It is advisable to know about permanent lip makeup before the vote?

Permanent lip makeup is not a tattoo. It runs on the same principle, but there are some important differences. The dye is completely harmless and hypoallergenic, he is introduced to a depth of not more than 1 mm. permanent make-up Procedure is reversible.

The procedure of permanent lip makeup

Permanent makeup must be prepared in advance. Preparing for the procedure can be divided into 2 parts.

First, you need:

  1. Learn the pros and cons of the procedure, to clarify how it is performed, whether there is to it contraindications.
  2. To choose a salon. To find reliable masters, it is advisable to read the reviews of women who have done themselves lasting lip makeup.
  3. To know the cost of the procedure. Regardless of technology, it may not be cheaper than $ 100. E. Hypoallergenic pigment, anesthetic, and disposable instruments are quite expensive.
  4. To talk to the master. Agree about the technology procedures, to explain to him what the final effect I would like to get:
  • brightness;
  • a clear outline;
  • the additional volume;
  • to hide the flaws in the form of congenital or acquired defects;
  • to change the shape.

2 days before the procedure, the use of antiviral drugs

So the master knew exactly what color you want, it is always better to choose a lip pencil to bring with you.

Preparations for permanent make-up at stage 2 for health.

Even if infection like herpes, never had any problems, you still need to take preventive measures. Permanent makeup lips – it is a mini, but the operation. During the damaged top layer of the epidermis, and this contributes to lower overall immunity. If the herpes will appear, then the pigment on lips will be discolored.

  1. 2 days before procedure, you need to start drinking antiviral drugs. It can be herpevir, acyclovir or anything like that. Medication will have to continue 3 more days after tattooing.
  2. The day before surgery is required to surrender not only alcohol, but any tonic: strong coffee, rich tea, energy. Will have to tune that after you make all the drinks will have 3 days to drink through a straw.
  3. Should by means of external action, has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. What to buy, usually advises the master.
  4. Very important step is the choice of anesthesia. About his possible allergic reactions to tell in advance.

Without anesthesia trying to do permanent makeup is not necessary – the procedure is extremely painful.

The recovery period depends on individual reactions. On average, it takes 3 to 5 days.

Whom it is impossible to draw tattoo lips? The list of contraindications capacious. The procedure is contraindicated for:

During pregnancy lip makeup is contraindicated

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • aggravation of any disease;
  • dermatological diseases of the face;
  • the tendency to the formation of colloidal scars;
  • mental disorders;
  • diseases related to Central nervous system;
  • systemic diseases, which are diseases of the endocrine and hematopoietic system;
  • HIV, hepatitis;
  • liver and kidney failure;
  • oncological processes.

How is it performed?

  1. Lip is applied to the design of future circuits.
  2. Shallow punctures to fix the circuit to produce analgesia.
  3. Then do anesthesia. Anesthetize most often using applications with a special gel or cream. Similar drugs used by dentists. When the anesthesia takes effect, no edema on the lips should not be. Otherwise the contour will be distorted.

The tattoo is done using a special machine with a disposable sterile needle. The pigment penetrates into the epidermal layer of 2 to 8 mm.

The procedure requires 1-3 hours. It all depends on the chosen method of tattooing.

If you make photos right after surgery, the lips will be swollen and very bright. In the future, they will fade and will look more natural.

Methods of permanent makeup on the lips

Permanent lip makeup done for different methods. They differ in the amount of the work produced. Depending on the applied technology, which are used for tattooing of the lips, the effect of it will be different.

Correction loop to restore the natural shape of the lips

  1. Adjusted only the outline. This method only restores the natural shape of the lips, the eye makeup is not evident. Often resort to it women over 40.
  2. Most often resort to the procedure under which the circuit is complemented by a feather. This method is applied to the contour to the lips, and they are filled with color that may be natural, and decorative. The lips can at such an operation to enlarge, if you put the loop over their natural border.
  3. The name of the technique “AU naturel” speaks for itself. This method is suitable for very young girls: feather and contour are only natural colors. To correct defects or enhance your lips this way is impossible.
  4. Bright ciap. Here the manipulations are performed with the skin around the mouth. She fills, and mucosal tissues and its background seem to be brighter.
  5. The most complex method of permanent makeup lips – 3D. While it corrected the shape of his mouth, adjusted the brightness and fullness of the lips – 3D effect of the makeover is the most significant. The technique of tattooing involves the use of multiple pigments in the complex.

The pros and cons of permanent makeup

The procedure of permanent makeup has its pros and cons.

A positive side.

  1. Save time and money on cosmetics.
  2. Correcting defects of appearance, natural or acquired.
  3. The durability of the image: permanent makeup is not washed off, will not fade.


Permanent tattooing of lips - save money and time

  1. Painful execution.
  2. Quite a long recovery period.
  3. Unpredictable reactions to the dye or anesthesia.
  4. The risk of herpes.
  5. The effect of the procedure was not as they expected. Tattoo disappointed.

When the adjustment is not liked for personal reasons, it is advisable to wait a bit. After 3-4 months the pigments fade, and a new mind, most likely, will be able to get used to.

If a permanent tattoo was made of poor quality, repair mistakes of the masters have with laser resurfacing. It is performed after complete healing of the lips and the detachment of the crusts for 1-2 months. Laser resurfacing is not cheap.

In women often the question arises: is it possible to visually distinguish “made” from the lips natural? For “experts” this does not pose difficulties. They detect differences in smoothness of the mucosa and its brightness, changing the natural shape of the mouth – upper lip after the procedure, the lower broader and its contour is not very clear.

Daily make-up in women takes a lot of time. And then during the working day or meetings constantly have to refresh the lipstick, which is eaten – even if it is very good quality.

Permanent lip makeup will always provide a well-groomed appearance and correct the flaws of the lips in the long term.

Think about the adjustment have not before 2-3 years.