Popular makeup pin-up

Makeup pin-up went back into the 21st century from the 30-ies of the last century. Carefully loomed the naturalness characterize the style of pin is short.

Ready makeup pin-up

With the numerous posters of that time looked embarrassed girls with slightly surprised eyes, caught in spicy situations: suddenly fell from the leg of the stocking, bell, the wind blew the skirt. This is a characteristic of natural confusion and formed the basis of pin-up – makeup that emphasizes openness, liveliness and a sense of inner freedom.

The main components of natural makeup

Throwing a first look at the model photo, which is a sample of pin-up makeup, you notice the following distinctive features of the style:

Bright lips and accented by using a black eyeliner, line the eyes

  1. Skin. It can be white porcelain or delicate peach. Most importantly – it should be smooth, no visible flaws.
  2. Eyebrows. Not in the thread, and moderately plucked, arched Luke.
  3. The eyelashes definitely highlighted by arrows that are drawn on the upper eyelid as a solid line.
  4. Bright lips.

To do makeup in the style of pin up, you need to have a set of cosmetics:

  • makeup base or database;
  • concealer;
  • concealer;
  • camouflage tool under the eyes;
  • loose powder, suitable in color to tone the skin;
  • eyeliner;
  • eyeliner of any style;
  • ink;
  • blush;
  • the shadows, among which must be pastel and beige tones;
  • lip pencil;
  • lipstick.

Makeup in pin up style will look like finished, if you increase the volume of eyelashes. The look is more naive. Therefore it is necessary to buy a sheaf or a line of lashes to complete the look.

How to prepare your face for makeup

The cream of the group BB as a basic tool for applying makeup

Some women believe that the basic tools when applying cosmetics is a luxury. It is possible to do without them. If they knew that the Foundation not only evens out skin tone and increases the “validity” of makeup, but also protects the skin from dryness and exposure to chemical components of cosmetics, neglect would not arise.

One of the most modern basic is the cream of the BB group. These creams are multifunctional, they not only even the complexion, but also nourish the epidermis. In the winter before applying BB cream the skin must be moistened.

Concealer is matched to skin tone. It is necessary that it was a consistency that allows it to evenly blend it out. Pin-up style requires a perfectly smooth skin surface, so the tool is not applied with a brush, and is driven by the fingertips without lifting the individual scales and without breaking the direction of hair growth. Otherwise a “porcelain” surface will not work.

The skin of the eyelids and the eye area is treated with a concealer. Concealer should completely disguise the under eye circles and fine lines – if they have already appeared on the upper eyelid.

Cheeks and cheeks stands out carefully feathered blush.

Style – eyes and eyebrows

Eyebrow in the style of pin-up

Makeup in the style of pin-up to apply start with the eye area.

First, in order to lead eyebrows.

  1. Color. Enough that they were darker of hair on the tone. Red-haired girls need brown eyebrows, blonde you want to prefer various shades of gray. Tinted eyebrows using eyeshadow, putting them on a transparent gel.
  2. Very important correct form of the eyebrows. No threads of pin up style does not accept. Closer to the inner corner of the eye brow is wider to the outside it thins out. Area in the center is slightly elevated. Eyebrows perfectly smooth.

On the mobile eyelid applied light beige or pastel shade, carefully shaded. Then on the mobile eyelid applied the shade of that color that match in tone with iris. They also require carefully shaded. The inner corner of the eyes should be lighter colored than the exterior. Pearl shade in the style of pin up are unacceptable. If this is all of them, to strengthen the expressive eyes and eyebrows to shade better light loose powder.

There are no pin-up makeup without hands. Form they have the following: thinner near the inner corner of the eye and a wide, pointed on the outside. Arrows outline first with a pencil, holding 2 parallel lines, then the space between them painted black eyeliner. Now comes the eyeliner in the form of a pen, to use it most comfortably. Eyeliner of the lower eyelid – continuous thin lines along the lash line.

Eyelashes thickly paint over the dark ink, giving them a naive bending. To increase the density in the outer corner of the eye lashes glued beam or line, slitting them in half. So they become thicker.

Lips – without them, the makeup will not work

Models with pin-up makeup lips bright and juicy. But such shades, enhancing the focus on the lips, at the same time reduce their volume. To avoid this visual effect, the lip cosmetic is applied according to the following algorithm:

Lips with the pin-up style

  1. First bright pencil – the color of the chosen lipstick to draw the outline of the lips, which leaves a few millimeters from the natural.
  2. Lipstick is best applied with a brush, carefully selecting the suitable color. Dark-haired white women pin up offers shades of berry, red-haired and blondes – warm scarlet shades. Also, consider applying lipstick berry colors.
  3. And again adhered to the rule – no pearl!

Dress with high waistline and wide skirt, her hair twisted around big curls and front sight above the lip is what will finally force myself to feel a model in the pin up style.

Some mistakenly believe that the ideal image of Marilyn Monroe and the brunette on the return to the retro makeup to think it is not worth it. Among fans of the style of the time was much more dark-haired women than light-skinned blondes.

Pin up makeup any woman sexy and attractive.