How to apply false lashes?

At the moment, fake eyelashes is a trend of the season. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that look natural and make the eyes more attractive and expressive. Boasts of fake eyelashes is the duty of every fashionista.

Use false eyelashes

These lashes have one big advantage – unlike the graft, they do not spoil your lashes.Many ladies are wondering how to apply false lashes. This is actually a very simple procedure that requires no special skills.

The main advantages of the invoices

  1. The effect of thicker eyelashes.
  2. Almost not irritate the eyes.
  3. They do not need correction.
  4. If water will not disappear if you use high-quality tubes of glue.
  5. The simple procedure of bonding.
  6. The ability to use the material a few times.
  7. The relatively low cost.

Gluing false eyelashes

False lashes come in many different types: multi-colored, decorated with rhinestones and feathers. But in form there are two types: sheaf and ribbon. Spider lashes look more natural.

Tape are located on a common strip, thereby look less natural, are suitable for club parties or photo shoots. The hairs on the lower eyelid. There are no specific rules when choosing one or another type of cilia, just refer to the upcoming events and your preferences.

You can see different types of cilia.

The necessary materials for the procedure of bonding

  1. Selected type of false eyelashes.
  2. Special cosmetic glue.
  3. A pair of tweezers.
  4. Brush for combing eyelashes.

How to glue?

  1. Remove makeup from the face and tonic degrease the eyelid. Otherwise glued lashes will fall off quickly or it won’t be fixed.
  2. Brush comb your lashes, giving them the right direction. In advance try artificial eyelashes to suit the length.
  3. If you chose tape cilia, take a small drop of glue and put it on the strip, which is attached to the villi. Apply very close to the natural lashes and gently press to fix the position of the tape.
  4. If you chose cilia beam, to determine which side will start the procedure and how many bundles of different sizes want to use. Generally, sets of such false eyelashes there are different sizes of beams. Take the tweezers and gently dip the right beam base in a drop of glue. Wait a few seconds, and then secure the bun as close as possible to the base of your own eyelashes. In the same way and glued the other bundles.
  5. Apply mascara on my lashes, so they merge with their own. With the help of the rest of the cosmetic finish your makeup.

The secrets of perfect glued cilia

False lashes without glue

To properly glue false eyelashes can any girl. But there are a few secrets of how to make it better, to make lashes look not only natural, but also decorated your look. In these ways there is nothing difficult, they will greatly help you.

  1. The type of eyelash should always match the event that you plan to visit. Consider the time of day. If you do not follow this rule, you can look very tacky.
  2. Use only high-quality brand of glue. If included with the cilia there is no tube of glue, don’t despair. It is better to buy it separately. When using a poor binder to glue false eyelashes will be very difficult. Besides, you may receive Allergy.
  3. Perfectly attach eyelashes, if you’re not blinking.
  4. Before you go to bed, always remove false eyelashes along with makeup from the face. If there are no special solvent, simply put a detergent oil rims to the eyelids, oil will dissolve the glue. Then gently pull the lashes and remove them.
  5. There is nothing wrong to trim faux beams to the desired size. After all, there are no strict rules how to apply false lashes, give them any shape and size.
  6. Before sticking the lashes, get them to become more flexible. Just cover them with the palm.
  7. If you plan to glue eyelashes again, clean them from glue water without soap
  8. For the lower eyelid will not fit the standard eyelashes. They created separate sets of instructions on how to attach them.
  9. Take eyeliner to hide the border between own and artificial eyelashes.
  10. In no case do not attach the artificial eyelashes on your own! Mount only on the eyelid.
  11. It is better that the glue was black. You can use and transparent.

How to apply false lashes, you need to know every girl that wants to look stylish and modern.

The procedure itself is not complicated, only need to consider helpful tips that will help you in the development of a new kind of makeup.

You will gain a new weapon that will slay men outright.