2 simple makeup ideas: for every day and for special occasion

Look fine, fresh and attractive – the dream of any women. And the best way to achieve this appearance is to do excellent makeup. How to put on makeup so that it helped to change for the better? The most successful and versatile makeup ideas, ways of their performance – that will be useful to women.

Makeup on every day

Perfect everyday makeup

To be beautiful need not only in the festive occasion. A true woman knows to take care and watch for a need every day. Due to this, formed a harmonious female image that is admired by others. To put it into practice is possible by means of the perfect everyday makeup. It is simple in its execution, and the woman’s face transformed instantly.

It’s a great idea the last makeup is that apply make-up so that it virtually could not be seen. And only the woman herself will know about how much time she spent in front of a mirror. The rest would seem that this is natural.

For everyday makeup requires a perfect Foundation, that is the complexion. It needs to be flat, smooth, a direct embodiment of idea of “frozen because” the face of decorative cosmetics.

The choice of Foundation for the face

Concealer is the right shade is applied lightly to the face. It is important to find the color tools that will accurately match the natural shade of the face. A concealer will smooth the complexion, removes imperfections, gives the skin uniformity, in terms of tone and structure.

Minor imperfections and under eye circles are masked by the concealer. At the end of the creation of tones, it is important to use a light mattifying powder. It will give the skin a velvety texture, removes unwanted Shine that significantly extend the “shelf life” of makeup.

The idea of natural everyday make-up is continued in subdued shades used in decorative cosmetics. So, dark beige or sand shadows are applied on the movable upper eyelid. Their texture should be matte, because the glitter in the daytime variant is not entirely appropriate.

After applying eye shadow, you can begin to work with the eyeliner. For daytime option, you have to apply the brown shade because it looks more natural and universal. Soft eyeliner pencil draw a thin arrow on all the upper eyelid shaded. The lower eyelid is supplied only to the middle again and then held the feather. Why is it necessary? With the help of shaded lines to achieve more expressive, but also very natural appearance. This is another idea that needs to take note.

Eyelashes are painted with brown ink. Day enough only 1 layer of cosmetics that will help you not to look vulgar.

Blush pastel pink shade stand out cheekbones. In the tone of the blush you need to choose the most cautious, but not pale lipstick. Perfect colors: soft pink, whitened or peach tone tea rose.

Idea for festive makeup

The basis for the holiday make-up should be performed in the same way as described earlier. Different solemn make-up will be from the point of view of brightness, colors and not only.

For example, why not to do make up in retro style? This will require a basic shadow from the past variant of makeup. Only now they are applied to the whole movable upper eyelid and to the area that is 1 cm above it.

To create a seductive gunslinger’ll need liquid black eyeliner.

Festive makeup

Using a thin brush draw expressive hands, which would create a feline look. The outer line of the arrow should go for natural face 1 cm, and its area must be upbeat. The lower eyelid in this embodiment, the makeup is not supplied, and therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the integrity of the region under the eyes.

A little more than you need to work hard over the appearance of eyelashes. Before applying mascara they need to be tweak to match the cat’s eyes. You will need special pliers for eyelashes. After twisting it is necessary to apply 2 neat layer of voluminous mascara.

Peach blush highlighted cheeks, the medium shade. It’s time the main component of makeup – red lipstick. In this case, it is appropriate red, Burgundy or plum matte or glossy (without pearl) lipstick. An attractive way for a special occasion ready!

Both images will help any woman to look great in all situations. And it will be noticeable both in life and in pictures. Successful transformation with great ideas for makeup!