Women’s looks soft autumn: the color type of naturalness and harmony

The appearance of every woman is unique and different. But all types of women appearance can be divided into four color type. They have names that correspond to the seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer. In turn, each season has a couple of subspecies. All of this invented to a woman could have an idea of what she is in makeup, clothing, from the perspective of hair color, etc.

Autumn makeup

For example, suitable for ladies, which nature has given the color type autumn? But not just autumn, and soft. And how would you characterize this appearance? Perhaps in the future the description of someone happen to know himself.

Characteristic color type soft autumn

Soft autumn is one of the subtypes of the color type, like autumn. This is a special category of appearance, which is not so common among women. In addition, mild autumn, the uninformed person is easily confused with the color type summer. Of great importance in this sense have the details.

Autumn color type

If we talk about the overall impression of the appearance of women, referring to soft autumn, then its image can be described as follows: it is as if in a haze. When you look at the image it seems that around such girls scattered a cloud that makes her look smoky. From the point of view of color there is quite a lot of grey, but this grey has nothing to do with the gray, which makes women invisible mouse. It’s a noble grey, rather, grey. His influence can be seen all around: in the skin, iris of eyes, hair.

But at the same time in the image and appearance of a mild autumn, you can see some influence of the color type summer. Here there is contrast, but it seems blurry. There is a deep expressiveness, but nothing flashy. In a word, looks very interesting. Both from the point of view of color, and from the point of view of ordinary perception.

If we talk about warm and cold color type, soft autumn, of course, is a warm sub-types. Although any professional will tell you that the appearance referred to is characterized as neutral. She has a great range of colors that it can withstand. Suitable warm and some cool colors, but very cold solutions should be avoided.

Portrait if a woman belonging to the mild autumn

Still makes sense to make more specific. For example, the hair soft autumn can be many shades, but it’s always warm color: ash blond, ash brown, light brown and even brown with faint reddishness (but ash will still be present).

Soft autumn

As for eye color, the iris may be grey, smoky green, smoky blue, or green-brown color. Usually the iris is very beautiful, but not bright. The skin is somewhere between olive and pink tones, but yellow in it. There is, rather, mediocrity. But mediocrity is not earthy, and the ash, which suggests that the greenish and brownish undertone not included in the skin color of women who wear these subtypes.

Color type soft autumn has even characteristic facial features. So, all the lines smooth and feminine, there are seldom any sudden changes, of field. The General impression inclines others to think about what is nature, soft, romantic, kind and feminine (that is the feeling that arises, if judged only by appearance). Also, the person has direct or indirect hints on the childish features.

But how to paint women of this type? What fits the color type autumn (soft)?

Recommendations for makeup

Natural beauty

Natural – here’s how you can most accurately describe this appearance. For this reason you should not go against his nature! Many women believe that just as nature made them way soft and gentle, it is immediately corrected. And this is their error, it is important not to fix it, and emphasize it so that it looked as natural and harmonious. And may looks warm and remains so.

For example, there is a separate point, which is about lines in makeup. So, they should be clear, carefully drawn. It is suitable for color type winter, but not for soft autumn. Smoky rastushevyvaet – that’s skate women this type.

Let the eyeliner will be feathered and soft. It is better to choose a soft eyeliner, not eyeliner pen.

Smoky rastushevyvaet

You should avoid black color: as, pencil, and ink. Brown, the color of cappuccino is what you need. Edible colors are very soft fall. The same applies to shadows. It is recommended to choose two shades for the upper eyelid: one basic and the other is contrast to the first. The combination of several colors is the perfect solution. Milk and marsh green, pastel pink and plum, white and gold and creme brulee – here’s the perfect pair of shades, which can be used in one makeup. All this perfectly complement brown mascara.

Blush can be ashen or pink or Golden peach. They need to be applied under the cheekbone to create a subtle effect of the salience of faces.

Looks like the perfect lipstick for this type? Scarlet, the color of tea roses, pink-cherry, brown-orange – all these and many other colors are suitable for a soft autumn. By the way, means it is better not to apply from the tube, and with a brush. And even better to use your own fingers that will help to create the effect of “zatselovali” lips. Very sexy!

Special considerations there is even, in terms of texture. For soft autumn, the preferred Mat structure but one element in the makeup definitely needs to be glossy or pearl. Using this method appearance will look brighter and more expressive.

The result is a very harmonious, mysterious and attractive image, which is full of alluring mystery and charm. With such good looks it’s hard to be unattractive! And women color type soft autumn should understand. Yet nature has given them a valuable gift, and the task most ladies is choosing the right cut for your diamond.