How to adjust your eyebrows at home?

No need to spend a lot of money on salons to pluck eyebrows. To care for them at home. In order to properly adjust eyebrows at home, you must consider the advice of the masters.

Eyebrow shaping at home

How to select eyebrow shpe according to face?

Correctly shaped eyebrows will help to visually hide the flaws on the face.

Area of the eyebrow to create the form

For example, you think that you have too big nose. Of course, even a perfect shape of the eyebrows will not be able to reduce it, but visually it will seem a little less. But if along with this to find the right hairstyle and makeup – it’s in the bag!

It is possible to allocate 5 basic face shapes:

  1. Round. The plump cheeks, the length of the face approximately equal to its width.
  2. Square. The lower jaw is like a square, and the forehead and cheekbones the same width.
  3. Triangular. The widest part of the forehead, narrow chin.
  4. Oval. The heavily favored cheekbones, forehead a little wider than the chin.
  5. Rectangular (elongated). Face width less than its length.

To visually lengthen a curved face, it is recommended to do eyebrows with a curved end, with a kink.If you have a square face type, such shape of the eyebrows also work, but need a little bending to move to the center line of the eye to make a “house”.Slightly rounded brow will fit girls who have triangular face shape.

Soften a rectangular or elongated shape will help straight eyebrows.An oval face will decorate your eyebrows with a smooth curve. They should represent something average between the straight and the eyebrows with the pointed end.However, you should not assume that it is a dogma. Such information can be taken as a basis, because the facial features of each individual. That is why the girl with round face is not suitable arched eyebrow, if she has low-set eyes.

There is a second criterion for the selection of the shape of the eyebrows style. If a woman prefers a business suit, an excellent form of is considered arched. Touching the facial expression create short eyebrows. Too thick and wide eyebrows is able to make sad or even angry look.

The better to pluck?

Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

There are several ways through which you can make eyebrows. This can be done using:

  • tweezers;
  • thread;
  • wax.

The first method (traditional) – the use of tweezers. At home it is used most often. It does not require a cash outlay (except for the acquisition of the tweezers). All you need is to allocate a free time, a lot of patience and be prepared for the fact that very soon the procedure must be repeated.

With the help of thread plucking eyebrows mostly Asian girls. In the East this method is the most common. Today it is becoming popular in other parts of the world. If you decide to try this method, first consult with the master that he explained and showed how to correct eyebrows that way. Among its main advantages – the lack of stimulation. The main disadvantage is the complexity of implementation.

To give form and using the wax. Use them at home is not always convenient, you need to have skills. To fright not to deprive yourself of the eyebrows, first do this procedure in the salon. Under the supervision of the wizard, you will be able to assess how it suits you. Specialists correct shape with a little wax sticks. It may be that because of the increased sensitivity of the first eyebrow you is still correct. But is there enough patience in the second?

How to adjust the eyebrows?

Eyebrow shaping with thread

Let’s try step by step to explain what points need to be observed during the correction of eyebrows with tweezers. For this you will need:

  • tweezers;
  • mirror best magnifying;
  • a tool for disinfection;
  • wool or cotton pads;
  • brush for styling.

Before you adjust the eyebrows, it is necessary to determine their length. This will help ordinary pencil. Attach it to the wing of the nose, and the second end point toward the outer corner of the eye. Where the lines intersect are supposed to end up an eyebrow.

Similarly, the need to define the highest point of the eyebrows, bend it. For this you need to guide the pencil through the center of the eye. The intersection of the pencil and eyebrows will be kinked.Before using the tools I need to disinfect. Conveniently with one hand, gently pull the skin, and the second to hold the tweezers.

Eyebrow shaping with wax

Every hair has to capture at its base, otherwise he can not pull out completely, what would make the black dots. It is not necessary to grasp multiple hairs. It is unlikely you’ll like to go with the “stumps”, which is already sticking out, and tweeze them very difficult.

After the procedure the skin should be lubricated with cream, to avoid irritation.Adjust the shape eyebrows at home will help and special paint. Its shade should be the same as the color of the hair roots. Allowed a difference of 1-2 shades.

If instead of paint you use pencil, you need to follow some recommendations.Ugly looks clear line of pencil. Drawing eyebrows need little strokes and then smudge with a brush.

Thick eyebrows can be painted not only paints, and used mascara.To fix the shape of the eyebrows will help a transparent gel.

Tips and advice

If you adjust the shape at home by yourself, without help, masters recommend to listen to their advice:

  1. It’s best to adjust the shape of the day, closer to the middle. Experts say that at this time the skin is least sensitive.
  2. If you do not disinfect the instruments and not to wash my hands, then the probability of infection increases significantly.
  3. To reduce pain will help a swab dipped in hot water.
  4. No need to remove the hairs above the top line growth. It is necessary to adjust only the inside.
  5. If the hairs on the top of the line is too dark, you can bleach it with hydrogen peroxide. For this purpose, the peroxide need to add a few drops of alcohol. The hairs need to lubricate a cotton swab, then rinse with water.
  6. To relieve irritation will help the tampon with cold water or cream.
  7. Adjust the shape you need in bright daylight.
  8. Not to get involved in the process, it is recommended to periodically compare your eyebrows.
  9. If you can not achieve the same shape, then come to the aid of the pencil. It is possible to hide the “bare” areas.

Easier to adjust eyebrows if they are not running.

Correction needs regularly, then the procedure will be less painful and unpleasant.