How to properly apply eye shadow?

The shadows help to create a unique makeup. Due to the large variety of shades, consistencies and textures of shadows, you can experiment with your image. The shade will give the opportunity not only to enhance the beauty of your eyes but also to hide some imperfections, make your eyes brighter and more expressive.

Drawing shadows on the eyelids

But how to apply the shadows? Today there are many different options to shade the eyes. Each of the options will emphasize the beauty of a cut eye. But there are two generic ways in which cast shadows on any eye shape. Using this method of applying eye shadow look would be more appealing and interesting.

The classical method of drawing shadows

The first option is considered a classic. He has long been a model of how to apply shadow correctly. Often used by makeup artists to remove the effects of external drooping of the upper eyelid. Gives you the opportunity to make yourself look as open and cheerful, due to which a person acquires a welcoming feel.

The eyeshadow palette

How to apply shadows with this method? This technique involves the use of two types of brushes. The first brush must be ordinary with a bit of an extended NAP. The second brush should be made of rubberized foam. Both brushes should have long handles that will do the job on the makeup easier and more accurate.

To work you need two kinds of shadows. Some shade should be as close to skin color (slightly lighter). The amount of luster or nacre should be minimal. Valid and complete lack of Shine. These shadows will serve as a base.

The second shade need to pick up dark. In shade they must be darker than the color of your eyes, to create the contrast. You can use black eye shadow, but apply them it is necessary extremely carefully, so they look dark gray. Shadows can have a bit of glitter and pearl.

So, first you need to draw with black pencil on the eye contour on the upper eyelid.

To do so is barely noticeable. Need to focus on the outer corner. You then need to do the groundwork. To do this, brush with the NAP on the entire surface of the upper eyelid, apply a base shadow in a thin layer.

Photo 1. A smooth transition of intensity of the same shade

You can then move on to the main: select dark color outer corner of the eye. How to apply shadows in the classical way? To do this, use a foam brush. So, take some eyeshadow on the tip of the brush and start to apply on the outer corner of the eye, from eyelid and ending with the fold line. It is important not to overdo it to the dark color did not go too far beyond the outer border of the eye. Pay attention to how properly made feather.

After applying the dark colour need to produce a light feather to make the transitions look good (photo1). Feather can be made whether the reverse side of the same brush or a different brush. After careful rastushevyvaniya lightly powder the eyelids with translucent powder and safely dye your lashes.

Simulation shooter shadows

The second method shows how to properly apply eye shadow at home in the form of spectacular and at the same time natural arrows without using a pencil or liquid liner. For this method of applying eye shadows you need shadows for the base and dark shade for the shooter. Note that the most natural and expressive in this case will look for the arrows painted taupe shadows.So, first apply the basic light shadow across the upper eyelid. Then you need to draw a black pencil line century. On the inner corner of the eye do not go, in the middle, try to hold the line on the line growth of eyelashes, and closer to the outer corner draw a thin line close to the eyelashes, gently lifting and lengthening the eyelid. In any case, do not strip fat.

Then apply the shade. How to apply the shadows and draw an arrow? For this you will need to have not a foam brush and a custom brush from a fairly durable cloth with a beveled area. Handle it needs to be long. Apply a beveled angle eye shadow brush and swipe it as if you were using a pencil.

That is where you can make the arrow thick and even longer. In this case you are absolutely not at risk to look vulgar. Just experiment a few times before a mirror to identify the optimal thickness of the line. When you are done with the arrow keys, move the same shadow the outer corner of the lower eyelid at the lash line. Spectacular make-up you will be provided! Now is a little powder puff and tint lashes.

So now you know how to apply the shadows.

You can alternate both ways of applying eye shadows or choose one, the most convenient and appropriate. Both methods will help to highlight the beauty of the eyes and the expression of opinion. To make up to make it more festive, enough in the Foundation to add more Shine.