Basic principles: how to choose makeup

How to choose makeup for the evening, for a day? What are the rules you need to know to look great in any light? You need to constantly look well-groomed, witty, beautiful and sexy?

Evening makeup

These questions concern many women. Even those for whom the make – up profession, periodically begin to doubt the right approach for themselves. How to choose the right makeup to your type that always managed to look stylish?

One of the principles of selection of makeup

In order to make it easier for women to determine what color palette to choose, makeup artists and designers divided the women into 4 types. Of course, this division is arbitrary, but is determined during the acquisition of the necessary color palette makeup helps.

Spring type of person

Woman spring. The hair closer to the light, light eyelashes and eyebrows, but the skin tone is Golden or saglabata beige. The blush on the cheeks, especially young girls of this type, delicate peach, her lips full and bright. Often marked by the presence of freckles. Eyes can be green-yellow, blue, dark blue, olive, clear, no tints.

How to choose the right makeup to women of this type? To take as a basis the fact that cosmetics should enhance your natural beauty and not try to adjust their appearance by using cosmetics. In color it is desirable to give preference to yellow hue – this applies to the selection of lipsticks, eye shadows, blush. Lemon and hints of cold dark tone of the face will ruin it. They will make the skin paler.

Summer women in Europe very much. Hair color they have any – are excluded from this type only because of the sultry brunette, but the hair they have completely missing a Golden hue. Eyebrows and eyelashes light, but also without the Golden sparkles. The skin of these women are white, pale, if pigmentation is present, then the light. Eye color or steel gray. May vary depending on colours.

How to choose makeup to women of this type? – Cool tones “light” colors. Feathered purple, beige, gray, pink, blue shade. You can stay on all shades of milk – from warm milk to whipped cream. Consider a small caveat: the emphasis is on one part of the face. Green succulent shade – a neutral lipstick in a natural color, bright lips – a light beige shade.

Autumn type of person

Pick up your makeup easy for women with the face of the autumn type. These women can be characterized in one word – expression. They have colorful hair from brown-red to dark brown in colour, eyebrows and eyelashes have them color match the hair.

Lip color is intense, the skin can be from dark Golden to creamy white, smooth tones without blush. Eye color can be anything. It features one – he is rich. Amber, dark brown, bright blue, gray-blue eyes, green as the forest wading pool.

With caution women of this type is to use purple color and pearly shades. Everything else fits, if it’s dull, dull. Best eye makeup to prefer the warm tones of the autumn forest.

Blush it is advisable to choose light, neutral to only identify the line of the cheekbones.

The lipstick and the clothes by color – plum, BlackBerry, leafless foliage.

Winter type of person

Women winter type on the globe a majority. To find your makeup easier for them all. They can use any saturated bright colors, however, classics are grey and brown. Women of this type adorn the pearlescent cosmetics, they can experiment with glitter. The only thing that does not suit them – all shades of yellow.

Winter type women can be divided into the southern winter and Northern type.

For “southern” characteristic:

  • clear outline of the lips;
  • dark skin;
  • quickly sticky dark tan;
  • black eyebrows and eyelashes.

“Severiano” from “southern” features light skin, pale pink lips, light blush pale and delicate freckles.

Color makeup “Severiano” and “southern” may be one, but girls, these investigations can pick up a style similar to the style of summer women.

Preparation for the application of cosmetics

It is necessary not only to know how to choose the makeup color, but to be able to prepare your skin for its application.

The application of cosmetics

  1. Basis. Many women forget that before applying makeup you need to level the skin tone and color, to give it a matte finish. As a basis use a special cream concealer, liquid Foundation, cream powder. Experienced makeup artists prefer to use a special sponge, but if applying makeup is not a profession, it is better to do it by hand, moving from top to bottom. Movement is not rubbing, and massage the face and neck.
  2. Next, apply a corrector or clarifier. It magically removes under eye circles and fine lines.
  3. It’s time to adjust the facial lines. This is done bronzerat or blush. Chubby or women with a square face type, it is desirable to blend the blush in a triangle, from her temples to the corners of the lips. Triangular face would be able to visually make an oval when applying blush from the cheekbones to the temples.
  4. Do not forget the principle: bright highlights, dark secret. Thanks to it adjustment of the disadvantages.

Eyes – special attention

To choose the right eye makeup is especially important. That they in most cases focuses. The main task performed during application of decorative means: to make their eyes look bigger and look more expressive.

  1. Medium-sized oval eyes. The arrows will make them more interesting. Dark shadows on the outer corners of the eyes and bright on the inner side will make them larger. When shading brush moving from the inner corner of the eye outwards. The bright dot in the inner corner of the eye to visually put wide.
  2. For almond eyes is better to choose light shades of eye shadow. The dark shadow applied only on the corner of the eye, which is closer to the temples. Pearl shade on the inner part of the eye and under the eyebrows will make your eyes more.
  3. Progresiva deep-set eyes, you should not abuse the infliction of arrows. If you really want to do eyeliner, should be limited to the upper eyelid.
  4. The bulging eyes. Should choose makeup with dark tones.
  5. Round eyes with heavy eyelids after a skillful drawing arrows – they should be bent slightly more than the growth line of the eyelashes will become almond-shaped.

When the form is approved, it is advisable to take pictures and further experiments with their own appearance to focus on him. The color scheme is selected depending on possible lighting and color and style of clothing.

Few know how to choose the right makeup colors.

He must not only match the style but also to emphasize natural beauty.

And this is possible only in harmonious approach to the adjustment of their appearance.