How to apply everyday makeup?

Nothing so emphasizes the female face, how to choose casual makeup. The fairer sex has to be remembered, to be bright, but remain natural. What are the secrets of applying everyday makeup, so it was easy, equally suitable for business meetings, Lunches and walks with friends? Everyday makeup should not be too bright and challenging.

Face makeup every day

Five steps to sunshine

The makeup is called “sunshine”. This type is more suitable for girls with light or blonde hair and pinkish skin tones. In order to properly apply makeup, find the right colors and shades, you need to perform five simple steps:

Makeup "sunshine"

  1. Cleansing of the skin. Before you begin applying makeup on the skin, eyelashes and eyebrows, they must be cleaned. After removal of fat particles on the skin should apply Foundation makeup, you can use fluid or light cream. And after all a little makeup, including eyelashes and eyebrows. Ink and paint for the eyebrows better, and the shade will not roll down during the day.
  2. Choose the right makeup with the right combination of colors and shades. Cosmetic brands there is a great variety, but you should decide for what occasion gets a makeover. If it’s office work, you can choose a regular mascara. But if the day’s schedule includes meetings on the street, you better stay on water resistant to sudden weather changes are not caught by surprise. For specific “sunshine” is chosen mascara brown color with the same paint for the eyebrows. Dye eyebrows is necessary, if your eyebrow color is too light. The shadow bronze, honey, pale green and Nude or pearl shades.
  3. The choice of lipstick. Lipstick depends on the age of the fair sex. If casual makeup is superimposed a young girl, then you can stop on a light lip gloss or pale pink lipstick. If makeup for everyday working day will overlap with the fair sex in age, lipstick is better to take the beige-pink shades.
  4. The choice of brushes for applying cosmetics. For each shade you need to use a separate applicator to color not mixed. Lipstick is best applied with a brush, the smoother it goes and the longer it lasts. If your lashes need volume, it’s best to take a mascara with a brush that can create volume, and to applied several layers of a lengthening brush. Properly chosen mascara with the right brush is the key to beautiful lashes without clumps and glued “icicles”. Blush applied with a brush for blush but to blend them better with a soft sponge.
  5. A selection of accessories. Everyday makeup not be bright, but he perfectly accentuate facial features. Stopping the choice on “Solar lights”, you can pick up accessories. Makeup involves the use of complete with discreet but expensive-looking gold jewelry, earrings should not be too long, the neck will look fine a string of beads or a pendant of amber. Instead of the pendant or beads on the neck you can tie a handkerchief or scarf light brown, beige or flesh-colored.


Applying everyday makeup “sunshine” we need to remember a few simple rules. Blush is necessary to take honey or bronze tint, apply and blend them towards the cheekbones. The moving parts of the eyelids must be the honey color shown in the photo. First is a background of physical or pearl shades of shadows, then on the mobile eyelid applied the shade honey color. The transition from the eyelids to podpolnogo space to be bronze.

Eyeliner or pencil you need to choose the pale green color. If you need a thin arrow, it is best to use eyeliner, but the use in daily makeup eyeliner takes some practice.

Colors shades

The diagram shows the necessary makeup colors:

  • podrobnee space pearly or flesh-colored;
  • the shadow of a bronze hue;
  • top lid honey-colored;
  • pale green eyeliner or pencil eyeliner;
  • dye for eyebrows brown. Ink also need to use brown;
  • bronze or honey blush. If the hair color is very bright, it is better to use the honey blush, and if Rus – bronze;
  • beige-pink shade of lipstick or lip gloss.

Everyday makeup “sunshine” emphasizes the delicate features of the female face and will give Sunny mood even in the gloomy and rainy weather.

It will be expensive and luxurious look at a business meeting, but perfect for a friendly conversation in a café. It should be remembered that a woman in any situation should remain a woman, soft and delicate, like a flower or a ray of sunshine.