How to adjust make-up long face

Long face is considered a sign of refinement and gentility. However, many holders of the elongated shape of the face would resemble a classic oval. Using makeup can visually reduce the face, giving the cheeks, plumpness, and chin to make them less sharp.

The contours of an elongated face

Makeup for elongated face

First, you need to use powder: dark and light. Largely thanks to him will be able to significantly change the shape of the face. With a brush tone dark color treat the forehead at the top. This must be done carefully, otherwise you can hurt tone medium hair that will look very unattractive and can ruin the whole makeup. If you have bangs, the forehead, the tool is applied do not need.

Then that same tone should be applied to the chin and feather down. Thus, elongate the face visually reduced top and bottom. Now bright tone is necessary to cover the face in those places that need to expand on the temples and the corners of the lower jaw.

A bright accent on the eyes

Properly using blush can make the cheeks more plump. Best for elongated face fit blush of natural colors: coral, pink or peach. They need to be applied from mid cheek to temple, and then gently blend it out. Not to applied the Rouge had the form of stripes, so shade them a must.

Good make-up girls will become a bright accent on lips or eyes. It is best to use bright eye shadow and a mascara that adds volume. It is possible to widen an elongated face with horizontal arrows on the upper eyelids.

Beautifully emphasize the lips can be the following method. Draw the line lip contour pencil, slightly expanding it. Then apply to the corners of the light tint lipstick. Then the lips you can paint lipstick one or two shades lighter than the liner. You can use bright, flashy shades of lipstick, which distracts the attention on the lips, and the flaws will remain undetected.

The shape of the eyebrows for elongated face

Eyebrows for elongated face

It is considered that the best option for oval faces are the eyebrows of medium thickness. In form, they should approach a horizontal line. Straight eyebrows should be long enough (up to the outer corners of the eyes), and their ends directed towards the top of the ear.

If you don’t like this shape of eyebrows, you can try to make them a little curved, but bending should be quite small. It is impossible that the tips of the eyebrows were lowered to the temples. Remember that the eyebrow with a large break or round shapes emphasize the excessive length of the face, which in this case is unacceptable. Moreover, the shape of the eyebrows can give you a surprised or indignant view, regardless of your desire.

Eyebrows-threads are also undesirable, because it will look unnatural.

Too thin eyebrows can disrupt the harmonic ratio of facial features.

The classic “comma” – is not the best option shape, so the transition from the wide to the narrow part of the eyebrow make as inconspicuous as possible. Visually shorten elongate the face, the ends of the eyebrows upward. If you have a tip from nature looking down, make them shorter, and then formed into the desired shape using makeup. If eyebrows are quite rare or light, use eyebrow pencil, which will make them more expressive. In other cases, it is enough to comb the eyebrows, fixing them with gel.

Thus, the right makeup for elongated face to visually shorten and widen at the same time elongate the face. Will only have to correctly choose the hairstyle that is appropriate to the type of your appearance.