Apply natural makeup

How to do natural makeup, today, should know every self-respecting lady. Simplicity and minimalism on the runway the models ‘ faces to be relevant in the notes of natural Macapa on the streets. Simply because natural makeup can use and young nymphets and ladies of old age.

Beauty natural makeup

The technique of applying natural makeup means to emphasize the beauty and freshness of the face and, with proper application, to hide the flaws. You should not listen to those who says that beautiful and neat makeup for face, designed to seem natural and almost imperceptible to others, apply a super. Not difficult, but long and tedious, but successful. How to do natural makeup?

The relevance of natural makeup

Waking up in the morning, you need to remember that bright makeup is best reserved for evening events. To apply natural makeup is necessary first of all to those ladies who have lengthy working day. And the ladies who are over 30, 40, 50 years. The myth that the older a woman is, the brighter must be the makeup on her face, is the enemy of natural makeup. Bright colors and sequins in Macapa will add age and accentuate wrinkles.

Photo 1. The blush natural makeup

Should be guided by principles of naturalness in makeup young girls and Schoolgirls who already claim the status of grown-up ladies and make tentative steps in vizag. Most often, and no less lamentable, these steps are unsuccessful. A woman should not resort to war paint on his face.

Business ladies, ladies with status in the profession, such as translators, leading to TV, impresario, etc., just need to know how to do natural makeup on her face. To create it required those who observe workplace dress code. To do natural makeup can do, and those girls who goes on a first date or first acquainted with the groom’s parents.

Naturalness in perfect tone

The basis of any natural surroundings on the face is even tone. Create tools such as makeup base, Foundation and powder. Flawless skin will not be hard smearing the Foundation of any flaw or volcanic pimple on the skin, and the weightlessness of used oil funds.

The skin with natural makeup

Therefore, the technique of applying natural makeup apply a small amount of concealer to retouch skin, bruises under his eyes and a light layer of tone. In order not to overload the face powder with a brush lightly superimposed on this principle: forehead-nose-chin.

Makeup base, tone and powder is chosen under the natural shade that matches your skin. Creams should be very careful and apply it only along the massage lines, avoiding the skin around the eyes and eyelids. To day natural makeup, suitable Foundation with reflective particles. For an evening out, apply a mattifying cream Foundation-fluid.

Needless to say that these Velcro manipulations imposed solely on cleansed and moisturized facial skin. For a more natural effect concealer and tone on face makeup artists recommend applying with fingertips. They must be clean and dry.

Natural makeup requires simultaneous transparency and clarity of strokes.

After the skin is prepared, the skin. The following is the basic knowledge of how to do natural makeup. It sounds juicy and simply, if you focus on the eyes. Technique a natural makeup in your application involves the use of basic tools for the age, which neatly overlaps under the shade. Thanks to him, the eyelids don’t roll up during the day and does not require endless podpravki in which he can lose all its naturalness and purity.

Natural eye makeup

Applying natural eye makeup

Natural makeup involves the use of natural shades of shadows. It is best if they are combined with the color type and the color of the eyes beauties. Banned in nude makeup to use shades of purple shades, blue, Burgundy, and all those colors which are used for smoky eyes.

Suitable eyeshadow palette – all shades of beige, transparent purple, coffee-milk, smoky gray, light peach, sand, chocolate, light purple, etc. you Can use 2 shades of one color: lighter and darker. The shade in natural makeup should be matte, devoid of any luster and nacre:

Eyeshadow palette natural makeup

  1. The light beige shade from your shadow palette is layered under the eyebrow, thereby visually increasing the shape of the eyes.
  2. The selected light color eye shadow that will serve as the basis for the eye makeup, apply a wide makednoi brush on the entire mobile eyelid.
  3. The edges of the shadows need to shade that were not visible boundaries.
  4. The darker shade is imposed at the outer edge of the century and gently up to the border with a rolling century.
  5. The evening makeup is allowed in the inner corners of the eyes adding a very light shade of shadows, and in predpovedi zone – Golden.
  6. Natural make-up dictates the use of contour pencil brown, gray or green colors and abandon the black and blue pencil. Must be allocated by the arrow the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. Lower eyelid from lash pencil is brought to the middle.
  7. You can apply liquid liner black color with a thin brush only on the upper eyelid at the lash. It is better to achieve a perfectly flat line and not to let down the lower eyelid and the makeup from natural will turn into a demon.
  8. If you do evening makeup, you can line the top arrow with the help of eyeliner or pencil nicely lead the eye. The main thing – do not overdo it with length, not to get makeup Oriental beauties of the harem.
  9. Neatly and without lumps stained top and bottom lashes. Mascara is better to use the classic black color, brown eyed girls will suit mascara brown.
  10. For a more open view of the internal lower eyelid slightly recommend to allocate using a white pencil. If it’s not a purse, it is possible to manage and without it.

The finishing touches to natural makeup

Natural makeup for brown-eyed women

Everyday makeup finished image is attached to the blush, I wouldn’t say the nude-make-up. The extra touch of blush can disrupt the natural makeup, so the blush, if to use, you need to use a bright soft pink and peach colors, forgetting about the brick and beet colors.

Lips like petal of a morning rose, not flavored multi-ton bright colors. A single layer of natural color lipstick or lip gloss, should be as close to your natural lip color beauty. Under lipstick or gloss makeup artists recommend the use of a professional tool – planer, which smoothes the skin on the lips, giving them the right volume and magnetic temptation. Or a little bit of gloss applied to the middle of the upper and lower lips, pre-paint them with lipstick natural color.

Natural makeup will look more natural if the eyebrows will be in color harmony with the color of the hair. The desired effect can be achieved by balancing the color with a pencil or shadow eyebrow. Natural makeup is shown in photo 1.

For a complete natural way make one a makeup in natural tones will not be enough. Natural makeup means not only great makeup, but also well-groomed hair, nails, suit and charming smile on the face!