How to apply beautiful makeup?

If the girl has a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, it does not mean it will do flawless makeup. At first glance a simple task for some can be a stressful exam. There are a few key points that will help to answer the question: how to apply makeup?

Correct application of makeup

The foundation of flawless makeup

Before you begin applying makeup, you need to take care of three important points:

  • the complexion of the face;
  • clean skin;
  • quality cosmetics.

Not everyone has perfect facial features. It is therefore necessary to know how to apply makeup to hide your flaws and emphasize dignity. To select the right palette of colors, enough to gather the hair under a white scarf or handkerchief, and alternately bring the face of the colored leaves. In this case, it is easy to determine which shade suits the colour of the skin and eyes, and what makes a person pale. This will help to properly apply makeup.

Applying a makeup base

After this is done, it may be that the shade or lipstick favorite colors absolutely don’t fit the color type. Along with these shades, which girl doesn’t torture much joy, can advantageously emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes or the pouty lips.

Clean skin is the second component of a good makeup. Naturally, a large number of Foundation and powder are capable of making inconspicuous pimples, blackheads and open pores.

However, in this case it is not about the right makeup, and about “plaster”. It is this impression when a girl uses a ton of makeup to hide bad skin condition. And it should be the opposite: cosmetic products are required to emphasize the freshness and purity of the face and only in some cases to hide minor flaws. Remember that to properly apply makeup and conceal is a different thing.

The third component of proper makeup high quality cosmetics. Tips makeup artists are reduced to one: in this case is not worth saving, as the consequences could be dire. Well, if the shade after an hour, start to slide on the eyelids or lipstick very quickly erased. Much worse when cheap ink can cause inflammation, and shadows or concealer – chain allergic reactions. Then no makeup will not hide the redness, itching and a painful kind of girl.

However, this does not mean that you should only buy professional cosmetics. It is quite possible that the market is also possible to purchase a quality product. You need to beware of fakes. If makeup is famous brand is several times cheaper than usual, it is better to refrain from the temptation to save money. As for treatment, you can spend a lot more.

Where to begin?

Application of Foundation on face

Make-up properly to start with moisturizing the skin. Despite the fact that the cream itself hydrates the skin is necessary to apply a small amount of cream. You can then proceed to makeup. It is important to note that to apply makeup on the face must, in good daylight, otherwise passers-by will get the impression that you are wearing a mask.

Concealer can be applied with a brush or sponge. Often girls ignore this and as tool use fingers. It is not worth doing for two reasons. First, even with a great desire basis will not lay down evenly. Secondly, with this application to the flow Foundation will be several times more.

As for color, it is not necessary to make yourself a mulatto, when your skin is aristocratic white. The color of the Foundation must be different from the color of the skin a maximum of 1-2 shades. It is desirable to use several colors (at least two). If a girl uses only one color of Foundation, then, as a rule, the face looks flat.

In order to visually distinguish, for example, cheekbones, hide a large nose and to accentuate the jawline, you must have in your beauty Arsenal, at least two shades of Foundation (light and dark). Pay attention to how to correctly apply it on the skin.

At first glance it may seem that this application of the cream on the skin looks strange. However, if a good shade, then the result will dispel all doubts.

The choice of Foundation the color of the skin

After applying the cream puff and brushes should be washed out of the tools for creating beauty as they do not become habitat of bacteria.

Makeup artists suggest to stick to simple recommendations during the application of Foundation to Foundation for make-up was flawless:

  1. It is not necessary to apply to the skin too much cosmetics. Surpluses tend to gather in wrinkles and nasolabial folds, thereby focusing on them.
  2. Particular care is necessary to feather the wings of the nose, as in this zone most often the cream is very noticeable.
  3. On top of the Foundation decided to apply the powder. However, for everyday makeup, it is sufficient to use the same toners.

Even skin tone is one of the important components of the correct makeup, so at this stage it is necessary to exert maximum effort.

How to apply shadow and eyeliner?

Eye makeup depends on the upcoming event. If makeup everyday, you should not overly accentuate the eyes. It is welcome in the evening.

Before you apply shadow, use Foundation cream. It is necessary to treat the eyelids and skin around the eyes. All subsequent steps depend on the type of makeup.

For example, a casual look will require a little bit of shadow and mascara, and the evening means the two arrows. Since the types of eye makeup too much, you might consider the technique of applying of different cosmetics, that is, how to apply makeup on the eyes regardless of the image.

Shadows should be applied with a special applicator. To emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, apply lighter shades to the area podrobnoi arc. To visually lengthen the eyes, light shadows paint the inner corner and the dark external.

As on the eyelid can be many colors from the palette, the transitions between them should not be visible. They need a good shade.

An expressive look gives the mascara. It should be applied on the eyelashes, progresiva first the tips, then making a zigzag motion from the roots. To avoid “crow’s feet”, it is not necessary to use a large number of carcasses. If cilia are stuck together, then divide them will help ordinary needle.

For women it is not recommended to paint over the lashes on the lower eyelid, as it can highlight unnecessary wrinkles.

Arrows can be draw with eyeliner or pencil. It is most convenient to do it with pencil eyeliner. It looks similar to a pen, but its Foundation is not sinking as the basis of pencil and tightens the eye, like eyeliner.

Look at the technique of drawing arrows.

How to apply lipstick and lip gloss?

That lipstick did not disappear from the lips after a Cup of coffee or glass of champagne, you need to apply Foundation. Extra durability give the concealer and powder. Before painting the lipstick, it is desirable to apply a tonal basis, and then a little powder.

The technique of applying the lipstick

To lipstick went smoothly, it is recommended to use a special brush. Before that, the contour of the lips, to circle a pencil whose color shall not be different from the lipstick color more than two shades. Along with this it is not necessary to draw the contour “contour”, thus attempting to visually increase the size of the lips. It looks vulgar and ugly. To transition from the pencil to the lipstick wasn’t too noticeable, can be a little to shade them from the circuit to the inside.

Apply lipstick, you need not just on the outside. If you don’t paint over (at least slightly) the inside of the lips, the sharp contrast between the lips and the mucosa can provoke unpleasant impression on the interlocutor.

Lip gloss can be applied over lipstick. If you do it yourself, it is recommended to draw a barely visible path to it from her spread.

To remove excess lipstick and gloss will help the usual cloth. Only need to wet her lips, then apply another layer.

Finishing touches

It is important not to forget the eyebrows. Even those who have their shape is almost perfect, needed a little effort. Make the hairs lie down smoothly, it is advisable to comb with a special brush. If eyebrows are light in color or have a slightly awkward form, it is easy to correct with a pencil (or shadow) and the brush. Paint over the eyebrows need the dashes, and then carefully shade to be seen lines.

To refresh the face, you need blush.

The technique of drawing arrows on the eyes

Not all girls know how to use this cosmetic product. The blush color you need to choose the color of the skin. Those who face the bright, pink suit and beige tones. Chestnut and dark bronze will suit dusky girls. It is easier to apply dry blush, as they do not clog pores.

In this case, it should be noted that the result is directly proportional to the quality of the brush. Than it quality, the makeup will fall evenly. How to apply blush? Broad stroke should be applied on the cheekbone and slightly below, not forgetting to carefully feather the stain in the direction of ear. The direction of the stroke depends on the shape of the face. If the face is wide, then you need to apply blush in an angle of 45°. If the girl’s narrow face, the brush strokes should be horizontal.

To see how much blush to apply, just look in the mirror. If the cheeks are too bright, and a blush evident on top of need to apply a small layer of powder. Besides it will only increase the chances that the makeup on the face will lie flat.

Remember to apply makeup, do not need huge investments and labour. Enough able to hide their flaws and highlight its advantages.