The basics easy makeup for a natural look, create

Makeup allows every girl to always look great. So ladies must possess the skill of creating a correct make-up. But it starts not with the ability to correctly apply blush or shadow. The wisdom of a competent make-up starts with theoretical knowledge. It is very important to first understand what makeup is appropriate at any given time, depending on events, etc. for Example, for day, is the best fit light nude makeup style.

Day makeup

The advantages of fluorescent light makeup

This makeup has many advantages. Here are the most important of them:

Shadows of natural shades

  1. It is universal. There is no woman that would do daily light makeup. If a girl knows the advantages and disadvantages of their appearance and understands how to emphasize the first and hide the second, it can always be on top.
  2. Light makeup suits every age. Especially this kind of makeup suits very young girls and Mature women, there is nothing vulgarae than a young girl with smoky eyes or an elderly woman with brightly painted lips. Middle-aged women a day way will be quite nice because it fits in with the office dress code.
  3. It saves time. Indeed, if time is short, you can do light makeup for even 5 minutes, especially if the girl neproblemny skin. On the other hand, the larger the effect of the complete absence of makeup on the face, the more time it will take to create the image of a clean face without a single flaw, but is rather the prerogative of professional makeup artists.
  4. This makeup is suitable even for the novice. If a girl just starting to comprehend the art of makeup, it is better to start with this variety, because when creating the image it is possible to do without complicated shooter, the sculpting of the face and other intricacies.

Arrow pencil brown

To create the image you need to have in the Arsenal of tools and means with which she will “draw a face”. Tools every woman chooses, guided by his own taste and experience, but to create a day better to use brush for makeup, as they allow to apply easily, in small quantities, to perform a soft line, etc. do Not buy ready-made brush sets, because usually the total number is used continuously on the strength of 4-5 brushes, and the rest are idle. It is better to buy the brushes individually, according to their own needs.

The nude makeup style: basics and rules

For day, is perfect light makeup, because the bright or the calling makeup is only for the evening.

Cosmetic makeup style nude

Day same image should not be overloaded with details, look pretentious and flashy. The main task in creating the day is to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws, if any. The less noticeable makeup on the face, the better. Ideal – when the girl is beautiful, well-groomed looks, but others think that it is either completely or almost not wearing makeup. This is the standard of art, should aspire to every woman. To perform a competent day makeup, you should know a few rules and follow them when creating the image:

  1. You want to use as less cosmetics. We are talking about that we should apply the principle “less is better”. So the makeup will look natural and beautiful.
  2. Use only matte texture. Eyeshadow glitter, semernya powder, etc. is good if the girl is going to a restaurant for a party, club etc. Then these decorative really do look nice and appropriate. But daytime makeup they will play a cruel joke: makeup with shimmer give the skin a glow from within and Shine, and pearl shade will make the entire look cheap and vulgar.
  3. To prefer soft tones, natural hues. For day, is the best soft color. For example, instead of black mascara is better to use brown, brown-black or grey (depending on color type), the same is true of brow powder (it is better to choose black, brown-black).
  4. To focus either on the eyes or on the lips. But even in this case, when you create easy daytime makeup shouldn’t make too bright accent, leaving a riot of colors at night.

Photo 1. Natural makeup

If a girl’s skin, her main goal is to hide acne, blemishes, etc. and not to highlight your eyes or lips. If no obvious problems, then simply align the skin tone and accents.

When creating a day you need to remember that the main purpose of this type of makeup is to create the image of a relaxed, young, well-groomed woman. Light makeup is a great way to emphasize the natural beauty, what better than any words proves the girl in photo 1.

Technique easy daytime look

The process of creating a fluorescent image consists of several stages. Seven:


  1. Correction of imperfections. If the face has acne, blemishes, etc. first they need to hide with thick corrector. We must remember that to work on these areas should make maximum point, while concealer should be a tone lighter than the Foundation.
  2. The application of tonal resources. Concealer should blend with the skin tone. Apply the product to a very thin layer, to avoid overloading in the future the whole image. Some women prefer to first apply a tinted moisturizer, and the top point to apply concealer. It’s a matter of taste and habits.
  3. The application of blush. For daytime makeup is the perfect blush sudovogo (natural) color or peach. First, they suit absolutely everyone, so there’s no risk to be mistaken with color. Secondly, they look most natural and are great to refresh your face. No need to apply blush too thickly enough to give the appearance of a healthy glow.
  4. Eyebrow correction. It is best to use a special powder or eyebrow powder. Besides these tools much easier to apply than eyebrow pencil. Apply the product to a beveled flat brush. It is very easy and the effect is simply amazing. From the top you can fix the result of a transparent gel for eyebrows.
  5. Eye makeup. Perfect eyeshadow daylight makeover – natural shades. On the upper eyelid needs to apply light beige or cream shadow, and outer corners of the eyes to darker coffee, brown, gray. These shades are versatile and suitable for everyone. You can spend very thin and short arrows. Then apply mascara to the lashes, it is better not black, and black-brown or brown – depending on the color of hair.
  6. Makeup lips. For day, perfect as a matte lipstick, and lip gloss. Lipstick should be selected based on color type of girl, but no – regret options are caramel, pale pink, peach color. You have to be careful with lipstick color is nude, because for many women it is absolutely not suitable, making their faces pale. Lip pencil should match the color of the lipstick or the natural shade of the lips of a woman.
  7. Fixing makeup. When makeup is completed, you need to fix it with powder. It is important that the tone of face powder and mascara is also the same. Apply powder you need very thin layer.

Some stages can be skipped. For example, if a girl’s clean skin, she doesn’t need a corrector or concealer, and if thick eyebrows, no need to adjust them using powder – just enough to fix the transparent gel. All individually.