How to avoid eyelid edema after permanent makeup

Permanent makeup, or permanent makeup, is gaining popularity. Individual tendency to swelling or incorrectly chosen method of anesthesia can lead to swelling after the tattoo age. Provokes swelling of the improper application of the dye. The quality of the procedure depends on the qualifications of masters and equipment.

Pigment the eyelids

Rules of procedure

Permanent eyelid make-up allows you to create a flawless look due to the perfect contour. The procedure requires precision and responsibility of the master. Is performed only in beauty salons, and many concerned about possible negative effects. Tattoo age is performed by specialists with the use of special apparatus. With the help of thin needles under the skin to cause the dye to a depth of 1 mm.

When choosing a pigment are taken into account:

  • eye color, skin tone;
  • the age and style of the wardrobe;
  • individual physiological characteristics.

Makeup can be performed for both the upper and the lower eyelid. When performing permanent makeup contour of the lower eyelid takes into account the peculiarity of visual narrowing of the eyes. Usually, first do the procedure on the upper part of a century, and after a week on the bottom. This will prevent the swelling spread to the entire eye area after the tattoo.

Permanent makeup upper eyelid

Be aware that the process is somewhat painful. During application of the pigment occurs minor skin damage. Therefore, local anesthesia is used the age plots for a more comfortable perception. For this is a liquid or gel pain relievers. Also anaesthetic injections may be used special tools, but after them can be more pronounced swelling.

Swelling of the eyelids after makeup depends on the individual, thickness of the line. The degree of swelling depends on the depth and quality of the tattoo. Especially should pay attention to equipment that is doing makeup. Possible side effects after the treatment: dry skin, bruises, a darkening of the crust. Swelling should resolve within a day. Subject to any rules of procedure should not be rash and itchiness.

The appearance of scabs, dry skin – all natural skin reaction. After 5 days the crust needs to go, not allowed to forcibly remove them. The first 7 days is not recommended to swim in the sea, a swimming pool, sauna. Places where made makeup is treated oily special cream.

If the tattoo is performed correctly, side effects should not be.

Only after 7 days, when will the brown and swelling, you can see the preliminary result of the work performed. The final result will appear only after 20 days. The comfort and outcome of the process strongly depend on the degree of confidence of client to the master.

Care and contraindications

Small eyelid swelling after tattoo

After tattooing eyelids, as a rule, there is swelling, is a normal reaction of the body for the manipulation. When the eyelids are swollen, apply a cold dry compress. To do this, the ice must be put into the package and wrap in a towel. Apply on the inflamed areas. Immediately after the session make-up the eyelids is treated with a hydrocortisone ointment or cream bepanten. It is not recommended to perform the procedure in the period of taking, blood thinners.

It is impossible to make manipulation of those who have disorders associated with blood clotting. Also don’t do the procedure if there is a possibility of scarring. Women during the critical days and 5 days before that makeup is not performed. During healing do not use cosmetics in the area of applying the permanent.

The healing process ranges from 3 to 5 days. Be sure to follow all recommendations of the master care for centuries. It is important that the areas where the tattoo is made, has always been dry. It is necessary to wash with cool water, do not rub these places, but gently and carefully wipe. After washing, 5 minutes later apply a special cream for the care of the treated areas. Avoid drying of skin and cracking.

Protivopokazannosti permanent makeup for pregnant and lactating women

When you go brown, permanent color can brighten. After a few days the pigment will start to show and the color will be restored. The final result can be assessed after 1 month. Young women makeup is maintained for 1-3 years in women after 40 years a longer period.

Permanent makeup is contraindicated in those who have disease: diabetes, HIV, Oncology, skin diseases. To postpone the procedure recommended for pregnant and lactating women. The main contraindications are acute inflammatory processes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, the propensity to allergic reactions, serious heart disease, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.

The procedure is not performed immediately after injection of Botox. The tissues need time to recover. Postoperative scars camouflage in 1-2 years after the scars will fade. Do not tattoo girls up to 18 years. The day before the procedure avoid the use of alcohol, aspirin, coffee, seafood.

Problems arise after makeup with deep introduction of permanent. The result may form scars and unwanted shade. As in the process of execution of work is broken skin, you must strictly comply with the measures of sterility.

Disadvantages of wrong makeup are adjusted in 1 month. All deficiencies should be resolved during the correction, because eventually it will be impossible to do.