How to make the right makeup for a photo shoot

When the selected image for the future of photography, defined the theme, bought clothing and accessories, it’s time to consider a makeover for a photo shoot. This is a very important final moment, which can equally beautify or ruin all the work done.

Applying makeup for a photo shoot

Yourself to do makeup for a photoshoot is possible only after a detailed consultation a professional makeup artist. Only he can tell you how to remove even the small flaws that are most noticeable on portrait photos. And even after that do not forget General recommendations that will be useful for filming different format.

Perfect skin is the basis for creating a flawless image

Recommendations of makeup artists are reduced to the main rule before applying makeup for a photo shoot, you need to prepare the skin. Modern cameras have great opportunities. Not very noticeable in ordinary life, the roughness on the face, enlarged pores, acne, and uneven photos at maximum zoom the lens will acquire the huge scale of the problem. Therefore, the right makeup begins with perfect skin. Makeup artists suggest a few weeks before the shooting to visit a beautician and make a deep cleansing facial. At home, it is possible to replace scrubs, masks and cream with intense moisture.

Photo 1. Foundation for photo shoot

If shooting outdoors or in the Studio, suggesting the presence of a beautiful tan before makeup for a photo shoot several times to Solarium or use the funds for tanning. The day before the scheduled photo shoot, you need to make lotions for the eyes that will get rid of bags under the eyes and hide signs of fatigue.

The day of the shoot with a clean face treated with toner and apply special makeup base or a simple moisturizer. Then proceed to even out the overall tone of the face. For this purpose, use all kinds of makeup correctors or Foundation funds a dense texture.

The choice of shade depends on the color of their own skin. But for the photo shoot choosing the tone is darker, because of the bright flash of the camera will make the skin more visually bright. In order to get perfect face makeup for a photo shoot, choose a thick concealer. They still cover the neck, hands and décolleté.

For texture and volume make-up uses several shades of Foundation. The basic tone is applied all over the face and have almost the same skin tone. Tone make the following clarification. Put it on all exposed parts of the face: earlobes, chin, nose, forehead. This gives the face a beautiful glow (photo 1).

Photo 2. Eye shadow

The dark tone to create contours. They say temples, hairline, cheekbones and the angles of the mandible.

Makeup for photo session perform only matte means. All rings should have smooth borders and be well feathered. For the final phase of preparation of the skin need a big brush, which is applied all over the face a small amount of loose powder.

Charming look

When viewing any photo in the first place pay attention to the eyes. They convey a whole range of feelings and Express the inner world of man. Before the photo session, they just need to make very expressive. Makeup should be not only correct, but also selected so that the able to convey the sensuality and the depth of the eyes.

Makeup for photo shoot is more expressive than in everyday life. Under the ban are pearl shade, bright sequins and rhinestones of all kinds. On the finished photos they will turn into the highlighted spots. The shade need only suitable matte shades. Do not use makeup for a photo shoot only red and too bright colors.

The technique of applying the cosmetics may not be the same for everyone. It is chosen individually, depending on the fit, form, and eye shape. The General gist is to receive expressive eyes almond eyes (photo 2).

All colors of shadows should be carefully feathered. The boundaries of transition from one shade to another should be smooth and unnoticeable. Features of this makeup are mandatory bar shadows on the lower eyelid. Without it, the shape of the eyes in the picture will get distorted.

Photo 3. Lip pencil

For portrait photo shoots is necessary to choose good quality mascara that is professionally lengthen every eyelash. Bright and expressive eyes will get when you use false eyelashes.

The look will never get expressive, if not to pay due attention to the eyebrows. Their correction done a week before the photo shoot. To emphasize their shape will help a special brush and pencil. The main differences from the bright makeup for the filming of the eyebrows should be as natural and not too flashy.

Sensual lips

Before the photo session, it is recommended to put on the lips of a regular chapstick or a special balm. Such action will soften and moisturize lips and make the lipstick easy to go.

Lip is necessary to use a pencil (photo 3). Without his help is impossible to apply perfectly smoothly no lipstick. Even if in everyday life there is a habit to use only gloss or light lipstick, makeup for the photo shoot this will be enough. Lips are blurry and shapeless.

The color of the lipstick take based on the age selected and the model image. Skin tone also plays a role in the choice of lipstick. For fair-skinned girls need a tone slightly darker than usual, dark – lipstick lighter. It is not necessary to do makeup for a photo shoot lipstick purple shades. In the photo she is visually make the teeth yellow and will give a person sickly.

Photo 4. Photo shoot Topless

If the idea for the photo shoot provides unusual, for example, the Gothic way, you should refrain from any extreme colorings. The lips should not be unnaturally eye-catching. Very bright lipstick only highlight the circles under the eyes and will add a few extra years. It is better to prefer makeup with a soft color lipstick, but the tone is brighter than that used in everyday life.

The image turned harmonious and complete, need to add a few touches of Rouge on the cheekbones. Their absence makes the face featureless and flat. With the help of properly applied blush can make a small visual correction: allocate small cheekbones, to reduce the cheeks.

The blush tone is selected on the basis of the selected image and the rest of the makeup. For shooting in Studio blush color make it more intense. The flash of the camera hides half of the paints. Boundaries blush should not be seen. To blend them very carefully to get the most natural and attractive.

General guidelines

So the photo shoot went well, and experienced models have their secrets that help them look great in all the pictures.

It is good to get in the picture, you need to prepare for this event in advance:

  1. The day before the photo shoot refuse from alcohol, red meat, coffee and spicy food. These products can give the face the swelling and make the skin more oily.
  2. If your hair is dyed, then update their color should be at least a week before the shooting. The roots will be very noticeable in the pictures.
  3. Sloppy pedicure and well-groomed feet can ruin even the most perfect moment.
  4. For filming Topless (photo 4) should be removed from the body a tan line.
  5. Be sure to do some test shots to test the makeup.
  6. The photo shoot can take with you lipstick, if you want to quickly change the image.
  7. The night before the survey should go to sleep early, and in the evening is not worth to drink a lot of water.

If makeup will be doing makeup, then it’s better to come with your makeup and fully made up.

To unknown cosmetics can be allergic reactions. If it is not possible to bring all the cosmetics, for hygiene reasons, at least mascara and lipstick must be your own.