The basic rules of applying makeup

Every girl can look beautiful, emphasizing their strengths and hiding, softening some flaws. This will help the rules of applying makeup – it is important to do correctly. Makeup is not as easy as many think, but it is an interesting exercise akin to true creativity.

Doing makeup for a casual finish

Girls who want to put on makeup, do not just try striking options. First, learn everyday. This is a simple makeup that catches my eye – I sometimes get the impression that the face is not painted. This makeup hide flaws, highlight the merits. With it, you can go to work, study, walk.

Figure 1. The line of toning

What we need:

  • corrector;
  • the shade;
  • ink;
  • eyeliner;
  • foundation;
  • shade, shade;
  • powder;
  • blush;
  • lipstick.

Technique create a casual look with makeup the following:

Example everyday makeup

  1. The first step is to perform skin cleansing. Use the usual tool – foam, gel cleanser. Be sure to wipe the face tonic. Next, apply the cream in the winter – nutritious, warm season – moisturizing. Wait until it is completely absorbed. Then squeeze some Foundation on the back of your hand, and type a small amount on the brush.
  2. Now start to distribute with a brush on the face, following the massage lines shown on the picture (Fig. 1). When you cover the entire face and neck, be sure to blend gently. Don’t push the skin too much – know your limits. Walk the contour of the face and along the border with the neck. If you do not blend the cream into these places, you get the unwanted effect of the mask.
  3. Take the concealer and apply a dot on redness, pimples, under eye, if there is bruising or bags. Do it soft hammered movements.
  4. Shadow. First cover ever base that the product is not pushed during the day. Order of application: apply a light shade to the inner corner of the eye towards the outer – obscure. Vysvetlit the area under the eyebrow – acceptance, visually revealing look.
  5. Take a pencil and gently glide a thin line starting from the corner. Print a slim arrow to the temple. Lightly blend the line with eyeliner brush, softening it. Coat the eyelashes with mascara in a single layer.
  6. Time blush to highlight cheekbones. Take some blush on a brush and swipe across cheeks.
  7. Lips – lipstick natural shade.
  8. Powder. It will finish applying makeup. It will consolidate the Foundation will make the skin matte.

Make a festive make-up

The scheme of applying eye shadow in a classic evening makeup

Applying evening makeup is generally the same everyday, only the color of the solution can be more courageous. So, you can add smoky eyes smoky eyes. To draw such a smoke, you will need:

  • the shade;
  • pencil;
  • mascara.

Start creating festive makeup. Apply black pencil on the top lid, smudge it with a brush, softening the border. Next, take a brown shadow and paint mascara on the eyelid on top of the pencil, just speaking on the stationary. Shadows of the same color, select the border layer blend. Smoky look affects the lower eyelid.

Thin brush and take some brown eye shadow, swipe on the lower lash line. Paint mascara on lashes mascara in two layers. If you want you can apply eyeliner of black color and the inner eyelid black pencil. The area under the brow and inner corner highlight with a bright pearl shadows.

With smoky eyes the focus of the makeup on the eyes, so dim out blush, and lipstick.

Instead of the last valid use gentle colours Shine.

Important nuances and the secrets of correct makeup application

  1. Pick colors of makeup for my complexion. To create a day-to-day, use soft, pale, natural tones of brown, beige, sand, cream, peach. Browse pictures of the stars, the way the stylists. You may find some ideas or images close to you, try to repeat.
  2. Makeup can be applied by hand, but easier – brushes. They are suitable for beginners – it’s more convenient to use make-up goes smoother.
  3. Be careful with the black eyeliner, it does not fit all. This option is more appropriate for a festive evening and for those who have already gained experience in makeup.
  4. Don’t forget about your eyebrows. Plucked uneven, they can ruin even a perfectly executed makeup. Make the correction of eyebrows from a professional, then you can keep in shape. Use a brush for combing, a special gel, pencil or shadow.

It is important to observe the rules of applying makeup, then, with practice, you’ll be able to quickly, easily, accurately. Remember the importance of constant practice to master new levels of make-up.