up: classic, vamp, Smokey eyes, MIX, retro, etc. It is designed for celebrations, social events, club events, parties, corporate events. Bright makeup can be a summer, autumn, winter, spring, he emphasizes femininity, elegance, elegance, personality lady. Evening make-up depends on the clothing, hair, face type, eye color and hair, age. In contrast to day, romantic, business, evening more intense.

Beautiful makeup begins with cleansing. It plays an important role in creating a smooth skin surface, serving as the basis for the application of cosmetics. For dry and flaky skin cosmetics are not applied, because it will look very ugly. You need to purchase lotion for cosmetic, nourishing cream, facial mask, scrub. Fluorescent makeup removed milk after apply the face mask, the skin can be cleansed with a scrub.

Mandatory application of the cream on the face for a smooth evening makeup

Next, apply cream, the skin absorbs it for about an hour, then you can start applying evening makeup. Predominant shades for brunettes be peach, gold, bronze, grassy, chestnut, pink. Blondes better to choose gray, gray-blue tones. Ladies with sun hair very good Burgundy, brown, copper color.

Brunettes with gray, brown, black eyes it is better to use black eyeliner and mascara, silver, purple, grey eyeshadow palette. For the lips a nice crimson red color. With dark brown hair very well will look bronze and green shade combined with brown or green eyes, dark skin.

Bright makeup for blondes, meticulous work, in which it is impossible to make mistakes. Accent beautiful makeup make the eyes. Use black ink should be cautious, so as not to bring into the way ladies vulgarity. The shade is contraindicated in the following colors: green, blue, hot pink. Green and brown eyes can be highlighted with the help of peach, olive, bronze, Golden shadow. Blue eyes suit silver color. The ideal option for blondes can be a makeup Smokey eyes with predominant shades of grey.

Create makeup for the evening: underline beauty of yours eyes

Underline the eyes

Bright makeup means applying makeup in several stages. Shift focus to any one area: eyes, cheeks, lips is used to create a beautiful makeup. You need to vary the intensity of application of cosmetics in each zone, achieving a harmonious option. Use concealer, compact powder, concealer stick concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, bronzing powder to create the effect of sun, mirror, lip gloss. Special attention is paid to the eyes.

To create a bright makeup, use the concealer, it in the long term will ensure the freshness of the face . Concealer is applied with light strokes, brush the dark eye area. Then mask the small imperfections to make a perfect base. Then Mat compact face powder.

The main thing in the evening make – up- matte leather, the powder is applied evenly from the center to the outer shape without sharp color transition from the face to the neck and ears, reaching homogeneity. Bright makeup implies a sensual look. To make the eyes beauty use eye shadow. First applied with a flat brush over the entire mobile eyelid shade light shades. Then the dark tones accentuate the corners of his eyes.

Eye shadow suitable for evening makeup

Using the same hue stands out the eye contour. Shadow placed strokes on the lash line using the beveled brush. To give the look of the spark and enchantment, it is necessary to hold the lash line with eyeliner, making the line thickest on the outer corner of the eye, spending more slim contour in the direction of the temples. The length should be such that the eyeliner is in harmony with the appearance of the ladies, not distorted fine features. It is important not to overdo it.

Now you need to give volume to lashes. For this purpose, use a voluminous mascara. It is applied from base to ends in zigzag motions, separated lashes, gives them volume. To create a larger volume of ink applied in 2 layers. The second form after drying of the first.

How to enhance the beauty of eyebrows and lips?

The shapes of eyebrows

In evening makeup highlighted eyebrows look very original and elegant. Important is to emphasize the shape of eyebrows. Gets a pencil in tone with the shade of hair, from the center to the edge of the strokes allocated to eyebrows, line to shade. You can lighten with the shadows under the eyebrows, creating a contrast.

In order to perform bright makeup, it is necessary to emphasize the beauty of the lips, making them plumper, sensual. For these purposes, you can apply moisturizing cream lipstick, which is applied from the center of the lips to the outer shape using a flat lip brush. You can use gloss for lips, blending it in the middle. With lip gloss on experimenting, trying out several shades to find the one that will emphasize the swelling of the lips.

You can use contour with the lip pencil. With a pencil create a smooth contour on the upper lip, the line is carried out from the middle to the corners of the lips. The outline on the lower lip to create without interruption. Through contour pencil the shape of the lips. The better the pencil, the more beautiful will look the lips, the brighter will Shine the smile. Evening makeup is complemented with bronzing powder, it is applied on the cheekbones with a blush brush.

Bright makeup for the evening makes a woman’s face expressive and attractive, and he attracts the lady admiring glances of men.