Recommendations on applying makeup for a round face

Correctly applied makeup can hide flaws, visually change its proportions. There are a few simple rules of makeup, which allows you to achieve amazing results. Most carefully it is necessary to choose makeup for chubby, so for this type it is possible to “pull” the face, giving it an oval shape. In addition, choosing the right makeup for round face also need to be considered and other details: the shape and size of eyes, lips and nose.

Romantic makeup for the winner of the round face

Round face shape is characterized by the same length and width, wide cheekbones and a small, inexpressive chin. The combination of these parameters makes the face flat, therefore, when applying makeup you want to highlight the topography of the chin and cheeks, to accentuate lips, eyebrows and nose.

Professional makeup artists know how to emphasize the dignity of appearance and hide flaws, and they are simple techniques to master which can any woman.

The right makeup for a round face is not only proper application of decorative cosmetics, but also in the preparation of the skin, so the first thing you need to clean it and apply a light moisturizer (lotion or cream).

After preparations you can start the main task.

Suggest that makeup artists?

Photo 1. The technique of applying Foundation on a round face

To round face shape visually transformed into the oval, it is enough to follow these guidelines will tell you how to apply makeup:

  1. Align the color and skin texture round face you can use Foundation cream light and dark shades. The light tone is only on the chin, under the eyes, on the forehead and nose. Concealer dark shade should be applied on the side of the face, nose and its sides, as well as to emphasize the cheekbones. The same technique can be used, applying makeup for the full face, visually make it more lean.
  2. Eyes with long arrows look very impressive, but for a round face they did not fit. After all horizontal lines in makeup as well as clothes add volume. And here is a short arrow with the bent up ends are acceptable.
  3. It is recommended to choose the shade of dark shades to make eyes more expressive. Their choice will depend on color type girls: autumn, spring, winter or summer. Apply eye shadow on round face not only on the upper lid but on the bottom.
  4. In most women, the question arises: how to dye eyelashes? Experts recommend to apply black mascara twirled effect only on the upper lashes. This will make the look seductive. Besides this makeup for round face will look more easy.
  5. If to emphasize the eyebrows, you can give the eyes expressiveness. To do this, use a pencil and shade, the shade which fits hair color. But first you need to know how to shape eyebrows. Photo 1 shows the stages of action. Eyebrows should be thin along the entire length, because then they will emphasize the shape round face. The right eyebrow should begin with broad heads and move smoothly into a pointed outer tip.
  6. As a rule, women with “curvy” shapes have a rounded type of person that is formed due to chubby cheeks. Therefore, applying makeup for the full face, be sure to use blush light brown. To apply blush in a diagonal line from the top of the cheekbones to the middle of the cheeks.
  7. The application of the lip pencil is strictly forbidden, as then, a round face will get extra volume. Moreover, this rule applies as much to the dark crayons and light. Considered ideal Shine with mother of pearl in natural shades of lipstick and bright colors.

Additional considerations chubby girls

Applying makeup for a round face

To visually transform a round face will help not only the makeup but also the right to choose a hairstyle. Chubby girls look good with tall hairstyles, and hair combed back.

Those curls should be preferred to large curls or gentle waves. As for haircuts, the minimum hair length should reach the chin, otherwise your face will appear wider. Adhering to simple recommendations, to make a beautiful makeup for round face will be a force to every woman.