How to adjust a square face: make-up secrets

Square face shape is quite common and is often found in women. With regard to psychological characteristics, people with square face shape a very active, energetic, they are quite strong-willed, if you have set a goal, then it never comes back down. Women with square face sincerely believe in the future and like to make plans. In the world of Hollywood have square face celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow.

As for exterior features, the face in the form of a square is characterized by a massive lower jaw and the sharpness of the forms.

To transform and to smooth out these features, you need to find a suitable correction method. Square face can be mitigated with the help of makeup. It is important to select cosmetics which gently smooth down the sharp features.

How to do makeup for a square face

To the face became similar to an oval, you need to soften the sharp angles in the forehead and jaw. Apply makeup easily, should not be allowed to face was sharp and tagelangem. A key role in the adjustment plays a Foundation, try to choose it correctly. The product should be applied to moistened skin, it is possible to use a special cream. To soften a square face, you will need Foundation your skin tone and means 2-3 shades darker. To the makeup lay better, use a base under makeup, which will ensure a velvety finish.

With a brush apply Foundation to your skin color, try to draw a nice oval. For the rest of your face apply dark Foundation. Ensure that the transitions were as smooth, soft, forms have to do natural. To visually see the techniques of makeup, it is recommended to look at the photo. If you want to visually reduce the nose, on its wings to apply a bit of Foundation with powder.

To create a fresh face, use blush, it is recommended to have brown or bronze. Put them on the side of the face diagonally. If you want to hide the eye-catching cheekbones, spread pink blush on the cheeks, face with this make-up will never look tired. To correct the drooping corners of the lips, apply a pink blush horizontally.

Painting eyebrows and eyelids

Eyebrows for square face

For square shape you need to make a little cropped, curved eyebrows, they should not be too thick. If you have naturally inexpressive eyebrows you can accentuate them with a pencil which is 1 tone darker than your hair color. If you want the face looked younger, it is recommended to use the gel, they comb the eyebrows upwards.

As to beautifully emphasize the eyes of the owners of square faces? To do elegant eye makeup, you need to know a few basic details. The right make-up helps to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and to divert attention from the shortcomings. Try not to let the arrows were horizontal, they should have the upward look. If you want to dye eyelashes, it is recommended to paint only those at the top, the bottom can be identified only on the tips.

If you have a movable eyelid, it is undesirable to apply a dark pearly shade, it is recommended to use light, shade shade vertical movements. For women with close-set eyes, use light eyeshadow palette. To visually push the eyes apart, light shade applied on the corners of the eyes. Sometimes you want to hide the bruises and bags under the eyes, you need to paint only the top eyelids. Eye makeup for square faces should consist of strictly shades of the same color. If you use different colors, you can emphasize the height and the length of the forehead, which is highly undesirable. To give the image of expressiveness use a grey pencil, they can draw the boundaries of the eye pencil to blend with a special brush.

How best to emphasize the lips

Underline the borders of the lip pencil

If you have a square face shape, you need to visually lengthen your lips, use a liner, it is required to emphasize the edges of the lips.

Try to pick a shade in the color of your lipstick to feather makeinu also use a brush. Distribute a pencil border, in the middle of the lips apply a little gloss, if you have a tonic for the lips, apply gloss to the entire surface.

For each type of face is better to choose the appropriate hairstyle and outfit, it should be emphasized in the whole thing.

Some ladies are very short haircuts, while others are contraindicated. The hairstyle should soften the forehead long length and the sharp lines of the cheekbones, it is important to divert attention from the horizontal lines of the face and to focus on the vertical.