What makeup is best applied under turquoise dress

Makeup under turquoise dress need to apply very carefully. The turquoise color is bright and rich. If you choose pale colors against a bright background can be “lost” if taken too far – you’ll look cheap and ridiculous.

Makeup under the turquoise outfit

Choice of colors

Some think turquoise is so vivid in itself that combined with her can only neutral pale color. This opinion is absolutely incorrect. For daytime makeup beautiful turquoise dress, you can choose to age:

  • turquoise color;
  • beige;
  • grey;
  • purple;
  • pink.

For evening make-up under the turquoise dress is worth to take a chance and try to shade the eyes silver or gold.

Ways of applying makeup for eyes

Eyeliner eye turquoise

There are several ways of applying makeup to the eyes. One is more famous: European and Eastern. In the European way the shadow is applied obliquely on the upper eyelid – from the inner part of the eye to the exterior, from light to dark tones, carefully shading. Eyeliner thin, in most cases dark or black. According to the Eastern method makeup eye shadow are from the bottom up – from dark tones to light, and eyeliner more widespread, not dark. You can use brown tones, Burgundy, purple. It gives the eyes more expressive. The Eastern method necessarily involves applying a base color that requires basic palette. So gentle the colors are watercolor and are bright and saturated deep.

Applying brown eyeshadow

If you select the turquoise color of the shadows, according to the European tradition, the mineral shadows need to shade in a thin layer on the upper eyelid and a delicate dark – brown or black – line for centuries. According to the Eastern tradition to the base white color is applied first, a turquoise shade, the next strip of pale blue or pale green. Eyelids are shaded with light brown eyeliner. But you can simply have a bright turquoise eyeliner on the upper eyelid and the lower lashes carefully paint over. Beige in Eastern and European makeup seems neutral. If you select such shades for eyes, eyelids, it is desirable to emphasize brighter: brown or bronze. Gray deepens the creases of the eyelids and is not suitable for all eyes. Dark women turquoise dress it well to combine with purple. Is in more detail to consider the makeup with a purple color. If the eyes are not very large, it is better to choose the Eastern way of applying makeup. You first need to go base color.

The pastels of morning light, brilliant grey – for the evening. It is best to choose a creamy base structure, then shadows from the basic palette will not crumble. The bottom layer is considered to start from the edge of the upper eyelid and purple. He carefully shaded. If the tone is purple eyeshadow with a red tint, the next a feather strip should be purple, later pink. It is not necessary that eyeliner eyelashes were clear. It is better to go over the eyelids with a dark brown pencil. Visually will appear larger, with almond-shaped slit.

Golden makeup beautiful turquoise outfit

Round-eyed women will fit the European way of drawing shadows. At the inner corner of the eye brown or pink, then the purple sector, and at the outer corner of the eye to go to a rich purple or even gray-black. Set off the makeup is dark gray or black eyeliner. If the dress is bright turquoise was selected as formal attire, to shade the eyes underneath it is gold or silver shadows. You need to remember that silver tone more cold, gold – warm. The combination of “turquoise dress – silver on the eyelids” can make a woman the Snow Queen.

  1. The Eastern way: a black eyeliner, silver trait is not very narrow, silver-grey feather.
  2. European. Grey or rather steel shade shade closer to the inner corner of the eye, moving into the silver. Eyeliner dark, closer to gray around the inner corner of the eyes you need to put a silver dot.

Golden makeup to the dress color turquoise will make to Shine any brunette. Thin dark eyeliner, and more – solid gold glitter. This can be limited. Blonde women in gold should be treated more carefully, it can give the skin a yellowish tint, especially in combination with bright turquoise. If gold is very draws, it is best to use the Eastern way of drawing shadows. The shadows are superimposed from the lower border of the upper eyelid:

  1. Light strip – beige, Golden, yellow.
  2. Gold, turning into a pastel tone.

All carefully shaded, no sharp edges at the transition from one color to another. Eyelashes are underlined with a thin black eyeliner, rather, a loop. The emphasis, as you might notice, done on eyes. Blush may be a pale pink or neutral lipstick color:

  • beige;
  • pale pink;
  • salmon.

Bright red lips can afford only brunettes for an evening of Golden makeup. To give a simple advice, what make-up is applied under the turquoise dress – it is impossible.

Determines the makeup not so much the dress, as the type of woman and her individuality.