How to make a stencil for the correction of eyebrows?

Almost every woman starts with makeup. It takes a lot of time and effort, it does not always work perfectly the first time. But if shadows and lipstick can be washed off and applied again, unsuccessfully plucked eyebrow will not return back. You can’t go to the beautician. But what if life goes in emergency mode and into a beauty salon simply do not have time? This is exactly the case of the invented stencils for eyebrows.

Symmetrical eyebrow stencil

The types of ready-made stencils and their shortcomings

In commercially available stencils of three types:

  • mask “nose”, two handles and slots for the eyebrows;
  • plastic strip on the straps with Velcro and two carved eyebrows;
  • a small piece of plastic with a cut one.

Coloring eyebrows stencil

The most convenient to use the eyebrow stencil in the form of a plastic strip on the straps. It can be fixed at the back with Velcro. Remains free both hands, and also removes the risk to make the second eyebrow is asymmetrical, the first (above, below, under the other slope).

In contrast to the stripes on the straps, the mask, and a single template you have to hold the hand. However, this is not a big disadvantage. Therefore, choosing a stencil eyebrows, focus on the shape of the pattern of the eyebrow. You can choose among many pre-eyebrow, the same one that suits you is not so simple.

A small single stencil are not sold individually. And this is their big minus. Because of 6 or more copies, bundled, are really useful only one. It’s a shame to pay for what you use not eat.

The structure of the eyebrows

Besides clever marketers came up with an ingenious ploy to increase the income of manufacturers. Therefore, many of the most popular forms come complete with powder, forceps, pencil, mirror and other related products that you don’t really need at the moment. However, in pursuit of perfect you drawing the eyebrows will have to pay their money for the “appendage” to the stencil.

To avoid all these unpleasant moments, many women are thinking about how to make a stencil for eyebrows with his hands.

The advantages of this approach are obvious. In search of perfect brows don’t have to buy a whole set and then some. But stencils made with your own hands, there are also disadvantages. They do not always succeed the first time. It is not always possible to make a cut without chipping, “Burr” and other defects. However, this is easily remedied.

A method of manufacturing and use templates

Figure 1. Eyebrow shapes stencil

So to make the stencils for eyebrows with their hands, will need the following tools and materials:

  • a felt tip pen or marker;
  • a utility knife or scissors;
  • a needle and thread;
  • transparent plastic (packaging box from the supermarket, a bottle, thick paper folder or any other product of thin plastic);
  • the thin straps of the same old things, the ribbon of satin or other;
  • velcro;
  • drawing the desired shape of the eyebrow (Fig.1).

Transparent plastic first, cut the ribbon on his forehead. Attach to yourself, mark the center of the resulting rectangle, and the beginning of both eyebrows. A good idea is to hold a straight horizontal line marking the top of the eyebrows.

Eyebrows with a kink

Save and print a suitable picture. If its dimensions are not suitable, increase or decrease it. Then put a plastic picture so that the tops of the eyebrows touched the horizontal line. This will help to position your eyebrows exactly. Don’t forget to take into account mark the start of the eyebrows.
If you print a picture you have no place, attach plastic to the monitor and drag the image marker. If possible, fix something plastic to not flinch and the pattern is not moved out.

When the eyebrows are drawn, you can begin to cut out. Do it better with a knife.

To avoid teeth and notches, plastic is better not to pierce through, and led sawing motion along the perimeter as long as the middle is not squeezed.

If the knife you have to cut does not work, use scissors. To do this, in the middle of the picture (the part that will fall) to make a hole. If plastic can not be that it does not break, heat the scissors on the fire. After the cutting part of the scissors will penetrate into the plastic, start cutting towards the edge of the picture. And then it will be easy to make a cut along the perimeter without spoiling the material.

When the slots for the eyebrows done, make the edges of small rectangular cutouts for the straps. Slide them in the belt or strap and sew. Try on and mark where to sew the Velcro. A couple of strokes of the needle and a stencil for eyebrow correction ready.

If this method of making a stencil seems too laborious, you can make a small pattern on one eyebrow, which you will attach to the eyebrows alternately and hold makeup hand. To make it very much easier. You will need only a small square of plastic, pattern, pen and scissors. Then everything is similar to the above.

To use the stencil just. The eyebrow powder is applied, the stencil is applied, the space obscured by the dark pencil. The stencil is removed, all the hairs plucked. The shape of the eyebrows it turns out without any flaws. If the task is just to draw eyebrow, not visibaba, powder is not required. Simply, quickly and effortless cut the eyebrow obscured by shadows, and can run their business without fear that the eyebrows will be drawn in different ways.