How to do makeup

The ability to apply makeup is a science, having mastered that any woman can look good in any situation royally. Proper use of cosmetic products can favorably to emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the imperfections that the fairer sex “was awarded” nature.

Qualitatively apply makeup

At the same time, improper use of cosmetics can spoil the appearance of the ladies, adding extra years. How to do makeup right? It is necessary to observe the basic rules of application.

Cleansing of the face and drawing on it foundation

Types of makeup, there are many. Casual, evening, wedding, club. Regardless of what make-up a woman is planning to do a preparatory and a very important stage in this process should be cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. To cleanse the face are specially designed for these purposes, cosmetic products (lotion, lotions, tonics, etc.) that gently care for skin without drying. After cleansing the face with a thin layer is applied to a light day cream and allow it to soak. Only then can you start doing makeup.

Application of Foundation

The basis of any makeup is correctly matched remedy for toning the skin (concealer, cream powder). These cosmetic products are used for clearing the complexion, giving it a beautiful and healthy appearance. They can be used to mask redness, pimples and enlarged pores. To women’s face looked young and fresh, the color of the Foundation should either coincide with the natural skin tone or be slightly lighter than it. Foundation should be evenly cover the entire surface of the face and neck, taking care not to stretch the skin. In order to remedy lay on the face evenly, it should apply the special latex sponge.

For many women, an indispensable means in the creation of make-up are concealers and correctors. They are necessary in cases when you need to mask pimples, dark circles under the eyes, fine lines and age spots. Very important to be able to choose the right color concealer means: it should be 1-2 shades lighter than Foundation. It is applied to a point on the problem areas, then gently hammered into the skin with fingertips and blending it with a brush. Use correctors and concealers should be on top of this foundation.

The use of powder and blush

The blush

To do the face makeup is impossible without a compact or loose powder. It is distributed over the surface of the face after it applied the Foundation and concealer. Powder allows you to secure the effect of Foundation or cream powder that removes the Shine and gives the face a matte finish. In the case when the girl does not like the excessive dullness of the skin, it may be limited by dusting the middle of the face (chin, nose and forehead). To do makeup properly, you need to try to pick up the powder is exactly the color of the skin. Darker or bright colors will be noticeable on the face and spoil the whole makeup. Distribute the powder over the surface of the skin should be a large fluffy brush. Its soft bristles help to apply cosmetic product a uniform thin layer.

To do makeup using blush. They not only give a person the freshness, but will adjust its shape. The tone of blush should be chosen taking into account the skin tone or color toning tools used. More discreet than they will on the cheeks, the natural work makeup. Makeup artists advise to put blush on powdered the face with a big fluffy brush. If blush is too conspicuous on the face, their color can be slightly mitigated by inflicting on them a little powder.

Blush are a wonderful tool for correcting the shape of the face. How to make yourself a makeover with them?

  1. Owners of round faces should be shade cosmetic from mid cheek to temple.
  2. In the triangular shape of the face blush it is necessary to emphasize the upper area of the cheekbones.
  3. Heavy square face can be mitigated by applying blush on the area covering the cheeks and the center of the lower eyelid.
  4. Long face can be corrected if to blend a little blush from the middle of the cheeks to the cheekbones.

Creating eye makeup: the rules

Creating the perfect complexion, you can begin the eye makeup. To give the eyes expressiveness will help eye shadow, mascara and liner. When creating a daytime makeup need to choose a matte eye shadow that will not greatly stand out against the background of the face. Their task – to emphasize the color and shape of eyes. But for evening makeup you can use sparkling shades that will sparkle on the eyelids mysterious Shine, attracting the attention of others to the beauty of the eyes of its owner. For everyday make-up you need to choose the classic lengthening mascara black or brown color and applied in a single layer. Mascara incredible colors (blue, green, purple) should be reserved for special occasions. Paint over the lashes with several layers appropriate for creating a festive, evening or club make-up. Pencil in everyday and evening make-up is used to emphasize or correct the shape of the eye.

Eyeshadow palette for eyes

How to do eye makeup? Some women do not know how to choose the right shades of eyeshadow, because of this, they do a bad make-up. The shade should harmonize with the color of eyes and nice be combined with the chosen outfit. There are General guidelines for the selection of shadows: the owners of bright eyes do not use dark shadows, and brown-eyed and dark-eyed beauties should refrain from applying to the eyelids in bright colors. Universal color can be called grey: it has so many shades that any woman will be able to choose those that best accentuate her look. The shade is most convenient to apply the cosmetic applicator or a small brush. Before making make-up eyes, the upper and lower eyelids lightly with powder.

To make the look more expressive, you can use the contour pencil.

  1. Visually enlarge the eyes using the line that continuously passes through the upper eyelid, extending over the pupil.
  2. Heavy, hanging over the eyes, eyelids will adjust a line drawn from mid-century to the outer corner. The outer edge of the loop should be wider than the inner.
  3. Big eyes can be identified, underlining with a pencil the upper and lower eyelids at the same time. However, this makeup is contraindicated for women with small or close-set eyes.

Making face makeup, it is necessary to pay attention to the eyebrows.

Emphasize their shape with eyebrow pencil by applying hairline short strokes. Drawn eyebrow comb brush. Instead of a pencil you can use special shades that are distributed by the beveled eyebrow brush.

How to make a beautiful sponge

Selection of lipstick according to color type appearance

Face makeup won’t look complete without beautifully painted lips. Thanks to the skillful use of lipstick, gloss and pencil can draw lips that look no worse than the celebrities pictured in glossy magazines. Any self-respecting lady should be a few lipsticks in different shades. For daytime make-up you need to choose a lipstick natural shades. To do lip makeup for evening or festive events need more vibrant colors. Lipstick needs to match not only the color, but skin tone: dark-skinned girls, stylists recommend to use a lipstick saturated colors, and Bliznaci will go more gentle tone. If instead of lipstick to cover the lips Shine, they can be made more voluminous and seductive. To create an evening version of the makeup the glitter is permissible to combine with the lipstick.

The lip pencil will help to give the desired shape. With it you can independently adjust the size of the lips by increasing or decreasing them. To lip makeup turned out beautiful, shade of pencil you need to choose either tone to the lipstick or gloss, or a little lighter. The contour of the lips draw thin lines, then apply lipstick. To make the makeup stay longer, after applying the first layer of lipstick lip wet paper towel and then cover them with another layer of the coloring means.

So, doing makeup easy. A carefully selected Arsenal of cosmetics and compliance with the recommendations of makeup artists will allow any woman for a few minutes to become a real beauty. After make-up completed, the girl should carefully examine your face under natural light. If she will be satisfied with the result, then you can safely go to conquer the world.