Henna for eyebrows: correct coloring

Henna for eyebrows is used by women who want to make long-lasting makeup without using chemical dyes. As a rule, the procedure is Indian or Iranian henna. A great advantage is that natural and long-lasting effect. If you are a fan of Hiking beauty salons, it is quite possible to perform the procedure at home. It is enough to learn the rules of the application.

Eyebrows dyed with henna

How to dye your eyebrows yourself

What you will need for staining:

  • basma;
  • gloves;
  • towel;
  • lemon juice;
  • brush;
  • tea or coffee.

Preparation of henna

Before you dye your eyebrows, it is best to dress in old, worn clothes. If it gets a remedy, it will not mind. On hands should wear gloves. Now you will need to dilute a small amount of henna in hot water according to the instructions. Pre-water is added to a little lemon juice. In the end, you should get a paste, the consistency resembles sour cream. This mixture should be covered with plastic wrap and let stand in a few minutes.

If you want to achieve a darker color when painting eyebrows, closer to black, you can mix henna with a small amount of Basma. To achieve the desired result, it is best to pre-test the mixture, calculate the required proportions. For depth of color to the mix you can use a little coffee or tea. The use of pure henna is more suitable for redheads.

Now you will need to draw the outline of a desired eyebrow, it must be done using contour pencil white. If you cover the skin around your eyebrows with a fat cream, it will greatly facilitate the removal of residues after treatment. Denoting the line of the eyebrows, dip a brush into the mixture and begin painting. The tool should not be too much to drain from the brush.

Dye eyebrows is necessary slowly and carefully. Encountered during the work smudges or stains are removed immediately with a wet cloth or a cotton Bud. Otherwise, the henna can quickly eat into the skin, which will give the eyebrow a messy look.

After painting the eyebrows need to cover with polyethylene, because this process needs heat. Time during which is necessary to sustain the mixture varies from an hour to two hours depending on the desired result. The longer you keep means, the richer you will get the shade.

Removing henna with a cotton pad

Removed the henna with a cotton pad soaked in water. Finally, a brow flushed with cold water and lubricated with a nourishing cream. Coloring eyebrows using henna under the condition of regularity will help to make the hair smooth and manageable. This is due to the nutritious components of natural remedies.

The benefits of using henna

Unlike paints made with the chemicals, henna is a natural and totally safe products. It is difficult to predict how the will act professional paint on the sensitive skin around the eyes. The use of oxidizer in order to remove excess chemical paint, it also adversely affects the skin condition.

Another advantage means low price, which does not interfere to a great result and colour.

Henna does not cause irritation and side effects, with the exception of isolated cases of allergic reactions to the product.

To test the impact of henna on your skin, apply a little diluted in water means elbow. Then you need to wait 48 hours, if redness is not there, you can begin staining. When testing, turn in the mixture of lemon juice is to check all used components.

The only disadvantage in the dyeing of eyebrows with henna – long lasting colour compared to chemical treatment, which takes about an hour or more.

The use of kvass or citric acid along with henna for coloring eyebrows helps best to gain a foothold on the hairs. Products such as coffee, cocoa and tea, added to an ink mixture which is able to make the color more intense and deep.

Thus, to paint the eyebrows with henna is quite simple. Enough just gently and consistently perform all the necessary actions, and the result will not disappoint you.