Advantages mirosnikova tattoo

In today’s world more and more women, not wanting to spend too much time on daily makeup guidance addresses the specialized shops in order to make permanent makeup (tattooing) in different areas of the face. Migracyjny eye tattoo is gaining popularity among the ladies. With it, the eyes are much more expressive, the shape of the contour of the eye will be exactly the way you want, for a very long time.

Example mirosnikova tattoo

With the right makeup, you don’t have to worry about smeared makeup at the most inopportune moment because of a careless motion.

What is eyelashes permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup which make the eyes is one of the latest new technologies, in which a special dye (pigment) is applied deep into the layers of the skin, which appears the effect of permanent makeup. Color tattoo mainly should be selected strictly individually for each person based on their tastes and preferences, because most importantly, the chosen color was the most versatile and fit any style of clothing and makeup.

Classic tattoo age

Techniques of applying pigment to migracyjne space there are at least three main ones:

  1. Classic tattoo age – Mirashnichenka space is filled with a special paint, and the contour must not extend beyond the lash line. Tattooing can be done on the upper eyelid and on the bottom and around the eye. The result is a very expressive accented by the shape of the eye. The path itself is not very distinguished, so that the impression of naturalness.
  2. The arrows with the contours – in this technique for centuries, remains a bright line of eyeliner, which creates a permanent effect, painted eyes. Arrow when tattooing mirosnikova space may be chosen for any, according to customer’s taste: subtle, delicate, which aims only to outline, to very noticeable thick lines with a sharp tip in the Eastern style (from the inner corner of the eye and beyond). Also, this tattoo age can be done in a variety of colors.
  3. Feather tattoo – the outline of the eye is filled with pigment, a little shade is a bit fuzzy, it leaves this effect, after the shading lines from the cosmetic pencil over shadow.

Feather tattoo

The techniques described here can be perfectly combined to achieve the most harmonious appearance of the eyelids. Combination of makeup can be made in different colors of pigment. When the outline color of upper and lower eyelids are different, it looks very beautiful and even spectacular. The most important thing – is to choose the right color, this can help the master. To facilitate selection, you can bring the picture in color or photo of the desired circuit.

Also, do not worry about what application mirosnikova tattoo somehow may limit the application of makeup with regular makeup. On the contrary, the tattoo can be a great basis for creating new images. In addition, do not be afraid that the procedure of tattooing eyelids is painful, the skin is treated with a specialized anesthetic before and during the procedure.

Benefits and contraindications of eyelashes permanent makeup

As any other effects on the body, tattooing has its benefits and contraindications. The main, most significant, benefits include:

Holding of the tattoo age

  • time on everyday makeup application will dramatically decrease;
  • creates the effect of thick and healthy lashes, even if it is not so;
  • the result lasts for 3-5 years;
  • tattooing can correct asymmetry of the eye;
  • not contraindicated with Allergy to cosmetics;

But before you do tattoo age, it is best to review the list of contraindications:

  • it is not recommended to do permanent makeup with diabetes mellitus;
  • you should refrain from tattooing when poor blood clotting;
  • before the procedure it is better to check if there are any inflammatory processes;
  • contraindicated to do tattoo age in the presence on the face colloidal scars;
  • it is strictly forbidden to apply permanent makeup in mental disorders or, if possible epileptic seizures;
  • strongly recommended to refrain from tattooing age in cancer.

The safety of the procedure and its consequences

If the wizard, which makes the tattooing, is highly professional, the recovery procedure takes several days. The procedure itself should be carried out observing all safety rules, be sure to use disposable materials. When tattooing the eyelids, and sometimes the skin near the eyelids, processed anesthetics that completely eliminate possible pain and discomfort.

After the tattoo was done, the eyes may have some swelling as a reaction to outside influence. But these swelling did not remain long, for the most part after a few hours they pass, the longest can stick a little more than a day.

In order to speed up healing of the skin after tattooing, you need to do special packs to give eyelids a break from makeup, to process the master recommended healing ointment. As evidenced by the responses of those who did the tattooing, if you properly follow the recommendations after the procedure the risk of a large swelling, itching or any lesions on the skin, it will be practically zero.