How to achieve the perfect shape eyebrows?

The perfect eyebrow shape is the key to the attractiveness of every girl and women. Therefore, their care, correction, hair coloring and makeup should be approached with the mind. There are the lucky ones, which nature has endowed the dark and thick eyebrows, graceful shape. This is a luxury that should be treasured and cherished, and they better not touch, otherwise you can spoil. However, the ideal form – a rarity. More often this part of the face needs extra adjustments, painting or other artwork.

The shape of the eyebrows

If you’ve never adjusted your eyebrows, it would be better to consult a specialist who will give your eyebrows the perfect shape. No specific skills can greatly damage your appearance. But, alas, from the experts out frustrated girls and women.

For those who like to experiment with their look at home we offer complete information on the correction, care, design and makeup of this important part of your image.

Tips for self correction of eyebrows

There are many options for removing excess hair from the face: using tweezers, thread, some even managed to level the hairline with a razor, which is strictly not recommended. Hair removal using tweezers is the most painful procedure, but the most optimal.

In order to properly adjust the shape of eyebrows, you need to know the following details:

Eyebrow shaping

  1. To make the removal of excess hair should be in a well lit room!
    Perfect shape of eyebrows can easily get it right first time if you correctly identify the two most important points, the beginning and the end of the eyebrow. Opportunities to define many, and they are aware that every self-respecting woman. Note on photo: line to clearly show you how to make correct calculations.
  2. To remove the extra hairs, it is desirable for bottom line growth. Try to avoid damage to the top line: you run the risk of completely ruin the shape of the eyebrows.
  3. Remove only the excess hair that fall outside the shape! Otherwise, instead of a full eyebrow, you can obtain dashed lines. If any hair on the eyebrows makes you doubt, perhaps it would be better to leave him.
  4. Excessive density the length of the hair can be neatly adjusted with scissors, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  5. This tip should only be used in special cases!

Important! After the first correction we need to follow closely the shape of the eyebrows, at least once a week to make time for their careful examination and correction.

The care of eyebrows at home

Oil for care of eyebrows

For care of eyebrows is recommended to use oil. Incidentally, they will also be a great help in growing new hair, if you are too overdone. A leader in the nutritional quality and availability of nutrients is castor oil. By the way, with constant usage of the brow will be darker. No less useful an almond or burdock oil. Any of them is inexpensive, and can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Please note that the use of the oil should be courses in the course of a month, and they need to be applied daily. With regular use you will soon notice that the edge will become more well-groomed and obedient.

Draw eyebrows independently

Often even correct and care is not enough. Eyebrows can be very light or rare. And wish they were more noticeable. Here and come to the aid of various ways to design and make-up.

The main rule – the eyebrows should be a tone darker than your hair color.

Stages of eyebrow eye shadow

Eyebrows can be tinted is less intense than the end. If painted wrong, the look will look more evil. In addition, it will give you additional age.

Most long-term effect gives the painting a special dye – this method allows you to escape everyday makeup eyebrows. After painting the eyebrows on the face will more visible and will give your image the effect of completion.
Dye eyebrows can be purchased at any store with cosmetics. Usually it is available in three shades: black, brown and dark gray. Depending on your hair color, you should pick up your ideal option. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even mix several shades to get the desired color!

Apply paint at the recommended small beveled eyebrow brush – this is fast, convenient, and the result will be very neat. If you apply paint on the skin through the growth of eyebrows, you get a subtle tattoo that will last up to 10 days. She herself washed in a month. After that, the staining should be repeated.

In addition to persistent staining, there is a simple way of makeup has less lasting effect:

Stages of drawing brow pencil

  1. Eyebrow shaping pencil. Pencil will be the ideal option in case if you have rare eyebrows. Now is a very large selection of colors allows you to choose any tone for all occasions. The pencil can stay in all day.
  2. Dry or oily shadow. In the market you can find special sets with shadow for the eyebrows in brown shades of different intensities. They differ from the eyeshadow more major grinding and matte texture. In case of emergency, you can use eye shadow. Shade is also recommended mowed with a brush – it will very naturally and effectively.
  3. Colored gels for eyebrows. Option snapshot achieve the perfect eyebrows. Recently began to appear in the cosmetic market, but very popular. Method give the correct form using the color of the gel is very quick – just a couple of seconds to apply it and give it color and shape. This option will suit those who have naturally good eyebrows and blondes.

If you are the owner of unruly eyebrows, who did not want to lie flat, you come to the aid of wax and translucent gel. Its use is not mandatory, but will allow you to save the form right throughout the day.

Remember that eyebrows should always be pay close attention: they are the frame of your face. Well-groomed, elegant eyebrows a beautiful shape make the face of its owner is much more attractive, so the care should enter into a daily habit!