The applying Foundation makeup

Properly apply Foundation makeup, General condition good Macapa. Base in the modern technique of applying makeup acts as a concealer, primer (makeup primer). This tool is for all lovers of quality makeup weapon against irregularities, defects and flaws on the skin, effectively grimiruyas them from prying eyes. But in order to face every day looked flawless and elegant, you must know how to apply Foundation makeup, doing it wisely, so as not to overload the skin.

The use of professional cosmetics

The function of base makeup is to balance your complexion so that you will not create the skin effect and to increase the durability of decorative cosmetics for the whole day, if circumstances so require. If initially, about 15 years ago, applying concealer demanded professional cosmetic makeup stars in Macapa models, today makeup base – perfect for Bridal and formal make up as well as create daily and natural Macapa each girl.

Women who spend a lot of time working in offices, I move to the car for business meetings and negotiations, I can safely use make-up base, without being afraid that the latter will quickly rolled up on the face during the working day and without her I have to be distracted by his amendment.

Kinds of concealers and primers

The basis of base make-up inherent nutrient microparticles, which are able to fill even the slightest roughness of the skin. The market for cosmetic consumers concealers are available in the following types:

Mineral primers

  • cream-emulsion and fluids;
  • moisturizing and mattifying skin;
  • solid in the form of pencils;
  • loose mineral primers.

Part of the basis for makeup is composed of mineral particles, nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing the skin, able to penetrate even in the slightest caprices, matira them and creating on the face is smooth, neat tone. In addition, the compositions of bases under makeup manufacturers can include reflective particles and UV filters, elements that protect the skin from pigmentation.

Makeup base is used for application to:

  • the skin of the face and chin;
  • ever;
  • lips;
  • eyelashes.

The data base serves areas of the face for further use of Foundation, eye shadows, mascaras, powders, lip glosses and lipsticks for the lips.

It is important to know how to choose the right makeup base. Without exception, primers should be in color combined with natural shade of your skin. The base tone you need to pick up in daylight, and to more accurately determine the appropriate tone to weave through a pre-need neck.

Applying a makeup base

Application primer silicone sponge

Apply a base like any other decorative means adopted by the sponges or by the respective brushes. Microporous sponges are made of latex or silicone rubber, its structure resembling the structure of the skin. So they are so easy to apply Foundation makeup. Being initially wetted in the production of silicone sponge for applying base absorbs a minimal amount of concealer. It will help to save the base and use it rationally.

As a variant the application of a primer is possible, and fingertips. Reviews from professional cosmetologists makeup artists say that using a tactile effect on the skin to establish contact with the client, contributing to its relaxation. In addition, a mini-facial massage. If the skin is problematic and should be Matt for a number of pimples, it is for hygienic purposes it is better to use the sponge.

Although in any of the two options applying Foundation makeup to start applying concealer you need clean hands and brushes or sponges.

Cleansing the skin with tonic

Before you start to apply a matting agent, it is necessary to clean the skin with tonic and apply nourishing cream. Be sure to give time for the cream soak 20 minutes. And only after that proceed to the makeup person.

Application of bases under makeup on the face is best done in small quantities. The reason is that excessively small amount will cover the surface of the skin uneven spots and will not allow you to distribute the base evenly, but too many simply risk to create on the face “effect of the plaster.” Jokes jokes, but the basis for the makeup should not be applied by the ton, like a face cream. For a special, but simple technique.

Align the base skin as a makeup base, it should be on the massage lines, avoiding the skin around the eyes. For it to lay naturally, with a brush or the pads of the fingers move from forehead down to the chin. If the pores on the face expanded, not rubbing them, and apply lightly patting gentle manipulation.

Makeup Nude

Focus on mimic wrinkles. If the latter had been seen through a layer of Foundation, therefore, the base rests on the skin in excess. Gently remove the excess without violating the integrity of the entire makeover will help the sponge. Do not apply concealer over the boundary of the chin on the neck, enough to make a light retouch along the jawline to hide the border of the end of applying the base.

By the way, any make-up bases have nothing to do with skin color variation. Not worth flaunting and apply several coats of base to eventually face changed color and suddenly became dark. The basis is precisely the base for makeup, and not avtosalony tool or a Foundation.

Base for eyes and lips

Use of concealer in makeup for lips

Concealers around the eyes creates refreshing skin, smoothing down the bruising, redness and swelling, and also do not allow shades to slide throughout the day. Plus, due to the makeup base primary colors will be brighter on the eyelid and do not fade afterwards. The basis for eye makeup, use a Nude or light peach color, to hide dark puffiness and circles.

The same applies to foundations and lip. Often, these concealers contain nourishing oils, hydrating the skin of lips, not allowing them to crack and is holding them on lipsticks and glosses. Some primers can give extra volume to have sunscreen and anti-wrinkle properties. How to choose a base for lip makeup? For such a perfect makapa they are available in pencil, in the form of sticks or liquid composition in the jars. Last for lips is applied with a brush.

How to apply Foundation makeup will be able to master every girl who loves to look good. We should not forget about caring for the skin of his face, once again not to touch it with unwashed hands. And of course, remember that hygiene brushes and sponges should also. Be always beautiful and healthy.